healthtalks Coffee Enema Time

healthtalks Coffee Enema Time

Hi. Welcome to healthtalks Today Jess is going to talk with us about how to instantly detoxify the body. Ugggh – I think I’m excited ? You should be excited because today we’re going to talk about possibly my most favorite topic ever…. which is Coffee Enemas. I Don’t know Jess, I’ve never DIY’d. They kinda make me a little bit squeemish. Oh don’t be a wuss Nat. Oh you’re right. But please – you’re going to leave your clothes on right? Just for you – just this time ! But seriously though if you about to embark on some sort of detoxification or cleansing regime giving coffee enemas a go is a really good idea. This is because when we start to clean up our diet and lifestyle we’re stiring up toxins and if those toxins aren’t swiftly eliminated through the liver they’re just going to be redistributed throughout the body. So its like …. we stir up everything and if we don’t get rid of it its just going to stay in the body and that’s not good emotionally either. No exactly. And that’s where coffee enemas come in. They might sound taboo but actually, they make a lot of sense. Because most of us are living in bodies that have copped years and years of toxic abuse. Not just from what we do to them but from the environment that we live in. Yeah I gues toxins are everywhere aren’t they. They’re in our food, they’re in our water, they’re in the clenaing products and they’re not good for us So it is important that we do look at ways of trying to move them out. Yep. Well coffee enemas is probably the quickest way to detoxify the liver and it sounds scary … but it’s really easy. So what coffee enemas do is that they stimualte the liver to increase the production of byle and this helps to … get all those toxins and dump them into the colin so that they can exliminated really quickly. Coffee enemas …. they clear up headaches, they clear up hang overs they clear up colds & flus and anybody with cronic diseases they are such an important part of any healing regime. So Jess why coffee? Why not cordial or milo or ….? Its the caffeine in the coffee that is needed, thats what stimulates the liver and helps to detoxify. You can use camomile tea or something like that but it has more of a soothing effect rather than a detoxifying effect. Wow – So what is the difference between an enema and a colonic? Yeah – this is the question that I get a lot and a lot of people confuse enemas with colonics. Enemas target the liver whereas colonics go up a little bit further and they clear out the digestive system. Enemas are a lot more gentle – they’re not as scary and you can do them yourself. That’s great. You can’t do the colonics yourself !? No – That’d be tricky ! That’d be really messy !
We’re not going there ….. Maybe !
No. Shall we …… see how its done? Yeah. Let’s go give it a crack …… !!! Coffee Enemas start in the kitchen where we’re going to boil up enough coffee for 2 enemas. Its a good idea to do that even if you just want to do one just in case you make a mess of the first one and want to have another go. So – I’ve got a litre of water here boiling on the stove. And now I’ve turned the heat off. And now I’m going to add 6 tablespoons of light to medium Organic coffee. Now you casn’t use instant its got to be organic and its got to be the kind you’d use with a blunger. So you pour the 6 tablespoons of coffee into the water. And then … bring it back to the boil. Once thats boiling – boil it for about 3 minutes before you reduce to simmer for 15 minutes. So now we’re going to strain the coffee and get it ready to put into the enema bucket. Take it off the stove. And being very careful not to burn yourself …… Its a good idea to use a fine mesh strainer so that you’re not getting any of the coffee grounds in the mixture. And that’s done. That’s enough coffee for about 2 enemas. So now we’re goignto go to the bathroom and give it a go! I’ve added the 8 ounces of coffee into our enema kit. Now this is a kit that I bought and set up earlier but you can just buy them on-line or at a pharmacy or some kind of health food store. If you just Google it you’ll be able to find one. So this is all set up. Coffee is added and now I’m going to add 16 ounces of water to the 8 ounces of coffee to make up 24 ounces of liquid. Just pour the water in on top of the coffee to dilute it this is just purified water – be sure not to use tap water. And then you’re going to run the coffee through the tube just to get rid of any air bubbles. So release the clasp. Run a little bit into the sink. Be sure to put the clasp back on so that you don’t get coffee all over you when you lay down. Now, its almost ready to go – all we need to do now … is lube up the end of this tube. Using a little bit of coconut oil Just put the coconut oil over about …. a fingers length or just a couple of inches to make it nice and slimy for easy entry. Now we’re going to lay down on our right side because thats the side that the liver is on and thats the side that we want to target. And this is usually the part where the pants would come off but because this is a family show and my Dad is probably watching we’re going to keep the pants on! But as you can asume – you’d be naked from the waiste down. So now we’re going to get down to business. Laying down on the yoga mat. Be careful with this because you don’t want to make it a coffee shower all over you! As you can see I’ve got gthe bucket up high and its going to mean that gravity causes the coffee to go in. So you insert this into your bottom. It doesn’t hurt and you hardly even feel it because the tube is so thin. So – you insert that and then release the clasp so that all the coffee flows in from the bucket into your bottom. Once all of the coffee is out – then put the clasp back on and set it aside. and then you’d lie back here for about 15 minutes. I like to get a book or I watch a DVD on my laptop just to pass the time. And yeah just kick back ….and relax and let the coffee do its thing. Breathe through any discomfort the first few times you may have some – but after a while you’ll get used to it then there won’t be any discomfort at all. So I’ve been here 15 minutes Once 15 minutes is up, you’d get up and just go to the toilet and realease all the coffee and gunk and waste and toxins into the toilet. And you’re done ! Well there you have it. Now before we finish up, I just want to clear up a few of the common misconceptions when it comes to coffee enemas. Because I’ve been doing them every day for over two years now as part of my cancer healing regime and i’ve not endangered myself at all. I’m still able to poop without the use of an enema I haven’t enflammed my colon I haven’t lost any electrolytes or become dehydrated and I’m pretty much living proof of their safety and effectivness. So you still use your bowels. Yes absolutely. So is there any benefit of doing it sporadically or do you have to do it every day like you? Absolutely not. That wouldn’t really make a lot of sense to a lot of peoples schedules. So just start whereever you’re at. Introduce them one a day, once a week, once a month – whenever you have a hangover – You obviously don’t have to do them every day, just whenever you get a chance to include them in your routine is beneficial. I think whats important is to make sure that you are informed before you do anything like this so you know …. we come back to electrolytes making sure that we are replentishing what is taken out from an enema. I know that coconut water is an excellent way to get electrolytes in it’s really high in elecrolytes. Its actually really close to breast milk would you believe, which we know is “liquid gold”. So it is important, get the real deal chop the top off a cocnut and drink that rather than a bottle if you can because it’s always better for you. Absolutely and to carry on from that cocnut water, fresh juices and a diet thats full of healthy fruits, vegetables, whole grains everything that going to put the electrolytes and nutrients back into the body so that you’re not depleting yourself. Well I hope that this segment has helped to clear up any resistance that you may have around coffee enemas. I’m sure that theyr’e going to love it Jess, there’s so many benefits from this and your body is just going to reap the rewards. And guess what -? I’m on board !
Yah! My work here is done ! Nice. So , if you liked it, click on the “like” button, share it around with all your friends and please leave us some courteous comments.

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  1. People need to stop treating her as if she was something Precious. Jessica was responsible for not only her own and her mothers death… she is responsible for the deaths of others. She made a living out of selling these dangerous and non science based treatments to desperate people. She was criminally negligent and should be treated as such.

  2. I had a coffee enema this morning and I haven't been able to leave the toilet for hours now.  Did I do something wrong?  too strong or what?   I put  that top part and much of the tubing up my butt and am still cleaning up this mess.  Maybe I shouldn't do this.  Or just stick with warm water and a little beer?  Someone here suggested the enema in the bathtub, but geez what a mess.  RIP Jessy.


  4. You've definitely gotten me more comfortable with trying it out. It honestly scared me at first. Now for the boiling part must it be purified water as well? 🤔

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