[Eng Sub]Matcha mousse cake 我Amanda带着既美又作的抹茶甜点又来了!【曼食慢语】*4K

[Eng Sub]Matcha mousse cake  我Amanda带着既美又作的抹茶甜点又来了!【曼食慢语】*4K

Hello everyone, I’m Amanda Today, we are making a gradient matcha mousse cake There’s not much else to say about this cake Only one word is enough Beautiful! Sometimes I will want to make something That’s appearance can be admired To me it’s like a work of art Of course, it also tastes amazing Let’s start! First, we need to make a matcha cake base Before starting, Heat the oven to 180°C Then separate the eggs Separate the yolk from the white Then add a small portion of the sugar Into the egg yolks To help with the beating Slowly incorporate vegetable oil Whisk while pouring Next we need to prepare the matcha powder Because matcha can easily cause bubbles So today I will teach everyone a method That will make the matcha mixture very smooth First add a bit of milk into the matcha Make sure it’s a small amount Incorporate little by little While continuously mixing Let the matcha form a homogenous paste-like mixture Then slowly add the rest of the milk into the mixture This will allow the matcha to spread evenly Add the matcha mixture into the egg yolks Mix evenly Then sift the cake flour in 2-3 rounds Into the egg and matcha mixture Gently mix after each incorporation It will form a thick mixture Next, whip the egg whites Because we are making a cake sheet The egg white does not need to be whipped too stiff The sugar can be added all at once Use a beater to beat First beat on low speed Then high speed and then back to low This method will create a more stable meringue Stop when you reach soft peaks The tips will droop but not fall off Add 1/3 of the egg whites into the batter Fold until evenly mixed This folding movement is similar frying Scoop from the bottom up And turn the bowl while folding over After mixing, add the batter into the rest of the egg whites And continue folding Fold until it is mixed evenly Pour the batter into a baking pan lined with parchment paper Place into pre-heated oven and bake for 15 minutes During that time, we can start making the mousse First we need to prepare some isinglass sheets Also called gelatin sheets After cutting into smaller pieces, soak in cold water until softened It will soften after a bit Then scoop out the gelatin and squeeze to remove excess water Add into microwaved milk Mix and let the gelatin dissolve completely At this time the cake will be ready For sheet cakes like this, once they are done baking They need to be removed immediately from the oven Quickly remove the parchment paper Flatten out This can prevent the cake from deforming after cooling Then let’s continue making the mousse Pour the warm gelatin-milk mixture into the Mascarpone cheese I took the cheese out of the fridge before and let it soften at room temperature Mix evenly and add sugar Mix until the sugar dissolves and there are no granules left If it seems to be grainy, you can run the mixture through a sieve Then whip the cream The cream also does not have to be whipped too stiff Just whip until cream’s surface is textured But still has a certain degree of fluidity to it Pour part of the gelatin-cheese mixture into the whipped cream Like mixing the matcha batter before Use the folding motion to mix it evenly Then pour the rest of the gelatin-cheese mixture in Mix completely to form the mousse paste The next part is where the artistic creativity comes in Prepare five small bowls Don’t put matcha powder into the first bowl Then in bowls 2, 3, 4 and 5, put in different amounts of matcha powder Put increasingly larger amounts of matcha in each bowl The specific amount of matcha powder used, The measurements Will be put in the description Make sure to take a look Then like I said before Make sure to add a little water at first About 1-2 teaspoons Into each bowl containing matcha powder Then mix them all evenly Then pour the mousse paste into each bowl It’s best if you have a small scale to help you pour an exact amount From bowls 1-5, add less paste as you go along The specific of mousse paste and matcha powder Is something I developed after experimenting And is most suitable I will put the measurements in the description Make sure to take a look Other than the first bowl that doesn’t have any matcha You will get four bowls (from light to dark) of mousse paste Now we take the completely cooled cake Off of the parchment paper And put it on the plate where you will assemble the cake Take the mousse cake mold and positon it And cut out a round cake bottom piece Carefully remove the surrounding cake Try not to move the piece that you’ve already cut Because it can create a gap between the cake and the mousse cake mold Then pour the prepared mousse paste in The bowl without matcha powder goes first Fill the entire mousse cake mold Then the one with the lightest color is next Slowly and carefully pour from the center This causes the lightest matcha gradient of the mousse paste to slowly spread out in the white mousse Afterwards, it is the same According to color (from light to dark) slowly and carefully pour each bowl of mousse paste into the center Until the last bowl of paste with the deepest color and least volume After you finish pouring, place in the fridge for at least four hours to firm the mousse Then the mold can be removed When you remove the mold, you can use a hairdryer to help Use warm air to blow on the sides of the mold Then test with your hands When you feel that the mold is loose Carefully slip it off This gradient matcha mousse cake with beautiful colors Is complete When you cut, you can see that the inside has very sharp layers of color The recipe for this mousse yields a very light and non-greasy dessert And because each layer has a different concentration of matcha You can experience different tastes I hope you like it! Make sure to quickly place the unfinished cake into the fridge Or else it’ll melt Today’s program ends here If you like the program, today’s recipe, or me Don’t forget to like and share Thank you for watching and see you next time! Bye!

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  1. @4:13
    The ratio of matcha powder & mousse paste(from deep to shallow):

    1 tsp matcha powder + 60g mousse paste;
    3/4 tsp matcha powder + 80g mousse paste;
    1/2 tsp matcha powder + 100g mousse paste;
    1/4 tsp matcha powder + 100g mousse paste;
    120g mousse paste;


  2. 如果倒之前奶酪糊凝住了,就隔水加热,可以再化开的。 吉利丁在固体布丁中(可独立站稳)常用浓度为100ml液体用3g吉利丁,做慕斯蛋糕需要是半固体,要适当减少到100ml:2g或者100ml:1.5g. 如果液体本身黏稠,也要适当减少。

  3. 同学们,这个蛋糕不适合新手,融合了戚风,吉利丁,还有半打发奶油,三个都有难点。最起码是做过几次戚风奶油装饰蛋糕,以及基本布丁再来做这个,新手很容易失败!

  4. I had made this cake , I double the recipe it come out perfectly and delicious. I am using powder gelatine and cream cheese.There is nothing wrong with the recipe , for those who can't made it just wonder are their really follow the recipe. Just want to said thank you so much for sharing , you are the best.

  5. Красота ! Просто чудесный тортик ! спасибо за рецепт !!!

  6. Господи как я сюда вообще попала, но это просто потрясающе круто! какая красота

  7. 好喜欢,想试。可不可以把需要的厨房用具写一下,因为不知道怎么买。在target有这些吗?

  8. 好看好吃就是太难做了…还是买现成的抹茶蛋糕吧……烤箱预热也没说温度…不过还是😍曼达的厨艺👍

  9. 哈哈,主持人的智商有点欠费吧,调配不同颜色深度的抹茶糊,只要调出最浓的一晚,按量分出不等的5份,分别加慕斯糊,不就分出深浅了吗?

  10. 你好,我的中文说得不好,我爸爸妈妈从中国来的但是我在美国出生。那个蛋糕看得很漂亮,我觉得也是好吃的。

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  12. 实在是搞不懂多大勺子,哈哈哈哈,买的专业勺子也搞不懂的,,,,,还有做了好几次,确实抹茶太难化开,巧克力一定好做,而且慕斯太容易凝固,,,最后也是勉强能吃啦😄

  13. 记得最开始关注Amanda的时候就是因为抹茶千层蛋糕~然后没过多久那个蛋糕的图片就刷遍整个微博😂

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