Dieta do Chá Verde Emagrece? Funciona Mesmo? Como e Quando Fazer Dieta do Chá Verde?

Dieta do Chá Verde Emagrece? Funciona Mesmo? Como e Quando Fazer Dieta do Chá Verde?

In desperation to lose weight, some people
end up sticking to the first diets they see ahead without even knowing very well
that they treat each other, if they are healthy and if can really bring good results. Thinking about it, today we will talk about
the green tea diet if the tea diet green weight loss and it really works. Before you know, subscribe to our channel
and enable notifications. The green tea diet is based on the belief
that green tea gets thinner. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition
tested the effects of green tea to evaluate your results on who is above the
Weight. The people were divided into two groups:
both followed a low calorie menu, however, only the participants of the first
group consumed between six to eight cups of green tea daily. The result: at the end of the experiment, the group
who took the drink burned 4% more fat than those who did not drink tea. The purpose of the green tea diet is to combine
drink consumption with a balanced diet with calorie control. The method proposes to consume at least
five cups of green tea daily, the first cup of tea should
be taken fasting and still warm. For those who have problems taking tea in
fasting, the suggestion is to reserve consumption for half an hour of meals and two hours later,
avoiding ingesting the stomach drink too much empty or full to decrease the chances of
feeling sick or nausea. As green tea has caffeine, substance
that can hinder the absorption of vitamins and minerals, the ideal is that it is consumed
away from meals several minutes before or after eating. Regarding the green tea diet, we can
say that consuming 5 cups of tea green a day can cause too much caffeine,
and this can bring problems for those who own caffeine intolerance or sensitivity. It is important before adhering to the diet of the
green tea, consult your doctor to find out whether the green tea dosage proposed by the program
food is not dangerous or impracticable for your health. Green tea can harm drug users
anticoagulants / blood thinners. Who makes use of any medicines, supplements
or medicinal plants need to consult the doctor to see if it’s okay to use
green tea at the same time as the substance in question, used in its treatment. As we have seen, the green tea diet has been tested
and helps to lose weight, but its high dose can lead to health problems,
therefore consult your doctor before take tea or adhere to any diet. Share on your social networks. See you

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  1. Será que a dieta do chá verde emagrece de verdade?

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