DIY Hand Painted Mug | Sea Lemon

DIY Hand Painted Mug | Sea Lemon

In this tutorial, I’ll show you a couple ways
to paint a ceramic or porcelain mug. Here’s a list of materials and tools I’ll
be using. On a side note, When I was shopping for porcelain paint, I noticed some brands were not recommended for surfaces that come in contact with food
or had other health warnings. I recommend this Pebeo brand. It looks like a safe choice
because it’s microwave and dishwasher safe after being baked, and it has this AP icon, which I read means
it contains no toxins in quantities that could cause acute or chronic health problems. So I just wanted to share that with you all
because I personally like using safe materials. Now onto the tutorial… Since the holidays are approaching, I decided
to make a peppermint mug. You can use painter’s tape to make perfect lines. Or another way
to make lines, dip a piece of string in paint, and blot it onto the mug. This makes a textured
look. I’m ok with my lines not being perfect, so I’m going to thicken them by hand. Just to be safe, I don’t paint the lip area or the inside of
the mug, since it gets a lot of use from your mouth and liquids. After the first coat of paint, wait for it
to dry before applying a 2nd coat. It takes about 3-4 coats to get the color solid. And
be sure to clean your brush after, this paint is hard to get off the bristles once it dries. If you have any mistakes on your mug, the
paint easily scratches off or rubs off with a wet Q-tip. Another way to paint on a mug is to use a
stencil. You can find stencils at most craft stores, or you can make your own by using
either thick paper or stencil material, and an x-acto blade. Tape the stencil to the area you want, and
use a sponge to blot the paint on. You can also try an ombre effect with another color. After your mug designs are finished, let them
dry for 24 hours. Then following the directions on the paint,
bake them in the oven at 300 degrees for 35 minutes. Afterward, let the cool off a bit
before using. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Feel free
to leave your comments below and share how you painted your mug.

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  1. I recently made something similar. If you go to my channel page, you can find a video called 'DIY Decorating Notebooks & Folders' in the 'Back to School' playlist. You might find some ideas there to decorate your book covers ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. This is the best tutorial ever ! i like the way you show the listed of materials and your voice was so relaxed and pretty. Thank you so much now i can go ahead with my xmas gift project ^_^

  3. How do you know if your cup is able to put it in the oven?? because i was going to paint my cup but then I'm worried that the cup will break or something?ย 

  4. I wanted to paint his and her mugs for my cousins wedding. so she would get the her mug and her fiancรฉ would get the his mug. thank you so much for this great tutorial!

  5. Say, I'm painting a ceramic mug with ceramic paint, but the paint keeps washing off when we drank from it. I did not bake it, just had it dry. These came in a kit, so I'm pretty sure I can drink from it. The mugs are painted on the outside. Should I buy paint sealer? Any tips? I need to know quickly because it is supposed to be a gift for someone who is leaving soon.

  6. hey jenifer great DIY…i was really looking forward for this…
    just a quick question…if im kindof heating the mug in the microwave instead of the oven then for how much time do i need to keep it for..

  7. I read that we should not use acrylic paints, but tell me can we microwave it? Because Porcelain or ceramic paint isn't available and I need to make this ASAP. So will it be alright too use acrylic paints? ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Been searching for a while for food safe ceramic paint and got so confused! Thanks for sharing this – your designs are very pretty – especially love the stencil ombre effect one!ย 

  9. Great tutorial. After watching about half a dozen others I finally found someone who makes sense and doesn't ramble on about meaningless nonsense. Thank you.

  10. Hiya ๐Ÿ™‚ love the video tutorial ๐Ÿ™‚ I've been doing this for a while now. I was wondering though, do you know how to finish it off with some sort of a shiny coating? just to give it a professional look even if I paint the mugs at home?

  11. I've been trying to do some research to figure out which brand of paint would be best used for surfaces that come in contact with food. After checking Pebeo Porcelain 150's product usage information it said "Only surfaces which do not come in contact with food should be decorated." It can still of course be used outside surfaces as this video shows, I just wanted people to be aware that it should not be used in cups, on plates, etc.

  12. Thanks for sharing, How long should I wait between each coat ? how to know the first coat dried?? without ruined it?

  13. how can i protect the paint without buyinh a top coat, I made a gift for my friend and i want her to use it but not the paint to wash away

  14. I have a quick question, I want to do this DIY and I have before but only with sharpies. My question is, can I use craft smart acrylic paint on these and bake it as well?

  15. I want to ask that if we have to remove. pre handwriting on cups like if we get printed cup then how we can remove that marks?

  16. Thank you! I am starting this process and you have answered my questions as needed! I will let you know how it turns out.

  17. Do you really have to bae it as well? You canยดt just let it dry completely, seal it & use it? :]

  18. I need to buy some of this paint I got these white ceramic vases from hobby lobby and was wondering how to paint them

  19. Got to invest in porcelain paint now after seeing your video. Thanks for sharing. I normally paint on ceramic but with different technique and colours.

    I joined your channel for more such ideas and inspiration. Would you like to reciprocate?
    I make hanging plates with free hand painting for fun and to recycle them.

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