French Press Instructions: How to Use your French Press Coffee Maker

French Press Instructions: How to Use your French Press Coffee Maker

This Video will show you how to use your new Café Deluxe French Press Coffee Maker. the French press is defined by the metal
filter itself and we’re actually immersing the coffee in
water this is what’s known as an immersion
method first what you’re going to need is filtered water to the right
temperature then we have a coffee premeasured and ground freshly. So right now we have two grams per ounce of the French press coffee maker. We have a 30 ounce French press so we will have 60 grams of coffee. The first step is to put the fresh ground coffee in the French press and then saturate the coffee with preheated water.
I am going to pour enough water in there to saturate all the coffee grounds. Then I’m going to
allow the coffee to brew for about 30 seconds Now to the point everything is saturated, we’re going to keep pouring the
preheated water into the French press and don’t want to overmix the coffee and water or create any turbulence all we need to do is saturate the coffee with the water all the way to the top At this point in time, if there are any clumps in the coffee just mix those in so the coffee is brewing at the same time. now we’re going to put the filter on the
French press without pressing down We’re going to let this sit for about three to three and half minutes The Brewing Method is directly related to the coarse grind and with the immersion method in a longer period of time we have a more coarse grind we have a more coarse grind and with a faster extraction we would have a finer grind. So three and half minutes has passed. The coffee has been brewed and now we’re going to filter it. by filtering it, I mean we’re going to press lightly the metal filter to the bottom. now we have fresh brewed coffee that is ready to serve.

55 thoughts on “French Press Instructions: How to Use your French Press Coffee Maker

  1. Great info – I didn't know that we needed to brew the coffee for 3/4 minutes before pressing the filter down – thank you 🙂 

  2. hey pretty lady this was actually informative… i thought it was gonna be one of those you know put the beans in pour water common sense type videos but this gave me me somepersepctive

  3. So, can you warm up your coffee to get hotter after the french press or will it ruin the taste? I like my coffee hot

  4. You sound like you took the same exact information from Buddy Brew🤣 I literally just watched his demo… you took word for word!!

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