Conservatives Claim Starbucks’ New Holiday Cup Promotes “Gay Agenda”

Conservatives Claim Starbucks’ New Holiday Cup Promotes “Gay Agenda”

Well, folks, it is officially the war on Christmas
season. Fox News has been one of the people pushing
that ever since the early days of the war on Christmas. And how do we know it’s war on Christmas time? Well, because Starbucks has released their
new holiday cup, which apparently is promoting the gay agenda, or at least that’s what conservatives
are saying. For the second time in one week, conservative
snowflakes have once again been triggered by coffee. According to a report on Fox News, this new
Starbucks holiday cup has two hands coming off the top, holding hands, each one wearing
a different sweater, so you tell it’s not the same person. These hands are androgynous. There’s no male-female characteristics that
you would consider, really. It’s just two blank hands holding hands. Yet conservatives are freaking out because
in their twisted little minds, these are two lesbians holding hands. And somehow, two lesbians that you can’t even
see, holding hands on a coffee cup, is promoting the gay agenda. Now, I really wish I had a better punch line
for this, but this is the sad state of reality in which we live today. Conservatives are so just friggin nutty, that
they’re angry about two hands holding hands on a coffee cup, at a place where you’re not
even required to shop. If you don’t like Starbucks, don’t go to Starbucks,
but don’t claim that two hands are promoting the gay agenda. Personally, I hope it is two women holding
hands. I would be fine with it being two men holding
hands. I would be happy if it was just the one person
with two different sleeves holding their own hands, because I don’t give a shit, because
I understand there’s real things to worry about in this country, besides what’s on a
stupid coffee cup. Yet, Republicans seem to be so brain-dead,
that they want to get up in arms about everything. So what’s next? Are we going to see videos of them going outside,
buying Starbucks, and then smashing it with a hammer, like they did their Keurigs last
week? Or are they going to man up, and say, “You
know what? I don’t give a shit what’s on my coffee cup. I just like coffee. I just want to have a hot beverage. I just want to go about my day without being
triggered by two anonymous hands on a coffee cup.”. But they won’t do that. They won’t let it go. They want to look for anything they can to
bitch and whine about, because that’s what they do. That’s how they get their base riled up. That’s why Fox News reported on this story,
and they actually didn’t necessarily take a single side in it. They just kind of reported on it as if it
was some kind of water pollution going on, and they wanted to do some hard-hitting, honest,
independent journalism here. Fox News is absolutely going to continue to
push this cup conspiracy about the gay agenda, because they have nothing else they can talk
about. They don’t want to focus on the real issues,
like Americans getting screwed with the Republican tax cuts, or the Trump family getting a billion
dollars from those tax cuts, or the looming indictments from the Bob Mueller investigation. No. They’ll talk about the fact that they are
perceiving two hands on a coffee cup to belong to a lesbian couple, and therefore, these
Starbucks holiday cups are promoting the gay agenda.

100 thoughts on “Conservatives Claim Starbucks’ New Holiday Cup Promotes “Gay Agenda”

  1. So according to white Evangelicals, Catholics, Mormons and other conservatives being gay is bad but molesting children is not. They supported an orange pedophile and now are supporting another one in Alabama. White Evangelicals and other white southerners molested all black children and doomed the black community so they have no morals to lecture gays.

  2. As the French say"Shame to him who thinks evil".To see evil in things which aren,t truly evil is in itself evil,friends.Merci beaucoup,mes chere amis,and God bless you.

  3. The political right doesn't need anymore coffee. Its a sad state when you need to cut back because self medicating yourself with a mild stimulant is ruining your mind.

  4. They had to find something to justify their war on Christmas nonsense because this year the cup included more Christmas stuff.

  5. To people who still believe in the war on Christmas:

  6. Dear Americans,

    Am I am a British citizen and think that Americans should start asking yourself why you're society is so sick. I can give you my answer. It is that your culture is puerile, infantile, juvenile, childish, immature and gullible. Your love of guns, violence, macho posturing and superheroes it is time to grow up and take a hard look at yourselves

  7. And now we don our gay agenda flalala…This is stupid! These conservatives are so anal retentive about gay people that they take something so innocent as two hands holding on a coffee cup and accuse it of cramming homosexuality down our throats. Next thing you know, they'll claim that 'adding cream to your coffee' is gay slang for having sex…

  8. I don't get the whole anti-SJW phenomenon. Sure, some on the left get too easily offended, but the right invented getting triggered by stupid shit.

  9. I think most, if not all conservatives, are repressed homosexuals. They hate gays, yet all they can think about is gay this, lesbian that. Come out, come out wherever you are, Republicans.

  10. they're just opportunistic. just like the social justice types on the left, they're seizing upon some random bullshit to get back in the news and promote their age-old agenda.

  11. The Foxtards have this all wrong. I live in the SF Bay Area, and I've seen the gay agenda. It usually starts with the reading of the minutes and ends with coffee and/or punch with cake. Geez, maybe these trailer park folk want to actually attend the meetings for a change before they start bitching about them.

  12. It's hilariously sad how these conservatives' are so pathetic and so pitiful that they complain about Starbucks' "gay agenda". Whether or not it's a "gay agenda", who cares? It's a freakin' cup! I don't care if it's lesbians, gay dudes, or a straight couple holding hands, I just want my coffee! Case closed!

  13. Bought a nice cup of coffee at Starbucks today. Boo-ya, nutcases! Totally made-up B.S. by people who are clearly looking to make something out of nothing and have a lot of time on their hands.

  14. its funny how they know about this stuff… and know every football score from yesterday…i thought they were supposed to be boycotting these things for a while now?…

  15. People are just looking for ways to be offended. If I didn't see this video, I wouldn't have even thought about the possibility of a "gay agenda" from looking at the cup. I doubt Starbucks will lose any business either.

  16. We are surrounded by liars, cheats, pedophiles, rapists and they worry about a friggin' coffee cup.  Jeez people are stupid to let them distract them from more important stuff.

  17. Got a great Idea for conservatives thinking their is a war on Xmas and Starbucks seems to be the front line, STOP BUYING STARBUCKS!

  18. Their bizarre obsession with this cracks me up/pisses me off every year. I enjoy reminding them one of the founders is Jewish.

  19. If thy can turn the frogs gay…surely they can turn coffee gay…or x-mas lesbian…or sleeves lesbian.
    Starbucks is agaisnt the "right to bare arms"…that's why they put sleeves in the cup.

    I'm sure Alex Jones has something interesting to say about it

  20. Conservatives: Gay Rights!? Fuck That….. Pedophile running for Senate!? Niiice

    Starbucks sales usually go up immediately after conservatives bitch about anything.

  21. The Actual Gay Agenda:

    A) Brunch
    B) Light Antiquing
    C) Pick out something to wear to Jena's Art Opening
    D) You Are NOT Wearing THAT Tired Old Shit
    E) Pick out Something ELSE To Wear to Jenna's Art Opening
    F) How Long Ago Was Brunch?
    G) Tapas
    H) Street Preachers?! TOTALLY MAKE OUT!
    I) Jenna's Art Opening
    J) O.M.G. is THAT Jenna's Boyfriend? Would You? JELLY?!

  22. This is more BS. I'm conservative and I couldn't care less about these stupid coffee cups. I don't even care if they are promoting some "Gay agenda". I am sure there are conservatives that do care, but stop lumping all conservatives into one bucket. It's just as ridiculous, if not more, as somebody getting up in arms about an image on a coffee cup.

  23. I don't go to Starbucks – I don't have the money for such a luxury.  But if I did … I wouldn't give a shit, either.  IT'S TWO HANDS!!  Wish I had the free time to worry about such meaningless things.  Yet, if I did … I still wouldn't care!  Grow up, you pathetic infants!!

  24. According to the Looney Right. Sponge Bob is also encouraging gay sex. Their politicians are getting caught in the middle of gay sex. That doesn't bother them.

  25. And this is why I never vote Republican. Some of us work late night hours, some days 12-14 hours a day. Stay the fuck away from my coffee or lose your throat. Pick one.

    Focus on keeping your pedos in check.

  26. They would've found something gay about it.. even if it was solid color.. they bitched the last time because it was a solid color! But technically, there is one with bracelets.. one without..

  27. Ya know.. tired of these fake ass Christians.. They want everyone to bow down to them on THEIR holiday.. to notice them.. Well.. if they were such good Christians.. celebrate Christ's birthday closer to his real friggin' birthday instead of a day for pagan winter solstice celebration!!! Ya morons.. Do you not know you're not advised or commanded to worship Christ on some made up birthday, but only his death day? This is WHY! All this commercialization! Good will to all men my ass.. only if they're white and privileged and own an ugly ass christmas sweater with Khakis and pennyloafers!

  28. The people saying that this cup promotes th e 'gay agenda", are likely gay them and closeted. It happens so often on the right, and it's because Conservatism creates a culture of fear and shame, and people are afraid to live their own truths. As a straightbperson, you shouldnt be concerned with the ins and outs of gay relationships, and if you are, there are some desires you're in denial about. It's rather sad….

  29. I would really like it if y'all stopped using "triggered" as a synonym of "offended" or "upset" because, as someone with severe PTSD, it really sucks to be a reference point for "unnecessarily upset" when what I deal with is "being frozen in place trying not to cry when <x> happens." Come on, Farron. I know you're more progressive than that.

    – CB

  30. holy shit, first it was satanic versus on my rock albums spun backwards. now when I turn the cup I see all these gay hand holding images thanks ! fox news for opening my eyes to the evil Starbucks coffee cup….lol

  31. Christian fundamentalists are the same as the Taliban or Isis. may we put them in Guantanamo bay with their bibles for tp?

  32. Fuck conservatives the slime that's running the country now, the ones they voted for, are hurting myself, friends, and family. Let them eat shit and die.

  33. I think they’re really just mad because those hands on the cup are patterned after Trumps hands and are actual size.

  34. "After the last Christmas-themed coffee cups that Starbucks released to the public, the New Government wouldn't have it with them anymore. The Gestapo of Kek massacred Starbucks joints across the nation, forcing the company to go out of business. When asked why they did it, they it was because it was politically incorrect.

    Then they killed those who asked. For the same reason.

    And that's the way the New Government of America worked. Fall out of line with their agenda, and you were labelled a cuck, a communist, and a bevy of various other words. If you were killed to decrease opposition to the party, it was because it was politically incorrect to do so."

  35. Muslims, nazis and the globalist are for sure behind this cup, promoting the gay agenda.
    *A Christian Trump supporter mind set.

  36. The pic is really two little girls holding hands as they escaped from Roy Moore and Donald Trump's pedophile trap. 😅

  37. The hands are clearly and undeniably LGBT hands… which is meant to promote the gay agenda. Don't do a "but whatabout (fill in the blank)" on this one folks. They are supporting the LGBT community and they are doing it in a sneaky, left-handed way, per usual. Ikea's ads and Disney being the "happiest" place on earth is the same sort of sneaky BS that some company's try to pull off. It remains understated and sneaky so they can deny it. It is carefully plotted that way to make you seem like you're the crazy one should you say something about how it really looks. So, F-you liberal types for saying it isn't really there. And F-you for trying to change the subject to "but whatabout how (fill in the blank)."

  38. What I don't understand is how a movie like "Brokeback Mountain" can win so many awards. I want to vomit. There is a conspiracy in this country, and it is run by the LGBT community. Some normal voice has to speak up against their propaganda and normalization of sodomy, and all the other weird shit they do. Straights have to stand up for their rights, and stop the gayification of this country. Down with the "modern" movement! Bring back the 1950's when gay's and lesbians were closeted and sodomy was still a crime.

  39. The star(bucks) of your god Remphan (Acts 7:43) The Israelites worshiped star gods, such as Remphan and Chiun… and now the world follows…

    #Mason; #SecretSocieties #Antichrist #Remphan #Starbucks #Pagan #EndTimes

  40. Where is this "Agenda". I cannot find a copy. Or maybe you just made it up.

    Being Gay is Natures way of supporting the family and tribe. They are the hometown worrier when the menfolk go out on the hunt for food. Gayness is not one person, it is a very important part of the survival of all of us.

  41. Dear conservatives- WHY do you GIVE a shit?! It's a goddamn coffee cup! Who cares if it is two gay people holding hands? They're gay people. Grow the fuck up and drink your coffee you superstitious cowardly little crybabies.

  42. The linked Fox news article is far from making any such a "Gay Agenda" claim! The article reports on a Buzzfeed article, a range of tweets, some which implied the hands were lesbians, but most which didn't , and has a few commenters who were upset, _but most weren't_.

    So in fact, +The Ring on Fire is the one promoting falsehoods. There are many reasons to be upset by conservatives – there'se no need to make up non-issues! Talk about trying to rile up your viewers!

  43. they're trying to find any and everything to take the attention away from what's going on in washington/the white house.

  44. I just want to be wished a Merry Christmas. When I am sent off for the day at a coffee shop I want to be wished a Merry Christmas, and not Happy Holidays. Is it so much to ask that you don't demean the love and the joy that Christmas is? Just say Marry Christmas.

  45. Here is a BETTER idea! Bring your own coffee thermos or cup, so we stop polluting the planet with single-use items. Then all these conservative can bring in their "jesus cups" and can bypass these "gay agenda" cups. Everyone is happy. lol. Better for the planet to stop using single use items anyway. Bring your own cloth bags when shopping, and your own coffee thermos, and your own reusable straw! Stop using the single use plastics, and paper bags which cut down a lot of trees. These bags don't even use recycled materials and Americans MUST change!

  46. This kind of news makes real conservatives look bad. Real conservatives don't get triggered because of what's something on a cup or a product, whatever symbol is on there. If they don't like their political agenda or what they see, then they shouldn't buy it. Starbucks cups are not like Gillette trying to get everyone to understand their political say. It's a privately owned business. They can do whatever they want.

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