How to Brew a Pot Of Tea

How to Brew a Pot Of Tea

How to Brew a Pot Of Tea. Drink tea. You’ll be a few millennia too late to be a
trend-setter, but it’s delicious, globally loved, and a hell of a lot healthier than
soda. You will need A kettle Fresh water A stove
A teapot Either loose-leaf tea or pre-filled tea bags Tea cups An infuser or inset basket
A strainer An additional teapot and a tea cozy. Step 1. Fill the kettle with fresh, cold water. Step 2. Set the kettle on the stove-top and turn the
burner to high. While you’re waiting for the water to boil,
warm your teapot by filling it with hot tap water. Let it sit a few minutes before emptying. Step 3. Measure the amount of tea you will need. You can generally plan for 1 teaspoon per
cup if brewing loose-leaf, or 1 tea bag per cup, using more for a stronger brew or less
for a milder brew. Step 4. Spoon the loose-leaf tea into the teapot or
the infuser or inset basket. If you’re using teabags, drop them into the
teapot. Step 5. When your water reaches a boil, slowly pour
it from the kettle into the teapot. Consult your individual tea for its optimum
infusing temperature, since some are ideally steeped in water that is slightly cooler. Either way, don’t overboil the water, since
this removes oxygen and flattens the taste. Step 6. Steep darker teas, like black and oolong teas,
for four to five minutes. Lighter or finely cut teas, like green tea
or a teabag, need to steep for only two or three minutes. Don’t rely on the color as your guide. If you’d like to add milk to your tea, pour
it into your teacup, just before the tea is ready. Add sugar, honey, or lemon later, but never
all together—lemon will curdle milk. Step 7. When steeping is complete, remove the infuser
basket or teabags from the pot and serve. If you used loose leaf tea, place a strainer
over your teacup before pouring, then decant any leftover tea into a second teapot to avoid
oversteeping. Did you know Black tea leaves are fermented,
green teas aren’t, oolong teas are partially, and herb teas, well, aren’t tea at all, but
fragrant blends of herbs, spices, and flowers.

52 thoughts on “How to Brew a Pot Of Tea

  1. Yeeeeeees. Loose leaf is the ONLY way to have tea. It's really true about the green tea though. If you steep any longer than 3 minutes it will be quite bitter. Japanese gyokuro is the epitome of green teas in the world.

    Here's a question: Shouldn't bottled teas like Lipton green tea or Arizona green tea be considered an utmost perversion of tea? THOU SHALT NOT PUT HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP IN THY TEA!

    I know that's a little harsh but unless you're a true connoisseur you won't understand. 🙂

  2. I'm not a conoisseur of tea, but I agree with you and think that they're a perversion of the holiness of tea.

    I'd like to know how to drink tea properly :/

  3. Yeah, calling bottled tea tea is like calling soda juice. It can be tasty, but it's not tea.

    The one exception might be Snapple's 100% tea. It's not served hot, but at least they don't mix other stuff in with it.

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  5. A tea ball isn't meant for a full pot of tea. Therefore it should allow the tea to expand enough if you don't over fill it. Plus mine says never to fill it more than half way for that exact reason.

  6. Im confused…. what step do I add the weed….Isnt that the part that is going to make the tea an experience , not just a tasty drink.

  7. This video says to add the milk before you add the tea but ive read that you should add the milk after youve added the tea and let it steep.


  9. The bells between steps are identical to the ones heard on the Bewitched show when she would cast a spell! RETRO!!

  10. Not going to watch the video but yes I DRINK TEA (green tea).  Those of you who drink tea all the time and used different types of water yeah water is a big deal if you want perfect tea.  Some of these waters I used didn't burn right when boiling then added the tea bags for brewing.  I don't use milk in my tea either.

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