Envelope punch board tea bag caddy

Envelope punch board tea bag caddy

Welcome back to stampwithbev .. With my third
video we are going to make a tea bag caddy. I found “sweetie pots” made by Sam at Pootles.co.uk,
adapted it to accommodate some teabags and then decided I wanted to put three sweetie
pots together so I could have an assortment of teabags. You need 3 pieces of cardstock 6 1/4″ square.
You need an envelope punch board. Measure corner to 1 & 3 eight inches, score and punch
— move along to the 4 inch mark and do the same. Do the same on the opposite side. On the other two sides, follow your existing
score marks — score and punch. Line up the score lines with the indicator on the punch
board. You will have four punched and scored sections
on each side of the square. Then round the edges of each corner. Use the
reverse punch on the score board. Fold along all the score marks. At the two big flaps you need to cut along
the two rectangle sides up to the next scored line on each side. Fold in the sides, glue them together and
glue them to the edge pieces. The two big flaps for the middle box should
be cut off. The bottom box has the very bottom flap tucked
and glued inside itself. The top flap will be folded and glued into the middle box. The top box has the top flap tucked and glued
inside itself. The bottom flap will be folded and glued into the middle box. Apply glue in between each
of the boxes. The back brace is a piece of cardstock that
measure 4 & one quarter by 2 & 1 half inches. Glue it to the bottom of all three boxes. Two pieces of designer paper measuring 8 by
1 and 1 half inches as a band to be glued around all three boxes. Dimensions were used to glue the side flaps
down over the designer paper. Decorate the caddy however you would like. Thank you for stopping by. See you next time
@ the stampwithbev channel & stampwithbev.blogspot.com

4 thoughts on “Envelope punch board tea bag caddy

  1. Excellent video Bev.  Thanks for sharing your wonderful project.  Can't wait to make one of my own now.  For tea drinkers a caddy with choices is a necessity!

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