Coffee, Tea or Me? [Japanese Voice Acting Practice]

Coffee, Tea or Me? [Japanese Voice Acting Practice]

مرحبا سيدي اتريد القهوه او شاي او… انا؟ شاي من فضلك ام سيدي هل سمعتني؟ لقد سالت اذا انت تريد القهوه او شاي او.. انا؟ وانا قلت شاي من فضلك.” اخترني”! …لكن انا اريد شاي. هل تكرهني سيدي؟ لا,انا فقط اريد شاي. انا امر فقط بيوم سيء وانت بسببك اصبح اسوء! انا لست محبوبه! شكرا على المشاهدة المعذره ,شاي من فضلك!

100 thoughts on “Coffee, Tea or Me? [Japanese Voice Acting Practice]

  1. U hawve a nwice vwoice UwU >w< awre you a pwowfewsionaw? Japanwese voice awctor?

    I'm so sorry I did my best, but still did u learn Japanese? Or are u actually Japanese?

  2. i dunno why i thought the guy asking for tea sounds like he needed a noose instead (I'm not depressed or suicidal)

  3. Do you want- I’m gonna have to stop you there miss this is homogay and that’s not good for my health

  4. Wait I just remembered that video about consent and tea. Was he in fact ASKING FOR THE SEX? it is undeniable i think the facts speak for themselves.


    i Do enjoy this comedy sketch though. If you feel up to it it would be interesting to intermix your comedy skits with the yandere/darker ones

  6. I feel like this could end up being me cause it’s so dramatic and I can be really dramatic sometimes

  7. I can't help but watch your voice acting vids again and again, you're so good!! Both in boys and girls, English and Japanese WOW😆 I'm so in love with your voice rn😍
    Sorry if that sounded inconvenient😅😂

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