Drinking Cold Brew Coffee Does This To Your Body

it’s probably not an exaggeration to say
that caffeine is probably the most important part of many people’s daily
routines and while some like it hot not everyone necessarily wants to sip
some piping hot liquid first thing in the morning especially in the dead of
summer the solution these people opt for cold brew coffee instead as it turns out
not only is cold brew a better option for caffeine lovers who can’t take the
heat it would seem that nutrition experts have begun to identify other
health related benefits that may stem from brewing your coffee cold instead
today bestie is going to take a look at some of the potential health benefits
you can expect to receive by switching to cold brew coffee before we start be
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video number one easier on your stomach when
you think long and hard about it coffee in itself is a bit of a strange
concept while there are many food and beverages we enjoy nice and warm the
fact that our caffeine has to be heated up to scalding temperatures before we
deem it acceptable to drink is a bit of an anomaly as it turns out that piping
hot cup of joe might not be doing wonders for your stomach either and not
just because of the literal heat itself the high acidity of hot coffee has been
known to trigger a number of different forms of irritation in some more
sensitive individuals such as acid reflux heartburn and indigestion
according to some studies such as the ones published in the journal known as
scientific reports cold brew coffee maybe slightly less acidic on the pH
scale compared to regular hot coffee making it a more viable option for those
with sensitivities to acidic food and beverages in addition to a potentially
lower level of acidity cold brew coffee also contains a specific type of
carbohydrates known as crude polysaccharides these chains of sugar
molecules are beneficial to your body because they boost the immunity of your
digestive system thus reducing the chance of gut irritation in response to
acidity the best part of all in addition to being less irritating for your
stomach cold brew coffee still manages to contain a similar level of caffeine
when compared to regular hot coffee meaning that you can crossover from hot
to cold without having to sacrifice that little extra pep in your step that your
morning joe provides if you frequently struggle with acid reflux or you’re
wondering why you always feel a stomach ache begin to take effect after your
daily cup then you may want to consider switching to cold brew and see if you
notice any difference number two might boost your metabolism
looking to lose an extra few pounds before summer kicks into full swing in
addition to being a little bit easier to digest it’s been hypothesized that cold
brew coffee may also be able to benefit your weight loss goals by providing a
much-needed jumpstart to your body’s metabolism when your metabolic rate
rises your body begins to burn through its energy stores at a faster rate
leading to more calories being burned according to our friends at the American
Journal of Clinical Nutrition the caffeine content found within a cold
brew coffee may be enough to boost your metabolic rate by up to eleven percent
it should be noted that these same metabolism boosting benefits can be
found in hot coffee as well but then again this video isn’t called health
benefits of hot coffee now is it number three may improve your mood and mind in
addition to boosting your metabolism a cold brew coffee may also potentially
give a boost to your spirits as well according to the scientific journal food
components to enhance performance caffeine has been known to possess mood
elevating properties especially among people who might not be getting their
daily quota of sleep other studies have reported that caffeine may also be an
effective natural stimulant in order to improve
things such as brain and motor function as much as we resent that one co-worker
whose catchphrase is always don’t talk to me until I’ve had my coffee it would
seem as though there might be some scientific basis to the overused joke
after all in addition to lifting your mood and improving your cognitive
abilities some studies have also indicated that cold brew coffee might
make other more tangible improvements on your mental health as well as a
stimulant to your nervous system caffeine affects your brain directly
according to some research such as the data collected in frontiers in
neuroscience drinking coffee may help to stave off the effects of certain
age-related diseases that affect the mind and nervous system such as
Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease according to one study conducted at the
university of eastern finland test subjects who drank between three and
five cups of coffee every day had their risk of developing Alzheimer’s related
dementia reduced by more than half a whopping 65 percent in other words
coffee isn’t just good for your mood it’s also good for your mind
number 4 may lower the risk of heart disease
your average cold brew coffee concoction is actually a quite complicated cocktail
of complex compounds consisting of caffeine magnesium and lenin’s as well
as phenolic compounds all of these compounds present a variety of potential
benefits to your body by reducing the risk of heart disease in various ways
such as by reducing insulin resistance lowering blood pressure and keeping your
body’s blood sugar at reasonable levels in addition to this already quite
extensive list of beneficial and heart-healthy ingredients
cold brew coffee also contains what’s known as chlorogenic acids or CGAs as
well as dye terpenes both CGAs and dye terpenes function as antioxidants as
well as anti-inflammatory agents which are also linked to improving your
overall health in other words this cleverly cold crafted create
Jen carefully curates your capacity for cardiovascular contention creating a
covertly cool concoction that can cause calm and collected capillaries okay I’m
definitely going to need to have a word with our writers after this one for many
people the best part of waking up is a freshly brewed pot of caffeinated coffee
but even if you’re not a fan of slugging back hot beverages on a humid July
morning there’s no reason why you need to miss out on the potential health
benefits that can be obtained from a caffeinated beverage in addition to
being a little easier to process for those with sensitive tummies a cold brew
coffee also comes fully loaded with a variety of other health related benefits
as well from improving your heart health to elevating your mood and metabolism if
you’re looking for ways to chill out this summer maybe it’s time you start
giving your morning coffee the cold shoulder so did you find this video
helpful or informative coffee lovers it’s time to cast your vote do you like
your cup of joe steaming hot or are you a fan of cold or caffeine climates or
maybe you don’t even like coffee and prefer to get your daily caffeine intake
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