GREEN TEA benefits and side effects | How much Green Tea to drink daily for Weight Loss | Hindi

GREEN TEA benefits and side effects | How much Green Tea to drink daily for Weight Loss | Hindi

Hello friends, welcome to Green tea is considered best for weight Loss but but it has been observed that people have less knowledge about green tea We have tried to provide full information on green tea through this video To make it easy to grasp we have divided the video in two parts. In this video we will discuss benefits of Green tea besides its side effects and will also take a look at consumption i.e how much green tea needs to be consumed. In next video we will see the different purpose of Green tea and when and how to consume green tea so that it is beneficial for health. So watch the full video as its each part has different and new information related to green tea. Foremost, we will talk about benefits of green tea. Green Tea has a powerful antioxidant Catechin which is more powerful than Vitamin C and E and saves us from many diseases. If we tak about the major benefits then Green Tea – Improves Immune system & metabolism and promotes health of heart. It helps in Weight loss and eventually helps on reducing Bad cholesterol. It removes toxins from Body. As it has Anti-aging properties, it also helps in keeping you young and protects liver, kidney and lungs functions. It is good for High BP, diabetes and Thyroid patients. apart from all these benefits according to a research it is found that people who take green tea are less prone to cancer specially breast cancer so it is extra beneficial for ladies. Usually, people get impressed with green tea benefits and do overconsumption but friends excess of everything in every form is bad which is applicable with green tea also. Green Tea consumption depends person to person according to blood group. O + – group human beings have high level of stomach acid so O blood group should take only 2-3 cup else green tea can create heart burn & acidity. But A and AB blood group people who have low level stomach acid they can digest green tea well so these people can consume 3-4 cups per day. Same dosages are permitted for B blood group. So you can decide consumption according to your blood group. Irrespective of Blood group one can take 2-3 cups in a day which is recommended else it has harmful impact on body. During pregnancy do not consume green tea more than 2 cups as excessive consumption of green tea may lead to miscarriages so during pregnancy it’s advisable to avoid totally. Now we will take up issues related to major side effects which can occur due to excess of green tea intake. Green Tea has caffeine so excessive intake may cause caffeine related health issues like insomnia, stomach upset, nausea, diarrhea and frequent urination. Over consumption of Green Tea increases outlet of calcium quantity through urine which leads to osteoporosis. There other side effects also which may affect your body in case you over consume it green tea. So, friends in this video we have covered benefits and side effects. As it was already mentioned initially that in next video we will discuss purpose to take green tea How and when Green tea is to be taken so that green tea is extra beneficicial. Stay connected with us and don’t forget to watch next video. The link will be provided on Cards me and description box once it is posted. For automatic updates subscribe to our YouTube channel.

56 thoughts on “GREEN TEA benefits and side effects | How much Green Tea to drink daily for Weight Loss | Hindi

  1. Bro my weight is 93KG and I do gym bt i lv having green tea. I use Organic India tulsi green tea. I usually hv around 5 packets a day and my stomch z good weight z gettng decresd bt tell me if I need to reduce it or nt..Plz advice me

  2. hello dr. i have a quary after brkfast or lunch in wat tym span (time durantion from brkfast)we can take green tea for weight loss.

  3. I have pcod. N i m trying for baby. N i wanted to loose weight as well. So is green tea ok for me? How many times should i take it?

  4. i'm 19 and my blood group is O+.
    i'm anxiety patient.
    i used to drink 1 cup of green tea per day ,but it increased anxiety and caused irreguler heart beat as you mentioned.
    Please suggest what should i do?
    Only green tea is effective for me for fat burn and fitness.

  5. Mein green tea k w cups daily use krti hun aur mjy stomach mein burning hoti hai Kya is ki waja green tea hai. Ap ny testosterone ki bat ki Kya females mein bi ye harmonal imbalance cause KR skta hai . Kindly tell me q k mjy already harmonal issue hai

  6. I think you are right. My blood group is O positive. I many times realize that I have high acid levels in my stomach but what is it's cause.

  7. So for starters, I need to admit that I had tried a few so called weight loss tea types before
    stumbling across the Red Tea Detox, and had lost a little hope in their effectiveness. Sure,
    you lose a little bit of weight at the beginning, but my experience was that a lot of it is water-weight,
    and on top of that, the tea usually taste quite gross. So it was with pleasant surprise to learn that the Red Tea Detox was completely different. if you want to review it

  8. Really very unique and rare information sir…πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ but i have some questions… Actually i want to loose my weight so which green tea is best?? Or desired weight ho jane ke bad tea bnd kr skte he?…agr bnd kre to weight firse bdhega kya sir??

  9. hello sir please reply me i am 16 years old i am very slim person kya main green tea resume kar sakta hoon daliy 1 cup issa mara orr weight loss to nahi hoga please reply me sir

  10. I have been drinking green tea for some time and different one's. And Its never made me feel this way as TMI and I only drank one small cup of it. So far I see I had bought the wrong one to loose weight and the one just to consume thanks for your info.

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