Drink This Tea Before Bed to Reduce Stress and Help You Sleep

Sleeping like a baby is something millions
of people across the planet would like to achieve. For something that’s supposed to be so natural,
why is it sometimes so elusive? It’s been estimated that between 50 and
70 million Americans suffer from some type of a sleep disorder, according a report by
the American Sleep Association. Insomnia is one such sleep bandit. Before reaching for one of the countless over-the-counter
or pharmaceutical sleep aids that can produce unpleasant side effects, check out a natural
way to fall asleep. There’s a little known treasure in green
tea that can work in concert with your own body’s chemistry to provide a healthy alternative. What’s the mysterious property in green
tea that can let you drift off peacefully to dreamland, and wake up feeling more refreshed? It’s an amino acid called L-theanine. Of all the plant species that contain it,
there are only two that are safe to consume: medicinal mushrooms and tea. Genuine tea – from the Camellia sinensis
plant – not herbal teas. Black tea contains more of this natural sleep
aid than green, white, yellow or regular green tea. Those who are sensitive to caffeine should
drink yellow or green tea, instead of black, to get a restful night of sleep. To obtain maximum L-theanine results, allow
it to steep for at least 7 minutes. In today’s video will explore how it’s
able to promote sleep naturally. We’ll also illustrate some of the health
benefits that L-theanine offers. How does it Work Once it’s in your System? 1. It penetrates the brain and alters neurotransmitters. 2. L-theanine boosts the production of serotonin
and dopamine, which naturally lowers anxiety and stress levels. 3. The amino acid triggers alpha brain waves,
alerting them to replace stress with tranquility. 4. L-theanine stimulates cognition and memory
without raising blood pressure and stress. 5. By the time it reaches the small intestine,
its molecular integrity is still at nearly 100%. Health Benefits of Drinking Tea Promotes healing of stomach ulcers;
Helps protect the liver and promotes healing from alcohol related-damages;
Combats cancer cells to inhibit tumor growth and enhances the efficiency of chemotherapy;
Eases symptoms in schizophrenia patients; Can help prevent strokes and subsequent cerebral
hemorrhage; Helps defend the central nervous system against
neurodegenerative diseases, including Huntington.

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