David’s Tea Matcha Maker Review Demo

Hey guys it’s Carrie Anne from EverythingMom and what you may not know about me is I am a big tea drinker. I think in the summer I had shared a video of using the David’s Tea iced tea shaker. I used a lot in the summer and really loved it. I’ll include a link to that video in case you’re interested in iced tea. But now that we’re into colder weather I’m kinda switching back into the warmer teas. But then when I discovered David Tea, they have this matcha maker. Making my own matcha tea to go, so making it home and and taking it to the office. So I’m gonna just sort of demonstrate this matcha tea maker. It actually comes in four parts. So I have our lid with the handle. Our strainer. The body. This actually comes apart and what makes this unique compared to just a thermos is this part right here with the ball as you shake it will show later this… this ball to help agitate it to mix the green tea. So I had picked up a vanilla matcha tea that I am going to try. This is vanilla and it’s got a hint of that but I always find sort of a lot of matcha has kind of this earthy smell. And I’m in no way an expoert it’s just sort of what it smells. So I’m going to add my scoop and get my hot water. So you’ll see on this container there is a line here. This is the fill line so when you’re adding your water to the bottom you don’t want to exceed that fill line. [sound: water pouring into container] My water is added. Going to screw the top part on. And then I’m going to screw the lid on. and that’s a matter of, it says to shake vigorously for 18 to 20 seconds [music] Okay, that’s a bit of a workout. They actually say it’s good if you can get your sort of want to get this foam on the top from your agitation. And the last thing is this silver button on top Press to release any captured air from the agitation. So the great thing is about this, the inner piece has sort of a mesh on it so you can actually drink right out of this. The outside of this … isn’t like hot to the touch but it can be deceiving because when you actually do drink the tea it is actually quite hot. Vanilla matcha, it does have a little bit of an earthy-ish taste and just a subtle hint of that sweetness with vanilla not overly sweet. Unlike regular tea where you put leaves in a bag and pour some water and let it steep, this whether it’s shaking it or whisking it, there is a ritual of preparing the tea. Although I think this this has a little bit of a workout to it, for me I’m sure for you not, but for me a bit of a workout. So I look at it two ways. I get two things done I get my hot tea in the morning and a little bit of upper body workout, my cardio for 20 seconds. So that’s it for me. You can find me here whether talking mom confessions, family travel, books for kids or just sort of stuff that I think what you might find interesting. Be sure to subscribe so you can know when the next video is and until next time. Ciao.

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