DIY Super Hair Growth Formula

DIY Super Hair Growth Formula

Hi family, welcome or welcome back to my channel our First ingredient today is horsetail herb. we will be using just 1 tbsp of this old world herb Horsetail is a very very old world herb The herb is believed to be able to stimulate hair growth. It’s because it is very high in antioxidants Horsetail can also improve circulation Which is blood circulation onto our scalp Leading to the improvement of hair follicles and to help stimulate our hair growth We will be putting in one Tablespoon of that our next powerful ingredient on this list today is Quinoa That is how it looks Quinoa offers accessible vegetable protein to gently cleanse and nourish your hair Its amino acids help repair damage to the hair shaft while it’s protein coat Strengthen and protect the hair packed with vitamins and minerals as well as amino acids Quinoa can aid in hair growth while preventing breakage Because it strengthen your hair. Our third ingredient in this mixture today is Moringa powder one great benefit of regularly using moringa is it’s Ability to strengthen hair. The keratin is a protein Essential to hair growth its formulation release on amino acids minerals and vitamins all of which are present in Moringa one of the most common Methods of using Moringa is in powder form. I prefer to use it in its powder form Our next ingredient is dry rosemary, Rosemary can counter hair loss by stimulating blood circulation in the scalp Which in turn promotes hair growth The solution from the rosemary herb helps clean the hair follicles by unclogging them Clog follicles often lead to problems like dandruff and in extreme cases hair fall I will also be adding in 1 teaspoon of lavender herb I’m just going to mix all of this together Should have something like this I will be using two cups of aloe vera juice I’m just going to heat this up in the microwave for One minute and then I will come and pour it into my herbs We are going to cover this up and leave it for 24 hours So tomorrow we will strain it and start to use it on our hair. So I will see you guys tomorrow Okay family, so our solution is ready I normally use this in combination With my Fenugreek and quinoa deep condition. I will also leave that video down in the description box for you to Watch it. I am high porosity So I can also use this as a daily treatment in between my wash days But if you are low porosity, I would suggest that you do not use it more than seven days in the month So if you loved this video, can you please give me a like leave a comment down below and subscribe? I will see you in my next video. Bye Bye

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  1. Hi Fam 🤗💓 I just love how detailed and educated you are on your hair products and ingredients. I will be starting my oil treatments today and will keep you udated. 😍 May you have a Blessed day 🙇🏾‍♀️💓💜💓

  2. Hi Selina, I have heard great things about quinoa as a food but not for the hair so this is great to know. I love how detailed you were with telling us the benefits of each products. Great mix and fw.

  3. I love that I’m always learning about new things that are good for hair on your channel that I never even knew could be used on hair

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