Herbal Tea (Arjun ki Chaal) | Extremely Healthy for Heart | Medicinal Value (With English Subtitles)

Herbal Tea (Arjun ki Chaal) | Extremely Healthy for Heart | Medicinal Value (With English Subtitles)

Good Morning Friends I, Ravi Sisodiya, Welcome you all to my channel Holiday Cooking Today, I will share with you one recipe of Medicinal Tea For this, I have taken the following ingredients Take one cup milk light up the gas Now I am using powder of medicinal herb made using Arjuna Bark you can find this powder at any medicine shop or at any general ayurvedic store and history of this powder is around 3000 years old trees of Arjuna were found near river Arjuna bark is used to make powder and this powder is extremely healthy for your heart Although the use of this powder is mainly for maintaining three elements of health – Pitt, Vat and Kaph regular use of arjuna bark powder helps in balancing the three most important elements of health – pitt,vat and kaph. Also, if you want a healthy heart this powder is a universal medicine I want to let you know that this herb is helpful for person of any age may be youth who eats junk food regularly by going out in hotels and restaurants and consuming unhealthy food If we use this ayurvedic powder, our heart will definitely remain healthy also, this is helpful for people who have already suffered heart attack to ensure, heart attack doesn’t happen again please use this powder regularly in tea see how I am using 1 small tea spoon 1 tea spoon in boiled milk this is arjun bark powder fueled with immense medicinal value and extremely healthy for heart And, since this is medicinal tea, I am using sugar (or Jaggery) which is 1.25 tea spoon in quantity and 1 tsp tea powder and now our medicinal tea is getting ready and when it is completely boiled we will pour the same in a seperate cup and medicinal tea will be ready for you you can see the tea is boiling and its almost about to finish you have to keep it in mind that arjun chhal powder put in tea takes around 3-4 mins to mix so make sure to boil it properly and then shut the gas off now, our medicinal tea is ready to drink and is very good for heart Now, drink this hot tea I request you that this recipe i have made for you, me and everyone keeping health in mind and in future also I will share such recipes for you thank you!!

87 thoughts on “Herbal Tea (Arjun ki Chaal) | Extremely Healthy for Heart | Medicinal Value (With English Subtitles)

  1. I think milk tea and sugar shouldn't be add for this tea… use only honey as per taste otherwise that not required too

  2. sir Meri age 31or Mera colestrol 196 or triglycerides 297 ju baut Jada Hain. Kya is powder se triglycerides Mera Kam hu jayaga .or kitne samay mein .patanjali wala Arjun kwath use Karne ke layi tikh hain.agar tikh Hain tu mein wo buy karlugi . sir iss Kare se ghabraht tu nhi hugi.plz reply

  3. sir before sleeping milk me daal kar le sakte Hain .ja sirf morning mein empty stomach ja breakfast ke sath .Kara best rahega ja milk me daal kar

  4. sir mein empty stomach Kara or before sleeping milk mein daal kar laugi.din mein 2 baar tikh rahega .one month baad check karwake apko jarur msg karugi .sir is ke powder mein milavat tu nhi hogi .

  5. chai patti aur chini daal ke sab kuda kar diya aapne, patti nahi daalni aur chini ke badle gud ya sakkar ya khand daale

  6. isme chaipati nhi milani chaiye………. yh chaipatti arjun ki chaal ke asar ko khatam kr deti h, jayada knowledge ke "Rajiv Dixit" g ki video aap you tube pr dekh sakte ho.. contact. no.( ashish goyal – 9782503555, sri ganga nagar, rajasthan)

  7. Hello sir my just started taking Arjuna chaal in water but straight after taking it she feels like vomiting only for few mintutes could you answers why feels this way or it has any side effect.

  8. Love
    आप पहले व्यक्ति हैं जिसने अपने चैनल को subscribe करने के लिये नही कहा। इसी लिए मैने subscribe कर लिया। आपका जीवन खुशियों से भर जाए।

  9. In one video he said that it shouldn't be old than 6mths otherwise it won't give desired result.. Is it true? Pl guide

  10. Milk+Arjun chhal is best. But kindly add sheera misri (dhage wala misri) instead of the sugar you added. If jaggery (gudd) is mixed, then it works miraculously. Please also note that never ever add chai pati as Milk+Arjun Chhal+sheera misri or gudd is the best ingredients for the heart patients. Have a good day 🙂

  11. Thank you Sir. Very helpful. Can you please share how to use the powder (500 mg daily dose) for Urinary/STD infections? Can we drink it with water. Thank you.

  12. Can u plz tell the name of the arjun ki chaal power which available in medical shop…lots of duplicates in market thats why i am asking

  13. Thanks for uploading this most wanted video. I am suffering from Angina for the last 12 yrs. While walking i feel pain in my chest. I am taking allopathic and homeopath medicines. Can this tea be useful for me in my chest pain as both the medicine are not giving desired results. Please reply with regards 🙏🙏

  14. Sir my age is 25 years i sm suffring from mild mitral valve prolaps pls tell me can i use this tea for regularly

  15. I am a totally fit 25 year guy…
    I wanna rplace tea with this kadha for the whole summer…even without milk …can it be beneficial…or should i go for it

  16. Sir after delivery mera weight bahut gain ho rha h nd BP bhi high hone lga h kya m is chaye ko le sakti hi nd abhi mera baby 6 month ka h use feed krate time ye li ja sakti h ya ni

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