Healthy Gut Tips: Are Chocolate and Coffee Actually Good For Us?

Healthy Gut Tips: Are Chocolate and Coffee Actually Good For Us?

The thing is the sort of troubles we come
across with The Gut Stuff is that it’s so personalized and unique but what are
the general rules that you say are to keep a healthy gut for everyone? The general
rules are firstly, eat real food okay so reduced processed foods an
absolute minimum I’m not saying never have it but if you do make sure that
you’ve got a base that is based lots of plants lots of variety so fruit and veg
and lots of fiber people want you to double the amount of fiber they’re
having it’s amazing when people count this we’ve forgotten about fiber in this
obsession with sugar or fat and that’s been a big mistake the more fiber you’ve
got the happier your microbes are. If you don’t have fiber they starve so get your
fiber in then get also variety so not just having the same prawn salad every
day or the same avocados start mixing it up apples and pears nuts and seeds and
realize that your microbes is what need this variety of vegetables different
colored ones are great anything with high in fiber your pulses your lentils
your beans and then there’s this whole other variety of food as well as
high-fiber foods you’ve got polyphenols you know what they are heard of them before. Are they in blueberries?
Yes, so they’re so they’re very these are chemicals that highly colored foods have
and so we talked about berries we’re talking about you know things like
tomatoes and but even olives have these things so anything with polyphenols in
it are food for your microbes and in return they produce chemicals that help
your immune system dampen it down stop those allergies stop that inflammation
and so go for high polyphenols stuff as well so that includes some strange
things you may not have thought about so we’ve been told probably not to have coffee
coffee turns out is healthy for you and it has cause it’s packed with
polyphenols another one is chocolate 70% or more it’s got a dark chocolate is
packed with polyphenols and doesn’t have too much sugar so that’s also good nuts
and seeds right everyone likes their peanuts and things being warned off it
but actually they’re really good but the source of polyphenols then you’ve got or
as much olive oil as you can use extra virgin olive oil that’s the secret of
why the Mediterranean people live longer and healthier and have healthier guts so
you’ve got this whole range of the of these the high fiber high polyphenols
and variety the other source of polyphenols I know you girls love wine

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  1. Doesn't an addictive substance like coffee screw your dopaminergic receptors…it may not all be about the gut flora

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