Convenience Store Tour #1: Japanese Green Tea Mochi at a Konbini in Tokyo, Japan PLUS Chips

Convenience Store Tour #1: Japanese Green Tea Mochi at a Konbini in Tokyo, Japan PLUS Chips

What’s up everybody? It’s time for a convenience store tour in Tokyo, Japan. ♫ introduction music ♫ Welcome to Japan, home of top-notch convenience stores. These places have a whole lot of foods and drinks to try out so let’s go inside and give it a go. Now, what do we have over here? We got us some octopus tentacles? I’m pretty hungry, but this is not what I had in mind so let’s see what else we got here. We got us some fish action? Holy shit. I thought I walked into a convenience store, but this is more like a damn seafood shop. Now this is more my speed. Here we got chocolate and coconut covered sticks. Looks like diabetes in a box so let’s see what else we got here, baby. And, wow, take a look at that. We got some Slim green tea cracker action. Next up I see they got some Doritos in the chip zone over here. This is spicy curry flavor. I never had that before so I figure I’ll put that in my cart. What’s next? It looks like we got some kind of cornbread over here, but this is not like any cornbread I’ve ever seen. Check out those texts on the bag over here. It says “Delicious bread to make life happy Making the everyday better”. That’s a pretty inspirational quote right there! Now what do we have here? Check this out! This is a rare cheesecake pancake puff and I love myself some cheesecake so I’m definitely putting this bad boy in the cart And what do we have here? This is a tad intriguing. Looks like some kind of starchy gelatin with mandarin oranges inside. I almost feel like I should buy it, but I think I’m gonna have to skip out on that one so let’s see what else we’ve got around here. And, wow, tapioca coconut milk pudding? These are the kind of empty calories I’ve been looking for in my life so let me toss that pack into my cart. So what’s next over here? Cream puffs? Oh my dawg. Looks mighty tempting, but I feel like I need some green tea flavored action in my life. There we go, jackpot. We got green tea mochi so that’s going in the cart and I’m gettin’ the hell out of this joint. So I just sprinted on back to my apartment and it’s time to check these snacks out. So let me get those Doritos out the plastic bag. And, wow, just fucking wow, take a look at those Doritos, baby! I have a distinct feeling that these are gonna change my life. In fact, I think these Doritos are gonna transport me away to some mysterious, far-flung land, to the Indian subcontinent. So let’s pour these puppies out onto a bowl. The hell, the damn things are gettin’ stuck over here! I guess I did a shit job cuttin’ that bag open. Anyway, let’s check out these chips. Nice, look at that chip! That’s a nice fuckin’ chip right there, so let’s try one of these bad boys out! I just gotta get one last glimpse at that chip, just one more. Look at it, savor it, then jam it down the hatch. And what the hell is goin’ on with this thing? It kind of has a weird chemical-y taste poppin’ off. Let me try another one to verify that. Yep, taste is verified. This tastes like a mixture of Indian curry and Ganges river water I guess on the flavor scale I give this two out of five dawgs. In other words, I don’t recommend it so let’s get it the fuck out the way. [plate sliding away] Next up, it’s time for that coconut milk tapioca pudding. Now, I gotta say, I love me some tapioca, I love me some pudding, and I love myself some coconut milk so this right here is a match made in heaven. So let’s open this bad boy up. It’s kind of hard to open but I think I can do it and- What the fuck was that? That thing was pressurized to the max and rigged to blow so I think this is a two-handed job over here. I’m pullin’ this thing but it’s kind of hard to get off It feels like it’s welded on or somethin’. It’s like breakin’ into Fort Knox openin’ this damn pudding pack And there we go, I finally got it open. Did you ever have any doubts, sweetie-bums? Now, before I can actually taste this pudding, I have to clean that table off first. Gotta keep shit classy like that. And, as you can see, I’ve got some pretty legit cleaning skills. Next up, I got to unleash this spoon they gave me here. So here we go, the moment of truth. Could this be the pudding pack to provide me with inner solace? Keep watching and find out. And, man, that thing is lookin’ creamy. I’m jammin’ that spoon into my mouth. And, oh my fucking DAWGS! I can’t even believe what I’m tastin’ right now. It’s almost as though the pure essence of coconuts just exploded inside my mouth. I feel like I just had a shotgun wedding with a coconut and this just might be the best day of my life. It’s just THAT fuckin’ good. Only problem is, It’s gonna take a damn year to eat this thing using this mini-spoon so let me get myself a REAL spoon over here. Alright, there we go. That’s more what I’m talkin’ about. Now I can shovel these cals down my throat at a high velocity, American style. After all, I’m a busy guy. I can’t be sittin’ around with one hand on my dick and the other hand usin’ a mini-spoon at a snail’s pace. I got places to be, people to see, and preconceptions to free, babycakes. So considering this pudding pack was so good, I’m gonna give it a five out of five dawgs. I think it deserves it. [pudding container sliding away] And now it’s time to unleash a new snack. I think I’m gonna have to go for that rare cheesecake pancake puff. So let me get my scissors out and liberate this thing. I just gotta set it free and help it towards its ultimate destination which would be my tummy. So let’s rip this mofo out the packaging and, wow, take a look at this puppy. These pancakes feel kind of spongy over here. Now let me explain this thing to you real simple-like. This right here is a new twist on an old snack. I mean, I ain’t no fuckin’ expert or anything, but I think this is styled after a Japanese dorayaki. Now, usually dorayakis have brown pancakes and they’re filled with red bean paste on the inside, but this right here is totally different. This right here uses white pancakes and it’s filled with rare cheesecake and I think it’s gonna be REAL nice. Now, personally, I’m a cheesecake fanatic so I’m gettin’ pretty excited to try this out so let’s give it a go. So I just took myself a bite and- woah woah WOAH I’m not sure if I’m actually registering this properly so let me take another bite. And, wow, this taste has been confirmed. So this right here is not only edible, but it’s also fucking incredible. Those pancakes taste like they’re made out of rice flour and they have a fluffy consistency and that rare cheesecake? It’s got a subtle, bittersweet flavor that I just can’t get enough of. Without a doubt, this snack right here deserves a five out of five dawgs. I mean, it not only tastes good, but I actually feel like it’s instilled some kind of mystical wisdom in me. It’s improved my life in ways I could never fully know, in other words, nice fuckin’ snack right there. And. last but not least, it’s time for that green tea mochi. Now, I didn’t realize when I bought it, but apparently this thing has some white chocolate chips on the inside too. So, green tea and white chocolate, that’s a combo I never had before. It sounds pretty intriguing. And take a look at that mochi, baby. It’s lookin’ delicate as fuck. So let’s get us a nice plate over here, keep things classy, and then let’s get this mochi out of its container. Give it a slap. And, next up, I gotta get myself a knife on deck, cut this mochi in half, and get to know it from the inside. Now, cuttin’ this mochi is harder than it sounds. It’s resisting me at every turn. I feel like this mochi has got a bad attitude for some reason but if it wants get in my stomach, it best be steppin’ proper, you know what I’m sayin’? So, let’s scope this thing out and looks like it’s filled with pure, green tea goodness right there. I gots to get that sweet, sweet matcha action into my life so let’s get that butter knife assist over here and- woah This thing’s pretty hard to pick up and, damn, we got matcha juice shootin’ out all over the place here. Don’t worry, I got this. I’m loadin’ it onto my left hand, everything’s A-O-fuckin’-K. There we go, that’s some primo mochi eating skills right there so let’s bite into this thing. So I’m chewin’ into this mochi and it’s soft as hell but it’s punctuated by the occasional BITE of white chocolate chip. Meanwhile, my hand is fucked and I have no idea what the hell I’m doin’ with my life. Welp, my hand is tainted already, I guess I might as well go for that second half. MIght as well rock that green, slimy hand look with pride, right, baby? So I savagely bit down on that second piece of mochi and I gotta say, it was a mixture of soft and hard textures. Now, that green tea mochi part was pretty good, but I think that white chocolate was wholly unnecessary. It kind of just messed up the whole vibe of the thing, so I’m gonna give that a three out of five dawgs. Anyway, that’s all I got for today’s convenience store tour. So thanks for watching this video. Why don’t you leave a comment, let me know what you think. ♫ outro music ♫ ♫ outro music continues ♫

100 thoughts on “Convenience Store Tour #1: Japanese Green Tea Mochi at a Konbini in Tokyo, Japan PLUS Chips

  1. Fuckin' edible-incredible, baby. I'm craving that high-dawg convenience. You're making my regular old Canadian cornerstore look like a regular old hole in the ground.

  2. your videos are truly life changing, but until I have my one question answered i feel that my life will not be complete. do people ever seemed confused when you're filming in public places like restaurants?

  3. I think….. That's pretty buckwild convenience store right there just by looking at the food it sells it changed my life in mysterious ways

  4. Congrats on 50000 man. I'd say that's a pretty good accomplishment, dare I say a life enhancing accomplishment!

  5. I know exactly what you mean about "chemical taste" in the Doritos. Every damn time I tried new Doritos in Japan they suuucked. Especially the "taco" flavor. Shoutout to the microwave fish burgers.

  6. I've been waiting for something like this without even knowing what exactly I was waiting for. I'm excited for more

  7. Omg…I fell in love with this custard filled taiyaki at Family Mart. My one regret is that I didn't buy more before I left 🙁

  8. I think there could have been a drink or two on deck, but hey I'm no expert. I also think Conjoined twins with different career paths would be an irritating dilemma. This is a comment letting you know what I think.

  9. That Green Tea Mochi looked like Slimer had an abortion.
    You slapped that puppy around, cut it up and oh what the fuck…..?

  10. Oh god, I just saw pizza flavoured chips and I had flashbacks on the weirdest tasting things I've experienced in a very long time

  11. Some years ago "Bimbo" tried to introduce dorayaki-like bread into Mexican market, but they didn't succeed. Dorayaki were really good, but way too sweet, maybe that was the main reason.
    (BIMBO… yeah, that's the name of a Mexican bread brand. They're the owners of "Wonder").

    Have you ever found BIMBO (or any Mexican) products in Japanese convenience stores?
    I don`t know if they call themselves that way outside Mexico, but their logo has a white bear with a Chef's hat.

  12. I miss this about Japan, being able to wander into any convince store at 4am and get a proper meal. USA, get your shit together.

  13. WHAT THE HELL ARE YA ??????

    Ya're The LAST CREATURE that We Japanese Welcome HERE IN JAPAN !!!!!!

    Damn Seafood Store ?

    If Ya're Allergic to Seafood, NEVER COME HERE FOR GOOD IN THE FIRST PLACE !!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm Sure that Ya Dreadful Sounding Voice ANNOYS & DISTURBS Many Ordinary People Around Ya !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Go Back to Ya Domain in Hell and BE LOST !!!!!!!!!!!!

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