Driving 6 Hours to Rehabilitate a Pet Ball Python!

Driving 6 Hours to Rehabilitate a Pet Ball Python!

65 thoughts on “Driving 6 Hours to Rehabilitate a Pet Ball Python!

  1. You can absolutely blame VA, lol. Compared to my state, TN, their laws are scary. Vlogs are good, too, thank you for doing this!!

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed this blog. It’s sad that the Tegu’s life was put at risk due to failure of the sender to follow instructions.

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  4. Love this channel, its extremely helpful and useful for me to make sure I have the best care for my corn snake! Thankyou!!!

  5. Your sense of humor is great, please ignore all the people getting pouty about it! The box towers and bleeding boxes were hilarious!

  6. Hey @GoHerping I am an 11 year old boy and am starting to get into the hobby. I already have a leopard gecko and I am about to get a corn snake. I was wondering if you have any recommendations for future animals; a reptile or amphibian. Thanks!

  7. What happened to that SUPER skinny normal ball python you got in your unboxing 2 video? It was the one that was way far gone but it had will to live

  8. I hope that you see this but it's very unlikely, I've been watching your channel a while now and am trying to get into the same business as you are. Many people around me and family members do not know how to properly take care of the reptiles, amphibians, etc that they care for. I don't know if you have open spots like you have in the past but I would love if some of the animals I own can go on your site, or at least just some how work with you in some way. I'm 18 and still in high school I plan on getting a part time job after school and saving up for this business by myself, idk where I'm going really but it'd be amazing to include you I know you don't like new people so this will probably be laughed at but I'm a very serious animal lover and have been since I was very little. I'm in Mi you probably know it kinda sucks here but I plan on moving states when I get enough.

  9. I don't know if it's a good idea to name the companies that sell these sick animals. You might want to talk to someone who knows the law concerning these matters. You have a good following now, so you will be more at risk of a lawsuit.

  10. We have a new pet store in our small town (In va) and I like to look at the cute lil snakes n such there, and like there are so many really underweight snakes n lizards 🙁 I get sad whenever I go in there

  11. Thank god the tegu is alive. I love tegus, it would seriously suck if it died. It would seriously suck if any animal died by being shipped.

  12. Alex, Its 3AM…. How dare you just assume that we're just all up at this time.

    Even though you're absolutely correct to assume so.

    Lol loved the vlog btw! Hope the new herps do well for you, I'm getting a ball python soon, I hope it'll do well. 🙂

  13. Could you do a video on your favorite light set ups? There are so many brands and ways its overwhelming 😥 normally i just use reptisafe but I'd like to know your opinion!

  14. Hey Alex, or anyone else who needs to ship live animals, my rescue works with many transport people who will pick up and deliver the animals to their desired location.
    My point is that with all of us who are out to prevent cruelty to animals, that I’m sure good, reliable transport is in demand. Even if any of u r just shipping a cute dog to its new home. I can help. Just message me and let me know.

  15. Story time!

    When I going to turn 16, for my birthday, I wanted a ball python! I look much into them, the set up, healthcare, feeding, possible sicknesses ect… And after being comfortable with the idea of possibly owning one, I went to look at breeders for about a month or two before October aka the month of my birthday. And I came down to ‘Under ground reptiles’ which seemed as a good idea at the time. We (my mom and I) looked around on the website for the Ball pythons I was wanting. Which was basically a ‘bit lighter, not natural looking snake’ because my brother is autistic! So as we looked we found one! A albino ball python. But as we went to order it they just sold them all! So, my mom called them, because we had payed for the snake but something went off with it all and they said to call… so we did! They helped with fining a new snake. With understanding of my brother being autistic and all. And , the stinger bee came up! She was absolutely beautiful! However, they had just got her in, without keeping her at least a few days, making sure she would eat or was even healthy they chose to agree to adjust some things and we agreed aswell to take her without knowing the possibilities. So a day or so goes by and she finally makes it here! And let me tell you I was in love! She was such a beauty, so adorable! And surprisingly active to be so stressed. So after taking her out of the box and snapping a quick photo we put her in her enclosure so she could get adjusted….a week later we tried to get her out and handle her. Which went great! But I noticed she looked alittle thin, and this was around the time we were going to try to feed her so I put her back. The next day, we went out and got the frozen mouse to give her-as they said she was eating well. But, She didn’t take it. She hid. So, me being the 16 year old I was I thought she just needed time and I put her back-I waited again and tried but she didn’t take it. Frozen or live! This went on for a few months! She was so young it effect her greatly so. I took her to my friend whom was studying to be a vet and had/still has many reptiles, she helped with force feeding her which was the last thing I wanted to do. But, Sarabi (the snake) finally ate! After what was 4 months I think she ate! For that day I was the happiest 16 year old there was. She seemed fine for the rest of the week. She acted fine when I would mist her enclosure, she was fine when I would clean her water and fill it up. But, not once did I check on her. So, a day or so after cleaning I check her and her stomach caved in. We rushed to my friend and she said to get a vet appointment ASAP. So we did for the next day as early as we could! However, the morning came and my mother went to get her and Sarabi had passed.

    I tell you all this to say-Look into the breeders you’re buying from, do even more research then you think you need and make sure the animal has ate! I was 15, almost 16 and I didn’t think it all through, I made mistakes! But now being 18, I plead that you all MAKE SURE you know all you can about the pets you want. Look into them deeply and the people you get them from! Don’t do what I did. I was too excited and didn’t see the red flags within it all. So please, always look into the animal as much as you can that you are interested in! 😊

  16. Seeing so many people neglecting these animals, even when given plenty of instruction, it makes me lose faith in the hobby. Emerald Scales seems like one of (if not the only) company that actually wants reptiles to have a decent quality of life.

  17. I’m not good at judging if a snake looks healthy or not but that poor little guy looks a little thin, I hope y’all have an easy time with him

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