And hey, they do say that caffeine can act as a bronchodilator, so maybe my body’s just like, you need to breathe better. ♬ Oh, you gotta breathe, breathe, breathe, breathe ♬ ♬ Let it go and let it be, be, be ♬ [coffee dripping] Good morning, you guys. I felt like I should say good morning from North Carolina, but Peter’s still in North Carolina. He’s just not here at the house. He’s been at a conference yesterday, today, and tomorrow, and it’s going well. But yeah, so I’m just here at the house and I had a really good morning. I’m not feeling well now, but this morning I woke up and I did sleep in a little bit more than I have been, so that’s good that I was able to get some more sleep. And I went downstairs and I really enjoyed my morning and… It’s weird. I mean, even while my lungs have declined because I caught a cold three weeks ago, even though my lungs have declined, my mornings still are not as bad as they were. And so I just enjoy the morning a lot more than I used to. So even though there’s still some coughing, it’s not quite as extensive as it was. So I went downstairs, even before I did my vest, and I ate some oatmeal and drank coffee and I unloaded the dishwasher. I loaded the dishwasher. And I feel like I did something else. I talked to my mom. And yeah, I just enjoyed my morning, and then I came upstairs and I did my vest and my mists. And I took my early morning medicines, and then two hours later I took all my, the rest of my medicines. I’m trying to keep them spaced out. That’s ideal to keep the antibiotics two hours away from… like, iron or… There’s a few different things that the bottle says. So I do my best to put my timer on and take them two hours apart. So I did that, and while I was doing my vest I just started to feel like ugh… Like, I think the best way I can describe it is it feels like pressure. Like, like my pressure in my head is off which makes me feel like I just need to lay down. And so I, that’s what I’m doing. I really want to get up and go unpack the working room. I’m excited to organize the working room. But right now that is not gonna happen. Peter’s gonna be gone… probably till 10 p.m. tonight. So I have all day to do the working room if I feel up for it later, but… I’m just thankful that this morning I felt a little bit better, and I’m hoping that this doesn’t last all day, but there’s nothing I can do about it. So I’m enjoying the, um bed frame that came for free when we bought this mattress and the head goes up. [bed adjusting] The head goes up and down, and so it just helps me be able to get a little more comfortable and… Sometimes um, if I’m, I don’t know, laying in certain ways, it’s a little harder to breathe. So I’m just getting myself as comfy as possible, and I’m gonna try to… do what my body needs to do. Uh-huh [chuckling] All right, I’m guessing Peter is vlogging right now, not at this moment, but I think while he’s out today he’ll probably pick up the camera a few times. Um, he is… uh, he had lunch at the conference and then I know he was gonna go to a coffee shop to edit the vlog. I think he was gonna miss a little bit of a conference. But he said that he’ll, he won’t miss like, the, there were a few sessions he really wanted to go to, so he’s editing and uploading. Hopefully that’s going okay. The vlog needs to go up in 40 minutes. So hopefully he found some really fast internet and that you guys got to see the vlog. You guys are sitting in my Christmas cactus right here on my table. So if you see a little, uh… green thing in your view, that’s what it is. Typically I try to only have caffeine one time a day, but… sometimes when my body is struggling and hey, they do say that caffeine can act as a bronchodilator. So maybe my body’s just like, you need to breathe better. And so I’m going to have a second cup of coffee in this special cup that I had during college. And I unpacked that box and there they were! Ready for another life. [slurps] Mmm. [Mary] Ollie is the king of weird positions. [Mary] Look at him. He’s sitting in the chair with his neck… [Mary] Um, Ollie do you see something outside? [Ollie woofs] [Mary chuckles] Okay. [Mary] Is that squirrel in your, in your yard? [Ollie woofs] [Mary] Oh! He’s in a really woofy mood right now. [Mary] He was just woofing out the front. [Ollie woofs] [Mary] Hey Ollie, it’s really gonna be okay. [Mary] I’m not worried about those squirrels. I’m not worried about those squirrels. They’re allowed to be there. [Mary] In just a little bit we’ll get ready and go outside. Okay? Then you can go run run run. [Mary] Yeah. Let’s do it in a little bit, after my coffee. I truly don’t think there’s any better way to enjoy your coffee than with a poodle head in your lap. Aw! [Mary] Ollie, we just love you so much. [Mary] And for those of you who are needing a poodle cuddle today, this is for you. [Mary smooches] [Mary whispering] I’m gonna get him. I’m gonna get him. [Mary] I’m gonna get him! I made your tail wag. Okay, Ollie and I went outside and had a really fun time. And I visited my friend in the hospital in Texas. I didn’t really go, but video… technology is amazing. So, hung out with her. And this is kind of a random creative way to, I guess, I don’t know, like… Basically, here’s what we did. I was talking to her and I was like, what are you gonna order for dinner? And she was like, oh, let me show you the menu. So she texted me a picture of it and she said you order something for me. So I took down the number and I called, just like I do when I’m in the hospital. I’m placing an order for Mary Frey, room whatever, whatever, but um, I placed it for her. And so I got to surprise her and she told me something that she was like, hoping to get but she was pretty sure they weren’t gonna do it. Guess what? They did it, and I’m so excited. So she’ll get her meal in like, an hour. So I’m like waiting waiting waiting to hear if it all arrives as it should, but there’s a little creative idea for you if you have a friend, long distance in the hospital, you could offer to order the meal for them. And I can say from experience, calling to order your meal three times a day gets, I mean, it gets more tiresome than you think. Especially the decision-making process. So, if you can take that load off for somebody, even just for one meal, I say do it. Good morning, guys. It is so early in the morning that I’m starting this, just kidding. It’s actually evening. David and I have been busy pretty much all day today. This is my buddy David, and uh… We’ve been at a preaching conference, where, as Mary calls it, we’re schmoozing and hobnobbing. [chuckling] Uh, but we’re getting ready to head back home. Mary’s been… at home, and I think this has been a long day for her just to be at the house. Although, she said she wasn’t feeling awesome today. So I think it’s good that she has some downtime. But… I miss her and we’re gonna head home. And yeah, David and I are going to reminisce of our days commuting to work together and solving all of the world’s problems in a car ride. Every, what was it? Every Friday, every Friday night, every Saturday, and some Sunday nights. Yep. We catered and… We’d just talk. Drove out and drove back. Talk about life, and… Yeah. I’ve thought about…I, so, you know James Corden does the carpool karaoke with celebrities where he like… Oh! He like, takes celebrities in his car and they like, sing a song together. It’s like, I’ve thought about doing a series on my youtube channel called carpool theology. Oh, I like that! Where you get like, pastors and professors, theologians, and you, you make them like, sing a song and like, just show these are real people too. Anyways, maybe one day I’ll make carpool theology. It’ll happen. Yeah, you can be my first guest. Excellent. Carpool theology. Guys, I am home, and… We are back together and it feels so nice! Guys, we absolutely love that I get to work from home, and… when like, I’ve got a conference like this and we’re apart… it’s kind of dreadful. He said to me today on the phone, this is dreadful. I was like, oh no! Is the conference bad? And he was like, no. I like the conference. It’s just dreadful being away from you. You sounded like you stepped out of a 1920s movie. I think what it is is like, I’m just, we’re like, so used to like, being together. [Mary singing] Better together. [both singing] Oh honey! I think we are. We are. [Mary vocalizing] But, um… We’re back together and it feels so good. Mary’s had to listen to me like, debrief my whole day. [chuckling] It’s good. But, um… All good, and… [both] As always, we’ll see you tomorrow. Good night! ♬ [Peter] Good night Ollie boy. We’ll see you tomorrow. ♬♬


  1. I've had some life things going on so I haven't been able to keep up with your videos. But it's good to hear that you're feeling better and got to sleep in. Love you guys! Stay positive 🥰✝️

  2. i use hot coffee when my asthma is starting to get ify. i was told by my doc that the heat from the coffee opens airways and the caffeine keeps them open and the liquid clears out the smaller alveoli .

  3. Hi guys and happy Eighth day of Solemn Assembly, which starts tonight, with Rejoicing of the Law coming hot on its heels tomorrow evening!

    Martin isn’t a trained rabbi but has spent some time at Yeshivah in Jerusalem, so he’d love to volunteer for “Carpool Theology with Pastor Peter” and I’d love to hang out with Mary! Have a lovely restful Sunday evening, guys xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  7. Ollie is soooooo cute! Thank you for the poodle hugs, much appreciated – it's been a loooooong day 🙂 xx Also, love the idea of Carpool Theology, sounds like it could be a lot of fun 🙂 Sending hugs and love. Take care, Debs x

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  9. Thank you Mary for confirming that Coffee helps with breathing. Do you know if also applies to Tea as well? #caffineclearance

  10. LOL, if coffee was a really good bronchodilator, my asthma would never bother me. I drink coffee all day long.

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  13. My niece has a liver problem and her specialist told her to drink 3cups of black coffee a day to help cleanse the liver. who would have thought.❤❤

  14. The fact that your mornings are even a tiny bit better or easier is an answered prayer! (I mean that, I prayed for it, as I am sure you have & many have)! ♥️😭

  15. My doctor told me thatwhen you take antibiotics to also eat or drink pineapple. The enzyms in the pineapple help it to absorb better. So i always do this and sure enough, they work so much better. I have asthma and these past 4 years i have been getting more and more lung infections 🙁 I am also a care giver for my eldest daughter (she is disabled) so i need to be on top form for her. P.s, Both my Daughters Faith and Willow love your videos and they love Oliver 😀 xxxx

  16. Hey Mary I just watched the vlog and you mentioned ordering food in the hospital I was in the hospital 3 weeks ago today actually and I don’t know if this ever has happened to you but I was in the hospital for 4 1/2 days and they do it differently here where I live in Ontario Canada we order all our next day meals at the same time so I was in the hospital 4 1/2 days and got to pick for maybe 7 of my meals all my breakfasts and lunches were right and what I ordered but 2 out of 3 of my suppers were wrong until my last night in the hospital I would tell my nurse that what’s on my plate and what’s on my order form are not that same and what’s on the order form is right but then they’d wouldn’t listen would say that some time the page is printed wrong but I would read it over a couple time and I’m like yes that’s what I ordered but what’s on my plate is wrong I didn’t get a supper order given to me right until the night before I was discharged it made me so mad that I was constantly not getting what I ordered thank god for my mom I would tell her I got the wrong supper so she’d bring me something from when she came back to see me it drove me crazy I don’t remember the last time I was in the hospital for more then just a doctors appointment so I don’t have to have hospital food often so by the time I was discharged from the hospital I was ready to have real food again because it always seems that even the food that was supposed to be hot was always cold I know they have to cook for a lot of people but it was a bit strange

  17. Caffeine deconsecrated the blood vessels. That's why you can breath better for the rest of us the jitters. I know there is a better medical definition for this but this is the best way I can describe it.

  18. Two for the price of one today: a lovely Frey Life vog and I've learned that coffee is a bronchodilator. I will remember that next time I get asthma.

  19. I'm not a believer of God but I belive in Something and I'm not shure in whom or what but I would like to know more about your faith! CarpoolKaraokee with you Peter sounds so fun and a great way of learning för those of us who is in between and still wanting to find purpose so YOU GO! IT WILL BE DA BOMB as we say in Sweden not Only because it's you but because you make it easy for us to understand..I would love an advent kind of caraeokee coming this christmastime ❤
    I feel I need something to hold on to now that I am sick and been lying in hospital in Sweden for a week and seems to be here for 2 more at the least. Side note thank you Mary for the Ollie cuddle ❤ just what I needed today

  20. I think Ollie took pretty good care of Mary when she needed a snuggle and to play outside. We know Ollie takes you guys outside to play. 😂 I don't think I've ever heard Ollie bark at all before even if it was a quiet little woof. Happy Sunday. 💗😀👋

  21. This is such a funny title my mom who suffers from severe asthma turned copd swears by coffee to help her breathe

  22. Mary taught me a great lesson in one of the videos.. Use a big syringe to water small plants. I'm doing that now and it's the best. Roughly how many cc's or oz of water does Mary give her plants with the big syringe?

  23. Ollie was like, how can you even say squirrels are okay to be in the yard, LOL, you and Peter are each others manna and I told you to try caffeine before, remember, I had no clue about the bronchodilation. They do give it to premies though, I know that, they actually give them caffeine.

  24. –> Mary – Are you taking liquid CoQ10 and liquid Turmeric (Qunol)? These are fabulous and great for a number of different things… i.e. ridding of free radicals. For me one of these thing I have found is there assistance in getting rid of a headache. I know you are taking a large amount of medications… Just remember to rest, know just because you can do it, and have the energy to do it… you do not 'always' have to or need to do that extra thing. –> Peter – the car interview idea is good… but you may want to change it from theology to faith…. Ephesians 4:13 – …come together in the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God… – theology and religion has little to nothing to do about faith in who Jesus is and what he did for All of us. I have seen theology and religion get in the way of bringing the Body of Christ together. So… Faith is a good box to stand on… Hebrews 11:6 – …without faith it is impossible to please God… I also like your bible class idea you mention a video or two ago… You could occasionally mix the two…. have a car interview (fun or serious), then (different venue) -> you take that topic and bring it into a short lesson….

  25. Hi Guys , Yes Mary , you are right ! Hot coffee is first -aid for asthmatics who either forgot there inhalers or ran out . The coffee acts as you mentioned and opens restricted airways. Peter , I know you are planing stuff for Nov. and are doing speaking engagements online from home , that is great you can do that. Maybe there is a 'Skill-Share' theology class you could start !! , or start your own Roku channel , there are a lot of channels offering content like that. Anyway , glad you guys are as one again , thanks for the vlog , take care , CU tomorrow , Gary 

  26. Thank you Ollie for the poodle cuddle! I could really use that today!❤
    Peter: Carpool theology sounds like an amazing idea. Including the singing part!
    You can do a try out with David on your own channel. I would certainly watch it!

  27. This is Julie I love watching you both you make my day. I had to put my cat down over a year ago and it still bothers me. But watching you both helps thanks u both very much your friend julie

  28. Love your Ollie snuggles❤️ I actually packed my blue Frey life cap in my suitcase earlier this evening because tomorrow we are going on vacation to Tenerife, we had snow here in Sweden today so it's going to to be so nice to be going to the sun and heat🏖️

  29. Thank you for the poodle hugs 😍 I've been at my parents house this last week and they have a 1yo golden Labrador and I adore her. We've had so much play time and cuddles!!! I'm here for another week then off back to my home. I'm going to miss her so much 😭 send lots of poodle hugs my way in a weeks time 😂❤

  30. You guys are sooooo cute and so precious!! Peter you are sooooo sweet saying you missed Mary so much while at your conference, yes, you two are meant to be together, and yes you "three" are meant to be together too. 🙂 Sending my love and hugs to the three of you see you tomorrow!

  31. Mary! Please tell us what bed you have, and what brand you sent back! I need a new bed and it’s difficult for me to go test them!

    Love you guys! And thank you for the 🐩 snuggles 😘💨

  32. Hi Mary I am proud of you, how you handle everything so positively HI Peter and Ollie god bless I am glad you feel better even being sick😊🙏🌷💖💖

  33. Pineapple and or juice helps keeps lungs clear as well when you have a chest cold. I read that somewhere and wondered if it might help you Mary.

  34. Caffeine really does work! When I was little and would be having a lot of trouble with my asthma my mom would give me some Pepsi! It was the only time I was allowed Pepsi lol! It almost always did the trick and still helps me now sometimes!

  35. Thank you you helped me .My huby lol spilling and I are like you and peter .but we are now looking at him going to be dying in the next year he has had 3 brain tumers each time he has a op I get a new huby .we try to get on with life as is but you have help a lot love and hugs

  36. Mornings are my favorite. I love my tea and breakfast and most of my motivation is in the morning until about 2 during the week and yay for naps on the weekends. HI DAVID!!!🤗

  37. On the children’s ward I remember everyday children with cf would get a can of coke and a salted snack like crisps (chips)

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