Cupcakes! Make Espresso Coffee Cafe Latte CUP-Cakes! A Cappuccino Addiction How To Tutorial

Hello and welcome to Cupcake Addiction’s Espresso
Cappuccino Cupcake Tutorial where I’ll be showing you how to make this gorgeous and
super super easy cappuccino style cupcake Tools and equipment that we will be using
today: I’ve got my little cappuccino cup, so my little
take away espresso cup. And I just bought mine from a local 2 dollar shape.
I’ve got a couple of cupcakes. So for this size, I’m actually going to use 2 cupcakes
per coffee or per cappuccino. But they do also sell this in a very very small espresso
shot style containers and they will be perfect with the mini-cupcake inside if you don’t
want quite so much cake for each of your guests. I’ve got a little chocolate shaker. This is
actually the one that use on my coffee in the mornings. That’s just got some powdered
chocolate which I would use normally to make hot chocolate or just to sprinkle on top of
my coffees. And I’ve got a little bit of our perfectly
pipeable buttercream frosting. I will leave a link to that recipe in the description box
below but I will also leave details on how I turned it from a straight vanilla frosting
into a slightly caramel brown-y colored espresso flavored frosting. So check that out if you
want to go with the espresso flavored frosting. Otherwise, just add a tiny bit of cocoa to
give it that little bit of brown look while you’re mixing it.
So as I said, these are incredibly easy. What you want to do is take the lid off your coffee
or your little coffee cup. You want to unwrap both of your cupcakes. Then we’re going to
take that espresso frosting. I’ve put mine into a disposable piping bag. So I’ve prefilled
that and I’m using that with a round open tip piping tip. So it doesn’t really matter
what size but you do want a nice round one. I’m just going to put a bit of a dollop of
that frosting in the bottom. And this is just so that when people get to the bottom of the
cup then they’re not missing out on any frosting and it’s also going to stick on those cupcakes
in. Take one of the cupcakes and just plunk it
in. Push it down and that’s going to stick it nicely to the bottom. And then you want
to take that espresso frosting and just swirl around so you’ve got a nice little layer of
frosting there. Taking your next cupcake, push that one down,
and as you push that one down, you’ll see that that frosting around the edges actually
starts come up the sides of the cupcake a little bit. And that’s going to help seal
it in and make sure there’s frosting all over our cupcake.
And then you want take the frosting and what I’m going to do is one of our low smooth style
swirls. So we do have a whole tutorial dedicated to this type of swirl, getting it absolutely
perfect. You do want to make sure here that your cupcakes are inside the rim of that coffee
cup. So if they’ve come up too high, trim them down so you’ve got about half a centimeter
or so of space in between the top of the coffee cup and the top of the cupcake. And that’s
going to be so our cupcake or cappuccino froth doesn’t extend too much at the top of the
cup. So doing that low smooth swirl and starting
in the middle and I’m going to come around and out. I’m going to meet up with the edge
of that cup and just taper off there. And then you want to take a little bit of
chocolate powder and we’re just going to finish it off. So with the chocolate powder just
give it a few nice little tap as you’re tilting it so that it goes on really nicely and evenly.
And give it a nice little even coat of that hot chocolate or powdered chocolate. How easy
was that? Now I recommend serving this with a spoon
because they will need to be eaten with a spoon rather than your traditional method.
And I’ve also designed these gorgeous little coffee cupcake printable tags. So I just used
a little bit of twine to tie that on. And I think it makes it look absolutely gorgeous.
People aren’t going to go and try and drink them with a little tag on them. It’s going
to define them as a cupcake. But I think you’ll agree, they are super easy,
little bit of a gimmicky cupcake that doesn’t quite look like what’s on the inside.
I hope you’ve enjoyed watching this tutorial as much as I’ve enjoyed making it for you.
If you love it, make sure you subscribe to My Cupcake Addiction for lots more. And as
always, thanks very much for watching.

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