“Coffee Shop – Kahve Dükkanı” ve San Sebastian

“Coffee Shop – Kahve Dükkanı” ve San Sebastian

I want to talk about coffee shops or coffee stores. I don’t know if everyone is confused but
I think, in a coffee store, coffee must be sold. I mean, okay, sell San Sebastian, I don’t say anything about that but, I mean, coffee bean also must be sold. It [the name coffee store] gives me that connotation. Coffee store; where did you buy coffee – I mean bean, by the way. From the coffee store, which coffee store? There is something in that. We try to give the exact equivalent of “coffee shop”. We also come across with that in places we go, “coffee shop” or coffee store. Okay, it is not café, I agree with that because café has become a very common concept. Café; there might be everything from world cuisine in its menu. Namely, they don’t call it as restaurant because just in case the dish isn’t liked, the beverage might be… Now, if they call it restaurant directly, there will be something about it; the risk. But if they call it a café, wow! Come, for whatever it has I think the concept originated because even leaving customer might be comfortable in there. Well, what shall we call the places where we drink the coffee bean, which we can’t help speaking highly of it, in other words the qualified coffee which we love, of course we all drink, brewed coffee, the places these are sold, brewed and we can drink them? The subject I can’t understand or causes the confusion. A lot of things can be said like “coffee shop”, coffee store, café, coffee, coffeehouse, I don’t know. Is there an equivalent for that? Today, I wanted to share that with you. But I thought, thought, and thought but there is not a complete equivalent to tell the truth. These all must tell what the coffee is
which people give with a certain perception with which the store’s presentation, maybe décor or maybe not, even interior decoration or architecture. There, a great work falls to the store. If you open a coffee store and you call it a café or a “coffee shop”, these all are nonsense. That will be understood with
the service you offer, the value you give. Never forget that.
This the result I achieved obstinately. Is it okay with just drowning those beautiful
places where we meet with coffee with style, decoration? Yes, it is like we all say the same thing, there is no such a thing. A very stylish place, a very cool place,
a lot of things, a charismatic place. You always say that, we hear.
You see selfies on Instagram also. They want places which are fancy, have swings; nevertheless, when we look at the menu, at what we eat,
drink, what are there? Nothing. Just image. Of course, it is not just that. Eh, there is also the exact opposite of that, they have wonderful coffees but neither you want to come in, nor sit, nor stay long.
Are there such places? Yes. Another version, we all see,
this is something stick with certain, particularly, districts, whether it is bar or café, it isn’t definite. Here, it is a subject which is originated
from the confusion of all of these. In the coffee stores, coffee places, every place where coffee is drunk presentation, style, qualification are important and of course the customer profile is important. Let’s speak or think mutual.
It is okay to think later. We can continue that in the next video also. But let’s blend in that subject, make self-criticism about, I mean not just with owners of coffee shops but we also become coherent with our expectations from them… You say, “What are you doing, dude, we just drink coffee after all,” okay but if these are thought together,
that will move the coffee to better places. And we choose the store we will pinpoint better. This was a very important thing. There is the side of menu, design of this job, while you say to become very cool, there are brewing toys like V60, Syphon, Chemex, or they say “kemeks” you know these things now… … putting these brewing tools, it is like atomic fussion, baristas with tattoos, earings and so on. There comes a certain class, okay, let’s not enter there, sorry… that becomes that mood, it is not that neither. Let’s speak all of these. Let’s share all of these. As long as we meet in coffee. See you soon.

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  1. Adamlar dört videoda uçuşa geçtiler. Abi maşallah kıvamı çok güzel videoların. İnşallah bu kalitede sürer. Kolay gelsin. 🙂

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