Glace with Chocolate and Vanilla. Recipe from My Cafe and JS Barista Training Center

In my previous videos we learnt how to choose, grind and roast coffee, now it’s time for recipes! Hey everyone, I’m Ola, and I want to make recipes from the game My Cafe: Recipes & Stories. I’m a newbie in coffee making, that’s why I need help from Roman, a professional barista from JS Barista Training Center. -Hi! Roma knows everything about coffee, and is also a very good teacher. So let’s learn together! Okay, guys, we are finally ready to prepare some recipes from the game Now we are going to make drinks with coffee and milk based on espresso. But they are not going to be classic espresso drinks, but cold coffee drinks. Let’s start from making.. from serving the glasswear for the drink. – The way use serve the drink is also very important, right? -Yes, it’s very important, it makes us want the drink, And it’s a big part of what we can get in the result: the coffee will be tasty and will look beautiful, too. We will make the first drink in a martini glass, And it’s going to be cafe glace with chocolate and vanilla syrup. – Oh ,wonderful! we have something similar in the game. Ok, so first of all we are going to prepare our glass. And the first thing we are going to do is to add our grated chocolate – here it is. So that’s grated chocolate? Yes, there’s not much of it, but it will be vividly seen on our glass. -Okay! -To make it stick to the glass walls and create a bright visualisation we should warm it by boiling water or hot steam – like in our espresso machine. So we are going to use hot steam now. We turn the steam on, set it like that, and channel it onto the glass. – What if I do it at home? Can I use a kettle for that? – Aah, you can pour boiling water into the glass and wash it out. It’s just hot steam or water, it doesn’t require a lot of some special skills. You need to sprinkle cacao or grated chocolate to the glass sides -Ok, I see And you hold it at 45 degree angle -Yes, it can sprinkle beyond the glass, but it doesn’t matter, it can be cleaned up later. – And you get a very beautiful result. -Ok! After that we take chocolate topping, like in the game recipes, Chocolate topping is dense liquid chocolate. We make an ornament with it on our glass. – Wow, did it take you much time to learn how to make ornaments? Five minutes, I watched them from the internet. – I see After that, our recipe has vanilla syrup It looks great.. – Indeed! And it smells great! So, our next step is vanilla syrup. And we add it into the glass You can add either more or less of it, it’s up to you Actually, you can make it in any glass, but it looks especially good and impressive in a martini glass. You can tilt your glass for a while to let chocolate lay onto the glass sides Let’s add a scoop of ice cream there, it’s even better when it melts a bit. Then you mix it and add a little more ice cream. And a little more into your mouth:) -So, now we need to make espresso and add it on top. Okay! If you don’t have a coffee machine at home you can use a stovetop pot It can also make coffee with a good taste. Okay, so now you’ve tamped it, by the way, why do you need to tamp it? If you don’t tamp coffee, it will be too loose It won’t brew, and it will be too diluted with water. Before you start brewing coffee, you need to get rid of the water, because you don’t want your coffee to burn. After that you inject the scoop, and press the button. And you put 2 coffee pitchers beneath. These are special little pitchers for coffee. Or you can use any small pitcher or cup. After the coffee is prepared, you turn off the button, And I’d like you to help me now. – I’m ready, what should I do? -Please take these 2 small pitchers into your hands Just stand up please, you don’t pour anything while seated. -Got you! And pour the coffee onto the ice cream from both pitchers simultaneously. They can make two flows, you don’t necessarily stick to one Now it’s ready to be served. It’s cafe glace with chocolate, and vanilla suryp. Thank you for watching, guys! Now you know how to prepare Paradise Glace, or Glace with chocolate and vanilla suryp. In the next video we’ll learn how to make Chocolate Frappe

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