Fly With Yaya – Seni Upacara Minum Teh! / Japanese Tea Ceremony (ENG/JP captions)

Fly With Yaya – Seni Upacara Minum Teh! / Japanese Tea Ceremony (ENG/JP captions)

Wow! This smells amazing! Hi, guys! Today I’m gonna learn about a very
interesting cultural tradition in Japan. Want to know what it is? Let’s Fly With Yaya! Welcome to our tea ceremony room. Please come in. Whoa! This is such a gorgeous room! I’m about to try out the tea ceremony
class at Keio Plaza Hotel in Shinjuku. The tea ceremony or, ‘Sadō’ is a very
important tradition in Japanese culture. Here we are, at the tea ceremony room! I’m sure you’re wondering,
why’s the entrance so small… Am I right? a long time ago, most of the patrons of these
tea houses are among the samurai- -and they always come in full traditional armour. That’s why this small entrance was built. The samurai will have to take off all their
armour and weapons before entering. Please come in. Be careful, watch your head. Bowing, and then come in. Slide in. Wow! Good job! Sensei is preparing my tea right now. While we’re waiting,
I’m gonna give this wagashi a try. A type of Japanese sweets called,
‘wagashi’ will be served at first. The sweetness of wagashi will help
balance out the bitterness of the tea. So sweet! Oh, I think my tea’s ready! Let’s hear what sensei has to say
about the right way to drink the tea. Enjoy drinking the cup of tea several times. Also, serve to guests the beautiful
side of the picture (on the tea cup). When your drink is finished, at the last
time only, please make a ‘slurping’ sound. The steps are quite intricate, huh. I hope I can remember everything. Okay, let’s try it! Drinking tea at a traditional Japanese tea ceremony with Yaya! First step! Hold the tea cup with your right hand,
making sure that its patterned side is facing you. Next, place the cup on the palm of your left hand. Rotate the cup twice in clockwise direction… -and have its patterned side facing outwards. Then, drink the tea in 3-4 gulps. When you’re done,
make a slurping sound.  This is to let the host know that we’re done. And then, rotate the tea cup twice again, anti-clockwise, -making sure that the patterned
side is facing you once again. And then put the tea cup down
at its designated place. This tea is pretty bitter! But when it’s combined with the
sweetness of the wagashi just now, -it’s delicious! Thanks for teaching me, sensei! Arigatou gozaimasu. No problem! You were very good. Thank you. Wanna know where I’m headed off to next? Follow my Instagram account at @FlyWithYaya Oh, and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE
to Monsta Channel on YouTube. See ya! `

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  1. Wagashi ialah sejenis kuih tradisional Jepun! Wagashi diperbuat dari tepung beras dan pes kacang merah, dan dibentuk dengan tangan mengikut musim! Wagashi ni halal✔ untuk dimakan, jadi bolehlah bawa balik untuk keluarga dan kawan-kawan!🎁 Apa kuih tradisional negara kawan-kawan yang paling korang suka? Tinggalkan komen di bawah!😁
    . . .
    Wagashi is a type of traditional Japanese sweets. It is made of rice flour and red beans, then shaped by hand. The shapes and colours of the wagashi are chosen based on the season. It's halal✔ and will make a wonderful souvenir for family and friends!🎁 What's your favourite local traditional dessert? Share with us down below!😁👇

  2. Upload lagi lah Seru sangat nih ,Saya tengok pun macam Film Pendek Tapi nih membawa Pengetahuan tentang Jepun Jadi Saya Tengok Seru sangat ,Yaya Memang terbaik

  3. Tea Ceremony => (Minum) Teh Beradap.
     chanoyu 茶の湯 (air teh panas) atau sadō, chadō (茶道) (tatateh)

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