How Green Tea Affects Your Weight

How Green Tea Affects Your Weight

for many years diets based around
detoxification have been seen as a popular way to give your body a
much-needed cleanse as well as a way to lose weight and re-energize one
especially well-known method of detoxing is the green tea detox diet as the name
implies this diet puts an emphasis on making green tea a staple part of your
daily nutrition intake with most people on this diet drinking between 3 to 6
cups of tea per day in addition to their usual meal plan but is detoxing with
green tea really as effective as some would lead you to believe or is this
just another fad diet to be left by the wayside today bestie is going to take a
closer look at some of the pros and cons of the green tea detox diet while you
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content the good the reason that green tea has become such a popular component
of detoxing probably has something to do with the fact that green tea contains a
wide variety of well-documented nutrients and other health benefits
according to dietitian Chris Gunners of health wine green tea contains a number
of compounds and antioxidants which can enhance brain function improve heart
health and even protect your body against certain types of cancer
additionally the green tea diet also benefits your system by helping you stay
hydrated which is essential for many different aspects and important
functions of your body including waste management and facilitating your body’s
ability to absorb nutrients since green tea is mostly water drinking
it on a regular basis is an excellent way to keep your hydration levels in
check by drinking between 3 and 6 cups of green tea every day you would be
increasing your fluid intake by 24 to 48 ounces or 7 to 11 liters overall of
course this isn’t meant to suggest that green tea should be your only source of
hydration throughout the day make sure to keep drinking plenty of plain old
water as well or other healthy beverages additionally proper hydration and fluid
intake has also been associated with weight loss according to a study
published in the research journal Obesity
a group of 173 women who increased their fluid intake over the course of a year
experienced a greater degree of weight loss regardless of other variations in
terms of diet or exercise another study published in the International Journal
of obesity indicated that compounds found within green tea specifically
known as catechins were also found to be highly effective for diets that
emphasize weight loss and management before you get too excited by this news
however it should be noted that similar studies into weight loss properties of
tea were conducted using a highly concentrated green tea extract meaning
that the weight loss results to be gleaned from drinking normal amounts of
tea might not be quite as dramatic as some of these test results would lead
you to believe finally the nutritional value of green
tea can also benefit your body in a variety of different ways as previously
mentioned certain compounds found within green tea have been linked to cancer
prevention specifically testtube studies have determined that a type of
antioxidant found in green tea known as epic yellow catechin 3 gal 8 may be an
effective agent against the onset and growth of cancers affecting the liver
prostate or lungs green tea may also reduce the risk of heart disease and
diabetes by helping to manage your body’s blood sugar levels according to
the Journal of clinical biochemistry nutrition drinking at least 3 cups of
green tea per day can reduce your risk of diabetes by up to 16% the
International Journal of Cardiology also suggests that drinking green tea on a
regular basis may also potentially lower your risk of heart disease and stroke
however it has been suggested that more research is required to determine the
health benefits of drinking green tea within a short-term concept meaning that
a short-lived green tea detox diet might not be as effective when compared to the
effects of a more long-term commitment the
however while the green tea detox diet contains a number of potential health
benefits we should also weigh the possible
downsides and side-effects as well for starters it’s worth mentioning that
green tea is a caffeinated beverage meaning that drinking multiple cups a
day will no doubt result in a greatly increased caffeine intake as well
according to the Journal of food science a single 8 ounce serving of green tea
contains approximately 35 milligrams of caffeine by extension
drinking between 3 and 6 cups of green tea every day would mean that you’re
adding up to 210 milligrams of caffeine to your diet on a daily basis while
caffeine has been linked to a number of potential health benefits consumption of
caffeine in massive amounts can also lead to several potential drawbacks
according to frontiers in psychiatry overconsumption of the stimulant
caffeine can potentially lead to unwanted side effects such as anxiety
high blood pressure problems with digestion and difficulty sleeping in
addition to caffeine certain compounds within green tea known as polyphenols
may also impair your body’s ability to absorb nutrients this is because these
polyphenols bind to micronutrients thus preventing your body from properly
absorbing them in particular the journal current developments and nutrition
states that these compounds have been known to reduce the body’s ability to
process the mineral iron which leaves certain individuals at risk of
developing complications such as an iron deficiency finally there has also been
the claim that in addition to the drawbacks we’ve already mentioned the
green tea diet might just be plain ineffective in terms of detoxing while
green tea is indeed a healthy addition to your meal plan consuming it only
during intermittent periods of detoxification means that you won’t be
getting the same nutritional bang for your buck that you would normally get
from drinking tea on a more regular basis but hey we’ve set our piece and
now it’s time to turn the question over to you have you ever had any experience
using green tea as part of a detox or cleanse did you experience
any noticeable change or improvement during that time or do you agree with
those who claim the green tea diet is ineffective and unnecessary as always
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11 thoughts on “How Green Tea Affects Your Weight

  1. Have you ever had any experience using green tea as part of a detox or cleanse? Did you experience any noticeable change or improvement during that time, or do you agree with those who claim the green tea diet is ineffective and unnecessary? If you enjoyed this video, please give it a like and share it with your friends! 🙂

  2. Its been 5 months and still going i have started drinking green tea on regular basis it does manage your weight i have not faced any disadvantage like anxiety , problem on sleeping or anything else but for sure i feel it really makes you feel energize .. Green tea is good for health as i know and about weight lost its true but do not depend on it wholly … green tea helps you reduce your weight fast but unless and until u turn up ua diet into healthy diets ……… drinking green tea on morning makes you fresh comparing to other tea……. please switch to green tea stop drinking milk tea or any other tea……….because months ago i used to drink milk tea that would make my stomach bloated …. i had experienced about my weight loss…..thanks and stay healthy

  3. I drink green tea on a regular basis 2 cups a day…. it's really good for health, skin…. for me it has benefitted a lot, I'm able to concentrate more on anything and understand better so I can say that it has improved my brain functioning….

  4. My energy levels went up and I began to lose weight and to feel better when I began drinking green tea 2 years ago. I am not on a detox diet I made a lifestyle change and drink 1 to 2 cups daily.

  5. I am drinking 3xday , lost 20 lb in 4 months , I eat much less: from 5 meals to one . 16 hr break from food ,

  6. that bull shit lies green tea good for people god but it her says enything that grow eat it. that good for ower body's

  7. I drink some green tea, usually2cups of hot tea with honey and lemon juice.when I have a cold or flu.Really helps a lot, especially with coughs and congestion.

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