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Hello and Welcome Back to my Channel So To make Acne cubes we will be needing Green Tea Leaves You can use Green Tea Bags Also That is not a problem Then we will take 1 and a half cup drinking water and a ice Cube Tray, I have 12 cube spaces in it Also a tea strainer 12 Basil Leaves Because i have 12 cube spaces in my Ice Tray So firstly we will prepare Green Tea Concoction and we will add 3 TSP Green tea Leaves and Basil Leaves in it and simmer until it starts to boil normally we use half of this green tea in a cup but we are using here more because we will be using this on our skin directly. So we will wait until the water boils and then lower the gas flame and let it simmer for 5 minutes So that all the Green Tea and Basil Leaves extract comes in the water because this will be extremely beneficial for our skin Now after 5 minutes, Strain this tea with the help of the strainer So we will let the green tea to cool off because hot substance is dangerous when poured directly on plastic and since our ice tray is made of plastic so we will wait for it to cool off So meanwhile till the tea cools off i will place each of the Residual Basil Leaves in each section of the tray. Now Green tea has completely cooled off and i will pour this in the tray one by one filling each space. Green tea has numerous benefits Ice Cube and Basil Leaves do wonders on skin. Now my Green tea concoction is ready to go in freezer and it will be nicely frozen in 2-3 hours and it will look something like this after 2-3 hours These cubes are ready to be applied on face You can apply maximum two to three times in a day daily.. on your face You should have fresh clean face before applying these cubes on skin But make sure you dont apply it directly on the skin. you have to take a cotton cloth and wrap the cube in it. and with very light fingers you have to rub it on your face and make sure you close your eyes while rubbing only then you will feel relaxed and calm while rubbing, focus on your dark circle area, your eyes and your forehead. Icecube helps in calming and soothing the skin while green tea helps in easing out your tired and puffy eyes. and the combination helps you to lighten the dark circles and control your pesky little devils which is acne/ Pimples Rub whole ice cube as shown then leave it on for 10 minutes to dry After that wash off with normal water and tap dry with clean towel Tulsi is an antioxidant which boost your skin and fairly controls your acne. Regular usage twice-thrice daily will keep you and your skin calm and gorgeous. So if you like my video Hit like and do comment your feedback 🙂

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