ELECTRIC KETTLE ELECHOMES Gooseneck 💥Tea, Drip Coffee | Crystal Knob Review- 👈

ELECTRIC KETTLE ELECHOMES Gooseneck 💥Tea, Drip Coffee | Crystal Knob Review- 👈

today I have a new electric kettle from
Elechomes which is perfect for tea coffee or even instant soups this electric kettle from Elechomes
features a gooseneck design with a crystal lid it has a variable
temperature control with 12 settings a stainless steel body and as I mentioned
before the elegant crystal lid top this holds 1.2 litres of water and features
an answer slip handle that stays cool to the touch it has variable temperature
control with a keep warm function so it can keep stay warm for about eight hours
at temperatures below 190 degrees Fahrenheit and stays hot for 30 minutes
at temperature above 190 degrees the highest it goes to is 212 that’s your
standard boiling temperature of course you can manipulate that temperature
however you please you go that’s a better view of it from the front and
here is the back so to clarify on the buttons up here we
have the LED display screen we have the keep warm button now we have the
temperature button the they have our protection right here the plus and minus
you can turn the temperature up or you can turn the temperature down and here
we have the on/off button right here at the bottom so just press this and make yourself some hot water for tea
coffee or even an instant soup all right I do want to mention that this does come
with an instruction manual that is very handy and tells you how to boil the
water if you’re a bit confused and important safeguards to look at and what
each button does now let’s put some water in it and see what happens so first you just place the kettle on its
boiler right here and plug it in then you fill it up with the water you as
much water as you desire and press the on button you’ll hear the beep and then
press one more time for it to get started the on/off button will turn red
and that’s how you know it’s in the boiling process so as we climb up to of
212 degrees Fahrenheit for this to get ready I’ll tell you a little bit more
about it this has in a very attractive design with smooth matte finish there is
an auto shutoff button so when the water boils there’s no more water in the pot
and the lid features a safety lock it’s give me a little loud now since it
is oily you can see the numbers are climbing up rather quickly actually incredibly
depressed I’m going to turn it off and for some water alright that was fast
and hot water for tea or making any type of instant soup maybe even an oatmeal
and this would be great for an office so you can keep your hot water tea drip
coffee or soup at your desk also this is great for your home since it’s a lot
safer than leaving water on the stove to boil and having to catch the tea kettle
whistles or just forgetting about it and letting the pot oil dry it’s also nice
and has it’s nice and sleek design which would fit any type of decor in your home
so that is all we have today on the Elechomes electric kettle please check
the description section for more information thanks for watching you

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  1. Wonderful review. I have been thinking about getting a new coffee pot, but this would be such a better investment– more usuable. Very good job. Thanks for educating us.

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