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  1. I love your cooking/baking videos. I hope you make more. πŸ™‚ I love the snowman mug, where did you get it? And the jar link you posted seems small. :B Nevertheless, this is a perfect first video to your new cooking channel, I love it!

  2. April- I'm so glad you finally made your cooking channel! Thanks for the gift idea. I was actually looking for something to make as goodie bags for a Christmas party I'm going to, this idea is perfect, thanks!

  3. Thanks so much, excited to see what is next to make! You look so pretty in front of the tree! This will make great gifts!

  4. I just subscribe and I love your cooking videos.In fact I already bought the ingredients for rocky road cake pops because I'm gonna make some for new year and share some the kids in our church…I am super excited if I can make it perfectly like yours or not!

  5. Yay!! Thank you! I'm giving this as teachers and friends gifts. Went tonight and bought the ingredients.. I have 3 girls, 6th, 4th and K!! I might have to make another trip! Lol! We're gonna pair it up with snowman faced marshmallows, chocolate covered pretzzles and a home made ornament. The girls are super excited! Thanks!!
    Jen :0)

  6. YOu're so freaking sweet and happy and bubbly and sunny and it makes me feel all warm inside πŸ˜€ Wonderful idea by the awy <3 Ugh youre such a good person! I love you so jmuuch haha

  7. @meloveslemakeup I really wish I could upload my old videos to this one, but I edited all the videos with the link youtube aprilathena7 on them.

  8. Hi April! I love your video and am so glad you have a channel dedicated to cooking! I actually tried to make the hot cocoa because I was inspired to give it as gifts..but when I went to try the drink itself it tasted bitter. Do you know how I can fixed it? I also saw that you didn't use exactly a tbsp (what I did was use a knife to get off the excess ingredients in the tbsp)..maybe I shouldn't be so exact? Help! I bought like triple the ingredients because I want to make it for multiple people

  9. LOL idk why but i thought it was so cute how you just grabbed the marshmellows and it dropped evrywhere kinda XD Love your vids April πŸ˜€

  10. What would you use if you wanted to make flavored hot chocolate…like chocolate raspberry, chocolate mint, or chocolate orange?

  11. And if you didnt know, another way to make hot chocolate a little healthier is if you use milk instead of boiling water. Except, you may want to microwave the milk instead of boiling it πŸ˜›

  12. Thank you April for the great idea….I am wondering if I can freeze the prepared hot chocolate bags. I plan to give them as a Christmas gift and I want them to be fresh

  13. Hi April! Do you think we can substitute the cocoa with green tea powder? I'd like to make green tea latte mix but couldn't find recipes anywhere in internet. πŸ™

  14. Thank you – this is a very cute idea, I will make it and figure out how many spoons per cup so I can add a cute tag telling the person that gets it how to mix it. (I subscribed too)

  15. That's a very good idea to give as a small gift for the host of the christmasparty. We take terms. I have to sisters and my parents so this year we are gonna celebrate christmas at my middle sisters house.

  16. But how much would be needed to make a single mug of hot cocoa? How much would I measure from the gift jar into a personal jar, and add how much hot water?

  17. Loved watching your first video you came really far from this video and they are only getting better and better, btw your hair look gorgeous in this video April.

  18. @@@@@love your first video you are so endearing xxoo love that u started this channel! Love how much your show has evolved but you were always good even from the very first one πŸ™‚ @@@@@

  19. ok…I made this and gave it away only to make it later and find out IT TASTES LIKE SHIT! Her measurements are WAY off! it wasn't even sweet! I had to make my own recipe! After I have this away too!! talk about humiliating!

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