Get in Shape in 4 Weeks – Beginners Week 1 | Espresso Workouts (4K)

Get in Shape in 4 Weeks – Beginners Week 1 | Espresso Workouts (4K)

hello and welcome to the beginners week
one we’ll be starting straight away with the walkouts to plank in standing position
feet parallel and then bent over from your hips keeping the back straight then walk
forward with your hands crawling like a bear coming into a plank position and
then walking back like a bear and come back into standing you can roll up
vertebra by vertebra and then bring your arms overhead or you can flip upwards
from your hips and then repeat walking crwaling forward until your hands are
underneath your shoulders then again hinging from your hips and
then moving upwards arms overhead and again you can bring your hands to your hips if
you want to like push them backwards and then bring your hands on the floor
crawling forwards you want to pull your navel in when you’re in plank position
so you’re not sagging and then flip over all upwards bring your arms overhead and
once more we can do it bent from the hips bending your knees bringing your
hands on the floor crawling forward keep your head in line with your spine and
come to standing on your right leg I would like you not to bring that left
foot down when you coming back into upright right so you work a little bit more
balance and also on your glute that’s standing life and that will dilute of
your right standing leg now be careful would you position your back pull the
navel in a little bit so that your back is straight and long so this is now on
your left leg see-sawing at all times hope you won’t affect we’re
starting with the first exercise business for legs puts hamstrings and
glutes three pulses in a very wide squat so squat down three times pulsating logs
down I know this is great and then coming back up holding your elbows back
three times pulsating down and pulling back and two three and coming back one
two bringing your hips down on me back up over your own backwards before
you’re and you can do them on your knees or
whatever you can triangle top of your head and you do want to be on your toes
and having a very straight long line so this is again a full body workout the
belly is pulling inward or stop all the way 45 seconds on your knees breaks if
you need to and don’t overdo I like to bring those and feel that by
now lateral sign coming on to your left that one on top of another so 90-degree
angle to the floor and make sure you’re not bending shifting filtering with your
hip backwards so you’ll be hips cool wonderful now since we’re warmed up we
can stretch a bit first one is a hamstring in school what stretch so
start with the feet parallel and then exhale bending forward also releasing exhale bending forward you can go as
fast as slow as you want I personally do it however I feel so the bending forward
is the exhale the inhale is the squatting and you can either just simply
bend the knees a little bit that’s a squat or if you want to go down as much
as possible it’s a low squat with your hips almost touching your heels you can
do that it’s great for mobility not only in the knees but especially in the
ankles both of your knees parallel so a balanced plate right leg stands left
side so bring your left foot into your left hand and bring those knees parallel
thighs are parallel and contract those bits are stinging stop just a slight
scratch perfect and you’re all set for today next week coming up guess what
beginners we – if you don’t want to miss they don’t get another fight you can
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