DIY Miniature- IKEA Coffee Tables Tutorial

DIY Miniature- IKEA Coffee Tables Tutorial

Hi guys! It’s Cath and today I have a super easy
miniature tutorial for you. We’re going to make some mini IKEA coffee
tables. These are from the ikea LACK series and I
absolutely love the simplicity in its design. Let’s get started with the smaller square
table first. I grab a quarter inch thick piece of
wood. This is simple craft plywood that you can get almost
anywhere. Draw a 2 inch by 2 inch square and cut that
out. For me, the easiest way to break this plywood is to
score it with your craft knife on both sides and then use some force to snap it. See? Easy. Sand down all the sides for a smooth finish. Then grab some quarter inch thick square dowels. You want the thickness of the dowels to be
the same as the thickness of the tabletop This will create a more uniform look. Using a miter saw, I cut 4 1.5 inch pieces
for the legs. Then sand it so the ends are flat. To make sure all the 4 legs are the exactly
same length, I rubberband them together and sand them all at one time. Add some wood glue to each corner of the tabletop
and carefully position each leg on a corner. So simple! You could make these with your eyes closed. For our second coffee table, we use the same
quarter inch thick craft plywood and cut out a 2.5 by 4 inch rectangle. Because this is plywood, there is a chance of getting some dents and holes when you cut it. To fix this, I just add some wood glue on
those parts and smooth it out with my knife. When this dries, it’ll be perfectly smooth. I grab the square dowel again and cut out
4 1.5 inch pieces for legs. This coffee table and the smaller one are
exactly the same height. Just as we did before, glue them on to each
corner. Then I get a thin piece of plywood for the
shelf of this table. This piece is pretty thin. About 1/8 of an inch thick. Cut out a 2 inch by 4 inch rectangle. Look at out nicely that snaps out. Add some wood glue to the inner side of each
table leg. I add it about halfway up the leg, but the
height is completely up to you. This piece will fit perfectly between the
table legs. I love how this looks. So simple and modern. And so easy to make! The IKEA lack series comes in bare wood color,
but I really want these to be white so I get some titanium white acrylic paint and cover
both these pieces. 2 coats of paint should be more than enough. Now this part is optional but I’m going
to add some varnish to make these tables nice and shiny. I added about 3 coats of polyacrylic to get
this really glossy finish. See the difference? The underside here is unvarnished and the
top is. I just love the glossy look. That’s it guys! I hope you liked this video! Give it a thumbs up if you did and make sure
to subscribe for more. * Accidental repeat 😛 * I have 2 new videos every single week. See you next time, bye!

23 thoughts on “DIY Miniature- IKEA Coffee Tables Tutorial

  1. Hi I like your vids. I have a question, is there a particular reason why you chose to cut the bigger pieces with an x-acto and the dowels using a miter box? I just ordered a miter box and Im curious to know if there is a difference. Thanks.

  2. I love what you are doing on your channel and I love these pieces. I want to build some of these pieces but I'm new to building things like this. Part of my confusion is scale – would these measurements fit a Barbie house or are they smaller? Are they 1/6 or 1/12 scale? I love that you are showing everything and that you have made me feel like I can actually do this even though I'm a beginner! 🙂 – Sunny

  3. omg I love this please reply Square to Spare I love our videos could u please make a dollhouse using ply wood pleaseeeeeee😀😀

  4. I love making miniature wood furniture but have had trouble when it comes to making table legs perfectly even. Your trick of rubber banding the cut legs together before sanding is GENIUS!!! I will try this on my next project. Also, applying glue to the cut side of wood is genius as well.

    I am now a grateful fan and new subscriber, thank you for sharing your talent.

  5. April 8, 2018—-Thanks for the video, but I'm not into doll house/action figure size furniture. Got into 1/35th scale zombie/apocalypse dioramas and some of the buildings/ homes I'll be building will require furniture/office equipment. With these types of videos at least I have an idea now how to go about building them out of plastic.

  6. You should really make a supply box thingy for all of your diy creations so we can get the exact things needed to make these cute crafts like yours and then sell them!

  7. I would like to ask where is your pad bought, and your 1 finger is a few cm. I hope you can thank you.

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