Green tea diet extract: Is it safe and does it work? (CBC Marketplace)

Green tea diet extract: Is it safe and does it work? (CBC Marketplace)

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  1. Ladies, really, pay attention…I've just watched a separate video by a nutritionist with a PhD who is selling diet aid with promising ingredients which she describes at length (you can get all the pills for the herbs from the store) but now that I saw what a concentrated dose of ECGC can do (and, no, I wasn't planning to buy any) such as cause necrosis of the liver…geez). Tell any women friends, all…not to buy into triple concentrated versions of this ECGC (just drink some green tea).

  2. One of my friends began selling a weight loss supplement and tried to sell it to me. I was sure it would just be some sort of purgative and didn't use it. My friend did use it though, and she died not long after that of a mysterious illness that dissolved her bones. She was a young person.

  3. I took that "green tea triple" one, i was like 18 and hid it in my room. After 2 days i lost 5 lbs…water weight of course that i gained back… but i didnt know that. After 1 week i didnt loose more and felt really guilty hiding it so i just stopped. And thank god too. Now I changed my eatting and worked out for 3 month and lost 30 lbs. Im so angry that I turned to a pill

  4. People must be soooooooo careful about what they take I had medication induced hepatitis after taking a drug called Keytek twice for upper respiratory infections. Now I read up on EVERYTHING before I take something.

  5. It’s hard to feel bad for me to feel bad for these people. The warnings are on there, it’s your responsibility to read and be aware of what you’re putting in your body. Do your research. And also, the hardest things take time. If you want an easy way out, it’s normally too good to be true.

  6. When you drink green tea, there is a limit to how much tea you can drink every day.Max 3 cops a day. So by taking green tea pills you might get a to high dosis. Nothing his healthy in larger amounts.

  7. Sorry but they don’t even say how many mg a day these people consumed. Facts are important. Some of the supplement bottles suggested 2 – 500mg a day which is too much in my opinion… but 250-500 a day shouldn’t do this. Those weight loss branded ones often dose too high.

  8. I feel awful for this girl! There's so much pressure on teenage girls to be "pretty" and "skinny" and "desirable" but not "skanky" it's ridiculous!
    You're damned if you do and damned if you don't, so just quit trying to be whatever the hell "perfect" is supposed to be and just do what you want! The right people will like you if you're just you.

    Lastly, if a dress is too small, buy a bigger dress!

  9. Uh oh I used the exact same supplement as on the picture.. one thing I can say, you can lose weight or get fit just by exercise and good food alone. The supplements can help. I still take a multivitamin and mineral and omega complex supplements. But stick to the basics, veggies fruit whole grains, lean white meat, fish etc. Don't buy into every new diet. You don't need to deprive yourself of nutrients to lose weight! And be patient! It doesn't happen over night. I worked hard and it paid off.

  10. I think these people took too much.. The green tea pill i take is only supposed to be taken once every 8 hrs with 10ounces of water.. I haven't had any problems, But im sure the people in this "documentary" didn't admitt that they took more than the recommended dose.

  11. Madeline and her sister are absolutely gorgeous. The thought that she felt she needed to take pills to lose weight is nuts! Madeline is stunning just as she is.

  12. I don't think it's the green tea extract to blame. 
    Apparently, there are some extremely powerful missing ingredients purposely hidden by the producers. 
    After all, quality green tea is not that cheap, not to mention the extracts..

  13. Nothing natural is magical.. If it's natural… It's more likely that the health benefits are seen long term use…
    If something is claiming do it in 6 weeks, 8 weeks… It's a fraud…

  14. From what I can find on the internet, Green Tea Extract is the same as Matcha tea- which is just finely ground green tea leaves that are consumed whole. I’ve been drinking Matcha Tea for a couple years now, but for the anti-oxidant properties, not weight loss. Obviously, I haven’t had any issues. This show failed to explain WHY these pills are dangerous. Is it an additive they are adding to the mix? is green tea extract really just ground up tea consumed whole? Does green tea become dangerous when consumed in pill form, as opposed to a drink? Or do these people have a genetic trait that causes this issue? CBC did a great job of scaring people into not taking this product, but I would rather be EDUCATED so I can decide if or how to continue consuming green tea or matcha safely. (If anyone else knows the answers to these questions, feel free to comment below, as I cant find these answers anywhere) Thanks!

  15. I have absolutely fallen in love with Marketplace!! Thank you soooo much to all the investigative journalists, producers, lad technicians, doctors & all those willing to share their stories &/or expose those fraudulent companies & then some.. etc. etc..
    We definitely need more shows out there like Marketplace, paying the bills & doing the legwork to get to the truth!

  16. Stop being LAZY and run everyday + eat small portions and I guarantee you that you will loose weight!!! It works for me and friends. ABSOLUTELY NO FAST FOOD!!! REAL WEIGHT LOSE COMES WITH HARD WORK!!!! FAST DROPS MAKE PEOPLE SICK AND YOUR BODY WONT HANDLE THE RAPID WEIGHT LOSE!!! DON'T BE LAZY!!! AND IF YOU CANT RUN THEN WALK IF YOU CANT WALK THEN FREAKING CRAWL!!!!!!!!!! OR SWIM!! STOP WASTING MONEY! And do it the RIGHT way!

  17. No comment on the source of the ingredient.. I.e. country of origin. And no tests for contamination. How do they conclude that green tea is deadly with no evidence? I’m not implying who is right or wrong here. But testing the source would be step one for a legit investigation.

  18. Without watching, No. As someone from Japan. No. Its marketing garbage. Green tea in Japan, real green tea is good. The stuff sold in Canada called green tea, isn't green tea. Its low quality, chinese green tea (which isn't same as Japanese real green tea). Yes, green tea is healthy, and katekin (found inside the green tea) does help lose weight, I doubt it can be found in a lot of these products. You all want real green tea. I will help you well. Go to Japan, get on a Shinkansen, go to Hamamatsu station, inside the station there is a souvineer shop and they sell Real Green tea from Shizuoka (province famous for green tea). You can of course find decent green tea anywhere at supermarkets in Japan but the real deal good stuff thats worth stocking up, you gotta go to either Kyoto (go to Uji) or Shizuoka. They sell Oi-ocha in Canada, but its like basically the dollar store quality of green tea in Japan.

  19. could it be she had a biofilm infection that led to a herx reaction? What if she took Alpha Lipoic Acid to chelate the tea and help the liver?

  20. Biofilm = obesity? Bad tap water = Obesity? Big International hungry for Canadian tax dollars, FOREVVVEEEERRRRR get ready Canada ur CBC has sold out!

  21. Hibiscus Berry & Mint Iced Tea Cocktails ~~ Strawberry-Rhubarb Rosé Sangria ~ hibiscus-rum-buck ~~~~ Rosé Wine Water ~~~ goji strawberries Hibiscus Dream ~~ Sparkling Lemon Ginger Punch with Mint ~ Honey Lemon Balm Spritzer

  22. Oh… i just took 4 of these pills yesterday (2 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon) and 2 today. I've been wide awake for about 40 hours now and idk if it has something to do with these pills but my heart also feels like it's about to pump out of my chest? That might just be highly increased energy from the pills and it's not that big of a deal idk

  23. This doesn't have enough info about the people who took these pills, how they took them, health background etc. The directions are on the bottle and it says to take 2 to 3 week breaks at a time also don't over dose who knows what they did

  24. We have known for MANY years that we cant trust anyone else to take care of us. Why would you not research the ingrediants before taking something, when the ability to research is RIGHT AT our fingertips. Even with grocery shopping the best advice we can be given us is to read the label BY THE PHARMACIST.

  25. “At x company we offer our customer a valuable service. We supply them with weight loss pills. These pills work by forcing the users into removing their liver, therefor reducing their weight substantially.”

  26. I have been drinking green tea over twenty years and it has nothing to do with weight lost. I have lost 60 lbs but with exercise, diet, and dedication for two years.

  27. What is Wrong with these people?…of course taking supplements without consulting your Family Doctor is a JUST asking for trouble…its over the counter meds what did you think is gonna happen?….

  28. These are trolls they hiring on social media and they have alot of them on youtube stop believing everything they put are a testing animal if you apply with they're programs

  29. I just bought this box of pills,, im am extremely happy to have seen this video before I took any,, thanks for saving my life ..

  30. There are certain people who can get seriously ill from things that don't affect most people, things from ordinary aspirin to peanuts. We don't ban aspirin and we don't ban peanuts. And if we are sooooo concerned about liver damage, then why haven't alcoholic beverages been banned?

  31. Couldn't choose a sub so this'll work

  32. If you want to learn more about the US politics behind "dietary supplements" start with Orin Hatch and his family's involvement.

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  34. Damn people are to damn lazy got to make everything convenient & easy. When really the logical thing to do is eat right & exercise to lose weight! 😡🤬🤯

  35. She’s beautiful & looks healthy. She doesn’t need to loose weight. Everyone isn’t meant to be skinny.

  36. Just DRINK, the GREEN TEA without sugar, ALONG with water
    It's great, BUT NOT THE EXTRACT
    Diatomaceous EARTH is dangerous if breathed, HOWEVER it's really good for joints.
    People need to DRINK WATER with DE.

  37. Oh please. They were probably overdosing and making no changes. She said she wanted to fit into her prom dress. She probably over did her doses tryna get a speeder results. How many of us use these and never had no issues. I took these daily with change of diet and goinf to gym.. No issues. These things are not magic. You have to change your diet and work out. Plus use for a month. Then stop. You cant go months taking these things. Come on people

  38. I’m shocked that a pharmacist would even take a medicine that she knew little information about, completely goes against teachings.

  39. I seriously could not wait around to test the weight loss program “Yamzοkο Weebly” (Google it). I was extremely energized. I advise you to Google this strategy also. My buddy has shed 10 lbs by now due to this weight loss program. .

  40. “Natural”….Arsenic is natural. Chlorine is natural. Uranium is natural. So is a charging rhino. Why do people assume something that is natural is safe and good for you. That is a marketing word that people fall for without a second thought .

  41. I'm allergic to green tea. One cup and I'm breaking out in hives. At least my allergy will keep me from ever trying one of these green tea products!

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