Guess That Microscopic Image (GAME)

Guess That Microscopic Image (GAME)

– Today’s topic is microscopic. – Let’s talk about that. (groovy theme music) Good mythical morning. – Rhett, you’re a big guy.
– Yeah. – But I want you to know
there is a whole other world at the opposite end of
the big-guy spectrum, and that is the microscopic world. – Yeah, the little world,
I don’t care about it man. – Well you are today. – I stay in the big place. – If you’ve ever seen
images from a scanning electron microscope, you
know that things get freaky when you look at em really up
close using that technology. – I’ve seen these pictures. – But can you identify
what the real thing is given only that?
– Probably. – Well let’s find out. We’ve got some itsy bitsy, teeny weeny, microscopic picture-eenies, and I’m gonna show em to you today. – Picture-eenies? – Yeah, and if you get six
out of eight of these correct, there is multiple choices, so
it’s not just blind guessing which you’d be doing otherwise, – I will be looking at this, though. – You get to escape the
punishment of having to wear a microscopic outfit in our
Rhett and Link Instagram, and I’ll have to wear it. – You’ll have to wear it if I win, if I lose, I have to wear it.
– If you get at least six. – Check this out, here’s the first image. It’s kind of scary, huh? – Oh gosh, now is that true
color, true-to-life color, or is this
– Shining through, no this is some artistic
liberties that were taken by the scanning electron
microscope people. – So it’s not necessarily green and purple or blue and purple.
– Not necessarily, no. It’s an aid to help you, or not. – I thought it was a purple blanket was the first thing I thought, purple blanket on my legs. – That’s not it, let me give you your choices because that’s wrong. Is it hair with hair gel
on it, used dental floss, or Keebler elf dingleberries. – Oh wow, the ol ‘dingleberries. – They’re deceptively small. – That doesn’t look like
a Keebler elf butthole, so I don’t think that
those are dingleberries. I also think C is probably
a joke every time, so I’m just gonna choose between A and B. – Don’t count on it. – Hair with hair gel, man I don’t know, hair gel can get nasty I guess. Dental floss, it feels
like that looks more like a hair close up, because hairs are they’re more uniform
– I need your answer. I need your answer.
– It’s not like rope or string I’m gonna go with A, hair with hair gel. – No Rhett, it is used dental floss. – It looks so uniform, like, – I know. – Like a fishing line or something. – It’s the stuff that’s on it that’s kind of disturbing to me. – They recently said
you don’t have to floss. – Not off to a good start,
what about this one? This is not a satellite image of Tatooine. Is it a Cheez-It, a fortune cookie, or a patch of your psoriasis? – My psoriasis cleared up, thank you. – I know, I was taking
photos of it beforehand. Just so you could take to the doctor. – I put a lot of moisturizer
on it, just clears right up. Well it’s definitely a crispy food item. – Cheez-It or fortune cookie? – I mean, wow, I don’t know,
Cheez-Its have more craters and craggly spots than fortune cookies do, so I’m going with Cheez-It. I also love them, please
send me some Cheez-It. – No, this is a fortune cookie. I thought you might get all
these right, but you haven’t. – I have to get every one
right from here on out? – And I’m sorry, I forgot
to write the fortune here, which means that fortune was wrong. – Oh, that was a placeholder. – No, it’s just most fortune cookies have true fortunes, but that one did not. Come on, you can still do this man. It’s gotta be a clean
sweep the rest of the way, or you’re wearing a microscopic outfit. – It’s not gonna happen. – Check this out. Is this a coffee bean, a sugar granule, or AJ the chinchilla’s poop nugget, Chase’s pet chinchilla.=Oh I get it, AJ’s his name. – A coffee bean, a sugar granule, or AJ the chinchilla’s poop nugget. – It’s not poop, golly. – It’s hard to get a picture of those because Chase just
gobbles em up right when, – I’ve seen him do that,
like Cocoa Pebbles. – Don’t eat the poop nuggets! – [Chase] They look so good. – It looks like Cocoa Puffs. – I mean I just feel like, at this point, it’s just a complete shot in the dark, because the first two I felt good about. – You’re gonna have to
pull a Linkster move and go against your intuition. – Okay, but a coffee bean is smooth, man. The sugar granule looks like it would have that kind of stuff on
it, but a sugar granule is crystal, so I think that
you would see a crystal thing. – A scanning electron
microscope is very magnified – Coffee bean, coffee bean. – Yes, you’re correct. – [Rhett] Sweep is alive. – Sweep is alive, you’ve
gotten one out of three. – Yeah, that’s right I have. – Check this thing out,
don’t be too scared. – That is a hawk, it’s a hawk’s talon. I don’t even need the choices. – Is it a gecko toe, or a spider palp, which is a proper name for a spier penis. – Oh really? – Or is it Kermit the Frog’s palp? – I don’t know, I’ve seen Kermit walking, he doesn’t have a palp. – You’ve seen him walking? – Miss Piggy would be
talking about that thing all the time if he had one. She’d be insulting him every four seconds. – I thought this was
like a demented cactus growing out of a mop, but that’s what it technically looks like. – I’m gonna go with,
because I don’t believe a spider woman would be
willing to put up with that, I’m gonna go with gecko toe. – Yes, you’re right. – What was the little moppy part, though? Was he stepping on something? – I don’t know, man, I didn’t make it, I just take a picture of it. And I didn’t even take these pictures, I don’t have a scanning
electron microscope. – Of course you don’t. – Check out this one. Is this a cut beard hair,
a sliced spaghetti noodle, or one of Kylie Jenner’s old lips? – Oh, she discards them? She should eBay those, I know people who’d pay good money for that. – There’s another one under there. – Oh it regenerates like a starfish. – No, it sheds like a snake skin. – Did you know her, how do
you get this information? – She’s great friends. – With someone else. I’m almost positive this
is a cut beard hair, because I feel like I’ve seen
the exterior of a hair before, and it had scales on it. But hairs are usually circular, they don’t look like a squished Alabama. – It looks like a squished soggy TP roll. – Cut beard hair. – The streak is alive. I think you should bring that look back. – Nuh uh, I’m not going to do that. – Take a look at this one. Is this a cat tongue, a pencil
eraser, or a tickle party cootchie, cootchie,
cootchie, cootchie coo. My kids react differently than that. Never felt so rejected in
my life, but that’s cool, you don’t like the tickle party. – Why would you think
that was a tickle party, or did you just want to do a tickle party? – It looks like a tickle party,
I don’t know, it’s like eee. Lay on that and don’t laugh. – Now I know how your brain
works, actually I still don’t. So it looks like multiple
tongues, so it seems like the kind of thing, so
if a cat tongue consists of other tongues that
consist of other tongues, like if it’s like a tongue
inception inside of a cat’s mouth that would be strange, wouldn’t it? Or does a pencil eraser surface
look like multiple tongues? There’s no way, this looks, – That would pull a lot
of lead out of some paper. – This looks biological,
it doesn’t look like a rubber thing, I’m gonna
go with cat tongue, A. Tongue on tongue on tongue
on tongue on tongue. – I’m sorry Rhett, it’s a tickle party. – [Rhett] Ah ha, it’s a cat tongue. – [Link] It’s a cat tongue. – Yeah it is. – Tongues on tongues,
which is a tickle party, come on, work with me. – I don’t want to work with you anymore. – At least tickle me, just tickle me. No, don’t, don’t. – I go for the thigh tickle. – Look at this one. – I wasn’t tickling anything else. – Look at this. Is it a moose antler, a Brussels sprout, or a mummified Egyptian cat palp. – Back to the palps again, huh? – It’s very brittle because
it’s mummified and Egyptian. – It does look like a Brussels sprout, but that’s why I don’t think
it is a Brussels sprout. I see the porous innards oF a
bone structure, I’m going with – Which is why I wrote moose antler, because I knew you would think that. – Yeah, so I’m gonna go with moose antler. – You sure? – Yeah, I’m so sure, I’ve never more sure about anything in my life. – Well that should tell you something because this is a Brussels sprout. – No, dang. – [Link] And look at how
much fun he’s having. I’ve never had that much
fun with a Brussels sprout. – Well, because Brussels
sprouts are much smaller to us. – It’s like he’s in a bedload of cabbage, we’ve done that before. – Yeah we have, yeah. – [Link] And it was fun. – [Rhett] I made boobies out of em. – And finally, Rhett you
have no chance of getting out of Instagramming yourself
in a miniature outfit, but just for the fun of it and education, is this toilet paper,
tighty-whities, or Madonna’s skin? – Oh come on, hey, come on. Hey, I’m a big fan, of toilet paper. – I called em whitey-tighties, isn’t that we called em, whitey-tighties? – We did, we were wrong. Toilet paper, it doesn’t
even matter anymore. I mean, I’ve had, I got a
couple of tattered pairs of whitey-tighties that
I’m still holding on to, looks kind of like that. – What is it? – Holes all in it, quite a breeze. But I’m gonna go with toilet paper. – You are correct, you see that two-ply, good gracious I don’t
know what’s been eating that toilet paper. – [Rhett] There’s an animal in there. – That’s crazy man. Thank you for liking,
commenting, and subscribing, and getting a close-up look at the world, see it differently. – You know what time it is. – Hi, I’m Mariah. – And I’m Whitney. – [Together] And it’s time to
spin the Wheel of Mythicality. – Wanna know what a good mythical beanie looks like under a microscope? Only one way to find
out, get yourself one. – Or two. – And get yourself a microscope. We don’t sell those yet. – But we do have one
for Good Mythical More, so click through, Rhett’s
gonna put stuff under there, and I’m gonna guess what it is. – Congratulations to the Gif to the Day. – Congratulations to the Gif of the Day, we’re gonna look at you now. – Congratulations to you,
your Gif of the Day is Weird Eye Potato, which is a tater with eyes in it. – [Rhett] Now is this real? – [Link] That’s real man. – Wow, I’m gonna get one of those and enter it into the state fair. Cause they take potatoes at the fair, you could enter it in and the
ones with the eyes would win. – [Link] Click on the
left to watch our show after the show, Good Mythical More. – [Rhett] Click on the right to watch another episode of Good Mythical Morning. – [Link] And click the circular
channel icon to subscribe. – [Rhett] Thanks for
being your mythical best.-

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