Enjoying the Tiki Deck, Pool, and Beach at Hilton Cocoa Beach Oceanfront

I don’t know about you Trevor but we’ve
been working so hard Hilton’s invited us out to have a night
on them yeah and I think our host’s name is Joey I think I see him right there. Hey guys what’s up, how’s it going, now that you are here, how about some drinks How about a Rum Runner Mai Tai
refreshing oh yeah what’s on the menu for tonight I recommend some wings
maybe scallops definitely try a burger all right behind this is our beach bar
Castaways awesome place to get a drink right on the beach one of the few places
in Cocoa Beach you can actually do that Look at that the pool area up
here yeah we got our pool on the right feel free to jump in oh I’m going on
going to cannonball? oh yeah yeah yeah We used to have this game called
last one in is a rotten egg dude Why do they call it Cocoa Beach? Oh thats why I thought we made it out of this without a
fanny pack today I didn’t see one but out of his pocket, he takes out a fanny pack Like my new fanny pack? on one hand I have a filet mignon it’s
got bacon wrapped around it looks juicy the other hand I have the catch of the day we
really lucked out because the catch of the day
is swordfish Joey the food was amazing Thank you We definitely have to come back this place is amazing right here in Cocoa Beach I mean there’s so much to
do You don’t have to be staying at the hotel you can come eat come hang
out the bar you know our wives are going to be jealous when they see this oh yeah you guys have
a live musician here yeah they’re awesome I knew every song they played I was singing along Yeah he was playing all kinds of stuff Yeah thank you guys for coming out is our pleasure hosting you No thank you Definitely come back We’ll be back

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