Drink coffee from poop 💩 ? WEASEL COFFEE Chumphon [ กาแฟขี้ชะมดชุมพร ] Most expensive coffee ?

Drink coffee from poop 💩 ? WEASEL COFFEE Chumphon [ กาแฟขี้ชะมดชุมพร ] Most expensive coffee ?

This video is going to be something
really interesting The most expensive coffee in the world Does it look like poop? กาแฟขี้ชะมด or Weasel coffee Coffee made from the coffee beans
that already gone into the weasel and then get pooped out We are still in the province in Thailand
called Chumphon In a small little shop and they got some space outside also The most interesting thing about this place They got the whole weasel farm at
the back so we are going to to go check that out as well Excited? Oh yeah We are going to take a look at a weasel farm, right ther When I came to Chumphon, I really didn’t expect that I’m gonna be experiencing this Those right there Coffee flowers There are the coffee beans that the weasels already consumed and then Poop it all out They still have this black thing (Poop) and some hair Sister O is showing us around the weasel farm they’re in the cage but then at the
same time they also have like this small little bucket for them to be
inside because.. Usually, the weasels, when they’re in the jungle, they live in a smaller hole What do you call it like a small
little hole in a tree where the animals live That’s why we need to have it in small little buckets Inside of a cage. Double protection or something Where do you guys get all these weasels? They’re in a jungle Then get hunted by the local hunters. They would be sold to restaurants To be cooked as people love eating this type of weasel around here We saved their lives then try feeding them coffee beans New information. There are actually
two types of weasels A few types of them that eat meat And a few types of them
which is like three types that eat Vegetables and fruits. This what we see
right here, they eat fruits and vegetables and small little coffee
beans They don’t eat meat so their bodies smell good Smells like pandan or something This one, if you look at hit If you have fingers inside of the cage Doesn’t he bite? Yes, he does if we put fingers through It’s animals instinct It’s gonna bite you Not all year round that the weasels eat coffee Just only three months out of the year that is the coffee season So nine months they’re gonna eat like other stuff like
banana is a must 3 months,
eat this and then produce weasel coffee for us to drink They got it in the coffee shop as well Kopi Luwak in Indonesian means weasels Give the whole coffee to the weasels The weasels eat the 2nd layer then poop out Also with the second layer Then, we are going to have this This is with the poop still You see, look like poop! Kinda.. Does it look like poop? It’s pretty dark. They dry it for 9 suns After it’s dry, they keep it for at least
nine months This is nine months and then down
there, two years This, they keep it for five years The longer you keep it,
the better because the the taste gets better The price gets
better also From I’ve read, it’s cuz the enzymes in the weasel poop Makes it more
valuable. It breaks down it and changes the flavours After that, after they keep it for 9 months They clean it It’s all clean and then get kind of
brighter not that dark anymore Next, take off the peels Then, this is the bean that we will be
drinking. It will be roasted that’s pretty much it and then this is
what they bring us to. from like the beginning then there, there, .. Bamn! They said this is the most expensive coffee in the world Right, is this the most expensive coffee in the world you said? this one kilogram, the sell it for fifty
thousand Thai Baht and then other places Any other place would sell this weasel coffee for 200,000 Thai Baht That’s pretty expensive Weasel coffee’s expensive Let’s try a cup first and go from there We’re going to order some. Let’s see what we’re going to get I recommend hot espresso. You will get the most out of the taste If we have this weasel coffee To get that taste out
of whatever we’re gonna taste Go for espresso because we’re gonna get two cups of them The concentrated one and the other one that’s more diluted Let’s order 2 types of these weasel coffee Espresso, Americano and that, coffee flower tea We are going to start now I’m gonna try it now You tell me.. yeah it’s pretty strong ! Not as acidic but it’s good Now I’m going
for America no one Smells super good if you love coffee like seriously the
taste from the espresso one’s still right here You still can feel it It is that strong. Same here 😀 This is, like, smoother.. much smoother That was good Oh! Almost gone Will my teeth
turn yellow Because it’s so strong That’s why they give us some tea I think We’re gonna finish this weasel coffee first and then, the tea This is like you drink water Compared to the other one Really like you drink water You have it It tastes just like regular coffee For you it’s like regular coffee? Not really strong regular coffee The other one is 3 times the flavours at least Ah this is so cute Now we’re gonna go for the tea See how cute this is This is so little It’s good. It tastes like flower New information! The owner just told me about this coffee flower You could get coffee flower tea just once a year Because you can pick it just once a year I really like the smell. Kev said it pretty much almost smells like lavender The after flavour reminds me of
a lavender a little bit For me it’s just flower.. flower.. I like it It’s refreshing and flower… Flowery.. This is such a cool experience I didn’t think I would be experiencing this. This is super cool So cool They do it all themselves If you’re ever in the area or travel past Down to Surat Thani, Thailand or something This is the door to Southern Thailand Super cool to see the farm and the coffee things All the weasels and stuffs You don’t find this easily elsewhere Hit this place up I’m happy I’m here I’m happy drinking all coffee and
tea that we have over here Tastes so good Thank you so much! I hope you guys enjoyed this weasel coffee Chumphon Thailand video Don’t forget to subscribe and ring a bell I’ll see you guys to the
next video Actually let’s do it Chinese way

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  1. Shocking. I was just in Malaysia and on my way to getting my hands on some of the Luwak coffee and unfortunately, I left without getting any. Pretty damn upset about it as I was really looking forward to trying some. Hope you enjoyed this puppy!



  3. wow! I'd love to visit this place sometime soon…. I was in some Indonesia touristy shops where they also sell this coffee, however, I doubt its authenticity. This place definitely serves the real stuff!

  4. good channel .. introduce me from indonesia please visit my channel that discusses about Indonesian native civet weasel … support back my channel huh

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