Frozen 2 Trailer 2 Reaction! Plus: Elsa Hot Cocoa

Frozen 2 Trailer 2 Reaction!  Plus:  Elsa Hot Cocoa

you guys have been making it really
difficult to do this video so I’m here doing it in my pajamas because I can’t
keep avoiding the Frozen 2 trailer we’re just gonna have to react to it
together now. hello and welcome to the Queendom I’m Sarah Ingle, and today we have
a special edition of Trailer Treats in my pajamas if it’s your first time here
trailer treats is where we react to a trailer and we make some sort of treat
to go along with it so today we’re gonna make an Elsa themed hot chocolate
because it’s also nighttime I need to go to bed I’ve already washed my face my
hair is up on a little thing it’s been a long day but I can’t keep avoiding
Instagram and like the entire internet even my dad was like oh I saw the frozen
to tree and I was like wait stop I haven’t reacted to it yet frozen to
official trailer Walt Disney Animation Studios 14 hours ago I don’t win this
for 14 hours far away as north as we can go what an enchanted forest you see an
enchanted forest Oh their period was a magical place but
something went wrong I feel like they’re meeting Merida no
one can get in or out Susan Watson PewDiePie video what would I do without
you you’ll always have me has never dried weird to you she else’s
always dosa there’s just voice voice what does that
mean what the kingdom is not safe from what
from Disney oh please call him to you babe wait you’re all anxious I’m going
with you oh no no excuse me I climbed to the
North Mountain survived two frozen heart and saved you from my ex-boyfriend so
you know I’m coming like they’re going to visit Merida where are we engrave spent with old
others good enforce the missed parties for ask impossible where did you learn
magic Oh daughter here totally down oh the little cash cow follow me into
fire don’t run into fire what your magic is that alluring without
you see been use her self protect arendelle later all the cost
even you Elsa Oh Mountain frozen to the hole putting up the Mortal
games you’re gonna be a regular thing yeah
November 22nd are we ready are we ready oh okay there’s a lot a lot to go over
here that was a long trailer oh boy oh boy oh boy well this is definitely good
at their trailer game so at the beginning one of the first things that I
noticed is the parents it seems like they’ve been there and told them about
this place and they knew this place and I know there’s a lot of theories out
there that are saying that maybe they’re going off to find the parents this makes
me think they’re probably big the goal was not to go find the parents but maybe
maybe they’ll like learn something about the parents the music I’m also intrigued
by the music I like how the music was very reminiscent of the original music
because the music in the original frozen obviously was very good and I do I
really like how they’re making the princess or in this case the Queen the
the superheroes you spent your whole life basically in your bedroom and now
all of a sudden you’re like diving into oceans being like arendelle ninja
warrior so whoa my job is medical crunchy noise whoo so this enchanted
forest I think this younger dude here is that supposed to be one else’s dad it’s
just cracked three open so that that was epic looks like a modern phrase it’s
like very very PewDiePie it’s like Ana’s been watching too much PewDiePie I like
okay I really like Elsa’s purple outfit um
I need that and her necklace that necklace what as soon as we get some
close-up shots of that necklace I think we need to do a DIY
trolls seem like they’re gonna have more importance than ever
okay so to me it seems like arendelle and this northern part of the kingdom
based on that little prophecy thing there they used to be friends and then
some sort of war broke out but someone from the other Kingdom is calling to
Elsa and then the guys like where did you learn magic so maybe people and
their Kingdom can use magic or maybe like she’s part of a prophecy like the
person with magic would come and bring balance to the force I do think that
that little lizard thing looks a lot like like an Elsa Pascal oh my god
little part like spend found his family that’s so cute
maybe Kristoff will find his family because he’s missing them and there’s
also reindeer there it was my other thing I feel like everybody’s like
really really really excited about this and we keep talking like Ivan keep
talking about Elsa being like a superhero but honestly we already have
Rapunzel haven’t seen tangle the series she already is like a superhero got the
series tingle the series anyway I am definitely really excited about this
because it does seem to have some definite to tangle the series
similarities and we already know I’m a really big fan of that I’m really
curious to hear all of your theories in the comments too so comment below as I
pull up all of the ingredients we need to make our Elsa hot cocoa to make your
frozen hot chocolate you’re gonna need white chocolate chips vanilla some blue
food coloring whipped cream and milk um I also hahaha I’m gonna show you the
thing I got about a thing oh I just plonked myself in the face
with a burner thankfully the burner wasn’t on that have been a lot worse
and we’re gonna try it today this is a very short table so first we’re gonna
need one cup of chocolate chips white chocolate chips to be exact and then
we’re gonna need four cups of milk I only had about 3/4 of a cup of white
chocolate chips left so I’m just gonna do 3 cups of milk we’re gonna throw this
guy to medium low and start stirring these together the important thing is
that you don’t let it boil we’re not trying to boil the milk we just want to
heat it up and melt the chocolate chips in with it alright it’s starting to get
they’re starting to get a little melty ER and I can also see the milk start to
get honestly it looks kind of whiter does it look thicker because of the
white chocolate is ooh we got to keep stirring this until it’s all mixed
together I think we’re good we’re turn you off but you’re gonna need now is
you’re going to add one tablespoon which is equivalent to three teaspoons of
vanilla and I just still have not purchased myself a tablespoon where’s
the rest of the vanilla then all right we also need to stir in a
little bit of blue food coloring to make this like our blue milk so Aunt Marie
Whigham I’m gonna drop a drop of this one into I have two different shades of
blue there we go into here you like you should get a ladle I’m gonna try that
I’m gonna see if I have a ladle I don’t know if I do good news I have a ladle
going to ladle this perfect I’ve got plenty more so if you have friends we’re
almost there you just need to add some whipped cream
because you know also would like what cream says me so cute all right there we
go we now have some tasty Ballu I don’t know if it’s tasty haven’t
tasted it yet now I’m going to taste it and we’re gonna see if it’s any good you
know what it’s actually still good I’m really happy about it I was really
nervous I did not know you could also put some cute little blue or snowflake
sprinkles on top that would really be cute I thought I had some but then I
didn’t so it’s just plain it looks more like a little bit more like a Star Wars
hot chocolate oh I hope your enjoyed reacting to the frozen – trailer with me
I’m super excited how excited are you for frozen – November is gonna be a very
very exciting month I’ve also got some more frozen – related videos coming your
way so remember to subscribe so you don’t miss out on those and
a little bell if you want those videos to come right to you also tell me all of
your frozen two theories in the comments below I’m gonna see what you guys think
is gonna happen in the next installment of frozen anyway thank you guys so much
for watching have a supercool day or night since it’s nighttime and I’m about
to roll off to bed but when I finish my hot chocolate here and I’ll see you next
time my wife my iPad is being bad whoa whoa whoa I’m gonna play with my ice
powers Kristof like woo and then Sven like and
it’s it’s just it’s a good moment. MAHHH Are there instructions?

28 thoughts on “Frozen 2 Trailer 2 Reaction! Plus: Elsa Hot Cocoa

  1. I think the girl from the north w/ the dark hair is their mom, the blonde boy visiting is their dad, so Elsa probably inherited the magic from her mom. I think she will be a uniting force between the two places. Can't wait to watch!!!

  2. I saw the similarities to Tangled the series too, so I was hyped to hear you mention it. I am so excited for the movie and hope to wear an Elsa Disneybound to the theater. Your hot chocolate looks amazing!

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