Cold Hands And Feet All The Time

Cold Hands And Feet All The Time

do you have cold hands and feet all the
time I’m gonna explain how that works hey I’m Dr. Ekberg with Wellness For
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anything so some people tend to have cold hands and feet even though their
body core is feeling warm they’re not really freezing they just have cold
hands and feet what’s that all about well if you’re cold in the core if your
whole body is cold that’s a metabolism problem that’s an energy problem and I
made another video to explain that but if your body is warm and your hands and
feet are cold that’s a circulation problem so what is it that warms the
hands the thing that warms the hand is blood and if your body core temperature
is somewhere around 98.6 degrees then the blood is supposed to be close to
that by the time it gets to the hands it’s gonna cool off a little bit but if
your body is 98.6 your hands are supposed to be around 90 to 92 to 93
degrees that’s a normal reduction in temperature on the way out to the hand
but a lot of people when they feel that hands are cold their hands can be like
78 or 80 degrees even in a room where it’s 72 I’ve had people with a hand
temperature of 74 their hands are just barely warmer than the room and what
that means is there is very very little blood getting into the hands and the
same thing of course with the feet so what is it that regulates how much blood
is getting into the hands and feet and there is something called
vasoconstriction so you have blood vessels that have muscles in them in the
larger blood vessels and they can tighten up that’s called
vasoconstriction or they can relax that’s called vasodilation when they
relax that allows more blood into the
periphery into the smaller capillaries the finest blood vessels that we have in
the hands and toes so then obviously the question becomes if the vasoconstriction
keeps the blood from flowing into the hands
what causes vasoconstriction and the answer is stress and more specifically
it’s something called a stress response when you have a stress response then
your body changes your physiology and adapt to a stressful situation to an
emergency of some sort so let’s just say that you had a bear or a truck or
something attacking you are coming toward you fast now your body needs to
ramp up it needs to rev up everything and you’re gonna increase your heart
rate you’re gonna increase your blood pressure and the way that body does that
is the heart pumps harder and the blood vessels constrict so that they’re
tighter and now the blood can move faster through the blood vessels so that
there’s actually more blood getting to the muscles that are gonna get out of
the way and save you so in an emergency this works really really well but if
it’s not a true emergency if you’re just feeling uptight if you just feeling
tension then you’re still maintaining the vasoconstriction but you’re not
having an emergency so your heart isn’t pumping faster or harder so now a normal
heart output against that vasoconstriction means that the blood is
actually slowed down it’s prevented to get to the periphery instead of getting
there faster so the same response works two different ways depending on how
intense that stress response is and if you have more of the moderate chronic
low level stress response then you’re getting the the cold hands and feet with
our vasoconstriction instead and then the next question is what is it that
regulates the stress response and that is the frontal lobe
your cortex the brain and especially the frontal lobe so the better the frontal
lobe is working the better it can inhibit or turn off that stress response
so by practicing relaxation exercises you can reduce that stress response and
you’re getting a little bit of activation of that frontal lobe at the
same time when you’re relaxing the other super powerful way to activate the
frontal lobe is called exercise and with exercise you’re getting a little bit
more it’s not instead of relaxation they work wonderfully together but it does a
few more things additionally so when you exercise you obviously increase your
circulation because your heart rate goes up and you need the blood to do the work
but one more thing happens have you ever noticed if you go out for a walk on a
cold day and your hands are cold when you start and then 10-15 minutes later
they’re still cold but then somewhere around 20 to 30 minutes all of a sudden
the hands just get warm and they feel really warm and it’s almost like you can
take your gloves off and they still warm that’s because it takes 20-30 minutes
for the capillaries to open up for the the finest circulation to open all the
way up and once it does on a regular basis something really cool happens it’s
called angiogenesis and that is a fancy word that means making new blood vessels
so what that means is your body is always checking how things are working
and if you need more of something it up regulates it makes more it increases the
capacity to produce that product that effect so if you have more peripheral
circulation on a regular basis your body is gonna make more blood vessels so you
can support that blood flow if it happens
a regular basis how cool is that and a third thing happens with exercise
because you’re going to move and movement is the primary stimulant for
incoming information to the brain and especially the frontal lobe the cortex
so with exercise you have three benefits that all contributes to keeping your
your hands and feet warm the first is exercise increases circulation second it
increases angio neo Genesis making new blood vessels and third it activates the
frontal lobe which can turn off the stress and control the vasoconstriction
so the two ways are exercise and relaxation exercises breathing exercises
and we have a video on that also so give those a try and let me know how it works
if you have some good results please share it and more than anything share
this information with people who need to know everyone needs to know how to get
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100 thoughts on “Cold Hands And Feet All The Time

  1. That was interesting! My husband complains of cold hands at work. I think it is likely because he is sitting so long without getting up and then there is stress sometimes too!

  2. I recently went on calcium channel blockers (amlodipine 5mg) for worsening primary raynaud's. I had started getting black spots on my toes. I've had cold hands & feet as long as I can remember. MDs always want to scribble out new prescriptions. The amlodipine helped with the black spots but not much if at all with the colds hands & feet.

  3. Dear Sten I m patient of maysthania gravis and got theymectomy surgery 7 years ago and fine but last 4 years I m having extreme anxiety and depression which results in weight loss every time my doctor prescribed me ssri and after using symptoms reoccur again kindly recommend? Thanks

  4. This man is exactly what youtube needs. Precisely explained the biology of the body regarding cold hands and feet. Thank you good sir.

  5. Hi! At about 17 of age I froze my feet, it has not been a very big problem until lately. But 5 years ago I had a hip replacement that went very wrong, it immobilized me a lot, and I am now almost all the time very cold at the toe part of my feet. It is a sensation as if even my bone in my toes are freezing cold and it hurts when I’m walking. Actually it is hard to concentrate about anything but my hurting feet. I’m dependent on a warming pillow round my feet during night, but during daytime that’s difficult. I’m not working anymore (due to the surgery that went wrong), and I’m always trying to move my feet while sitting, but this has been a more and more active problem as I more or less have lost skin sensation of the toe part of my feet and I’m afraid of further consequences. Is there any help for me?

  6. I’m 16 I run cross country and I always have cold hands. Even in the summer. People say they like it though and I don’t mind it so it’s cool

  7. I am almost 65. Have had cold hands & feet my whole life. Don't quite agree with everything. I do know I have extremely small veins anytime the take blood I need to drink more water.–no I'm not dehydrated, & they have to use a butterfly needle. Have a heart murmur but Drs said i was born with nothing to worry about. As a kid, was very active & in shape still had cold hands & feet & many times in the summer

  8. So we need to turn on our para sympathetic nervous system?? Meditation helps. Please do videos on Adrenal issues Thank you!

  9. So what, we have to do breathing exercises to become more relaxed and get our cold hands warm with better blood circulation?
    Is cold hands and feet something that never goes away?

  10. I'm always feeling cold hands and feet. I always have socks on too. My hands can be inside a classroom and they will be ridiculously cold where when I hand shake someone they are stunned that I'm as cold as a cold can of soda. I'm never feeling stressed, and I work out 4-5 days a week, work 5-6 days a week for 10+ hrs and am in shape and still cold hands.

  11. Dr i have cold hands only when the weather starts to get cold when it's warm my hands gets warm somtimes very warm ,and when it's cold my hands and feet also gets cold even if i cover them and when my body is warm ,i want to add that they become darker and litle bit blue and often i can't move them comfortably please tell me what's the problem and what should i do ?

  12. I can be sweating and my hands and feet will be ice cold. They call me Mr Freeze at work. My feet are very numb. When I get into a tub of hot water, my feet doesn't feel the heat until I start moving my feet, then it hurts real bad until I be still again.
    I also have neuropathy in both hands and feet.

  13. People always say you dont have enough blood to warm them up:s tho its not like they're cold. It's like they absorbing the cold lol. Especially some parts of my hands. Even when I dont feel that much cold, those parts of my hands are getting colder and colder anyways too much to explain. Merry Christmas

  14. My hands and feet are so cold sometimes they get to points where they are numb. I have dealt with a bit of stress this past year or so but I have had this all my life. I think I just have really bad blood circulation but sometimes my skin on my hands are pale and a different color of skin. It gets to the point where if have to wear gloves and multiple layers of socks when I go to bed. Should I be worried about this?

  15. I used to do exercise and running on daily basis but i am having sever cold hand and feet all the time even after wearing socks. !! Most of the time my husband not allowed me to touch his feet and legs on bed .. its made me sad always. ! But i have nothing to do .. 🙁

  16. So is this why cold showers are meant to be good? to promote more blood vessels? And if so do u have to do it most days??

  17. Gee!
    When I walk or work my body core heats up. In the cold I wear a coat and hat and my core can overheat. This excessive heat can be radiated away by my extremities if I don't open my coat and remove my hat. If I don't use a coat and hat my blood circulation to my extremities will shut down to reserve the more important core and brain temperatures and my extremities will freeze. It all depends on the core temperature trend.

  18. I always have cold hands & feet, a friend af mine said that I'm good for cold compress, I'm not stressed and in night time when I'm sleeping and turn in bed I feel suddenly very hot burning sensation all over body and especially on the soles of my feet few times every night and that is since menopause, I'm 62 now, thirty three years ago back in Romania I had blood transfusion during cesarean section, doctors said I will not live, but here I am cold like ice, when I breath deeply I feel tingling in my fingers, have no idea what is

  19. Very informative video! My legs and feet get very cold daily, and sometimes my hands as well. I also can begin to experience stinging in my feet, brain fog, and an urgent feeling to go run, if I remain inactive for too long. I've found that exercise is most helpful, but also if I have 2-3 alcoholic drinks they will often warm me right up. I'm wondering why exactly alcohol is helpful. Is it the stress relief of it? The vasodilation? Maybe all my symptoms are due to an anxiety disorder?

  20. I'm surprised that you didn't mention anything about Reynaud's disease. It's an idiopathic condition that affects some people when exposed to cold temperatures and can make it very intimidating to take up winter activities or even function normally in cold weather.

  21. When I was in 4th grade, my hands were always cold during lunch, then they would get hot at recess because I'm running around and stuff.

  22. Thanks for the information. Very very useful. How about thyroid problem? I'm keto adapted (6 months now) but I have cold hands and feet. I'm being told my thyroid is being sluggish, but it will adapt, and I'll come out of it. I'd like your opinion on this.

  23. I don't have that problem But I'm concerned about sometimes feeling my back extremely hot like if i put tons of icy hot on it. It doesn't hurt, though. What is that?

  24. I like to keep house on the cool side In winter (NJ),
    And hang out in shorts and t-shirt, my hands and nose get cold, especially on days that I fast 18-20 hours.

  25. Symptoms of a magnesium deficiency, but avoid:
    Mg Ascorbate
    Mg Aspartate
    Mg Carbonate
    Mg Citrate (Calm brand)
    Mg Glutamate

  26. Cool video, but if you want to become more popular you'll have to talk a little bit faster and constrict the length of the video around 2 to 5 mins. People's attention spam is poor and there are infinite videos to watch.
    You have good info and good delivery but I do feel that viewers and you would benefit by making the videos shorter.

  27. Thanks for sharing. I have been suffering from this Raynaud's syndrome of cold hands since about 3 years now. It's so extreme that my thumbs would completely turns white and it hurts so bad.

    Even on a day that the weather is not too cold or if my kitchen is a bit cold or washing vegetables with cold water.

    My feet have been cold for as long as I can remember, but since my hands, mainly "thumbs" started getting extremely cold and turning white even with thick gloves on, this has been so frustrating to live with.

    Been to the doctor, there's nothing he can do, except that I should wear hand gloves.

  28. @6:35 As to growing new blood vessels?  These 'emergency' blood vessels grow around blocked arteries so as to keep oxygenated blood coursing throughout the body. However, those emergency blood vessels do not grow in everyone with coronary artery disease. So, pay attention to promoting blood circulation through relaxed exercise systems like Yoga & Tai Chi & in turn can help you deal with negative emotional knee-jerk responses.  As to diet?  Pay attention to increased 'insulin resistance' as eating high carbohydrate/sugary foods such as pasta, pastries & potatoes will trigger heart-related problems associated with diabetes.

  29. Good video, thanks. I have scarring on my frontal lobe from an accident, traumatic brain injury, even after learning to walk and talk, 10 years later my feet and hands are always cold. Any ideas ??

  30. While watching this, I am giving my feet a nice warm bath in water and sitting on my hands because they're so cold I can't think straight.

  31. My 8 yrs old daughter always have a cold hands & feet. Is it normal for a kid to have this? I don't think she is stress.

  32. this becomes very pronounced when I do a 48 hour fast. When I do OMAD, it's no problem. It just happens when I do longer fasts.

  33. Great chanell Dr. Sten. Is there correlation between vasal constriction and gout? This is informative and fun learning! Everything is clearly explained.

  34. Hello Dr. Ekberg, thank you for this video.

    In my case my hands go ice cold and turns real pale and the tips of my fingers get shrivelled (like my hands have been in water for too long). The rest of my body feels fine including my feet. I noticed it usually happens after I start a healthy eating routine introducing more fruits and veggies. More specifically happens after I drink cold press juice (beets, carrot, apple or just straight celery) Also after a large fruit smoothie (usually about 15-45 min after consumption for either) In the last 6 months it's happened every time I start changing my diet (approx 3 times during this period)

    This lasts several hours later and then they feel fine. In the evening (such as tonight) the opposite happens they get really HOT, hands are very red and puffy. There is obviously more blood then normal circulating to the hands as opposed to earlier today where they felt like they had no blood and very cold.

    Im 39 and bloodwork was done last month and nothing was flagged other then high cholestoral. I never mentioned this to my doc but I will be seeing him sometime in the next few days. I am constantly bloated and have experienced constipation for years this is probably my only source of stress and frustration so I been trying different foods to see what helps and what dosnt.

    Please let me know your thoughts.

  35. My hands and feet always stay cold even when I warm them up it doesn’t stay like that for long. I’m always moving around, I work at a warehouse were I’m constantly walking and doing repetitive hand motions and it still doesn’t keep my hands and feet warm.

  36. Thank you, my hands are cold very often even if it's warm in the room, of course they're getting warm if I work out but not if I just sit in a room. Everything is warm just not my hands but thank you that really helped 🙂

  37. My hands and feet are cold even in 90 degree weather. They are normally around 75 degrees while my body is at around 99 degrees. Thanks for telling me why but I really would like to know how to fix. Stress relaxing doesn't work for me, nor does exercise.

  38. How about doing a video about overheating by women I think it could be more than just an hormonal issue. thanks

  39. I’m a runner that runs 160+ km a month, and I often go on walks at lunch. I don’t consider myself as stressed in my life… but I always have cold hands. Is there any other solution to cold hands and feet? When I finish a run, my hands are warm, but I think it has more to do with centripetal force than with vaso-constriction/relaxation…

  40. IS there a cure, like something to take because I’m never stressed I’m actually always happy and exercise a lot, I’m 15 and its so annoying

  41. I have a vitamin b12 deficiency I was Severely aneamic from it I get numbness through my body and I always have cold hands & feet✋👣👣👣🌬🌬🌬 due to my poor circulation I get regular exercise xxx

  42. My feet and hands usually be so cold it hurts . I have on socks and theyre under the cover . and my hands are cold and stiff like dead people

  43. my body temp is 97.x (x changes variably). legs/feet always cold. run 2 heaters at work, ALL YEAR. Always cold.

  44. My hands 👋 👋 and feet are always cool and cold at times. Xxat. Night every night I always have to wear thick sox to bed under my duvet. xx

  45. Hello,Please could you tell me i always have cold feet even its summer but my hands are warm why its like that?

  46. I’m watching a show with some great action (stranger things) so I guess I’m getting tense or stressed😂

  47. My friend and her child have ice cold sweaty feet . The child is just 6 years old . Both were born with “help “ of forceps.
    No matter how hot it is they will have cold clammy hands and feet . Today it is 32’c

  48. My hands and feet are numb now. I can't stand the cold of winter and can't afford to move. When I have to drag myself because cant stand on feet will finish it.

  49. Hi, can you explain more about the breathing technique for cold hands problem?

    Also I have extremely soft palms, can you suggest any solution for that.

  50. Thank you so much Doc. The way you explain things makes so much sense. You use videos and YouTube to make people live longer and happier. This is a true influence this a true power. Thank you so much

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