How to brew Japanese tea – water temperature and time influence catechin, caffeine, and amino-acids

How to brew Japanese tea  – water temperature and time influence catechin, caffeine, and amino-acids

Hi everyone, Tomoe from SONO ORGANIC.
Today I’d like to explain how water temperature and infusion time impact
the chemical component in Japanese green tea. Japanese green tea has 3 major
chemical components. 1st catechin. It tastes bitter and astringent. 2nd caffeine. It tastes bitter. And 3rd amino-acids. It tastes sweet and umami. Japanese tea has more amino acid than other green teas. And umami is the 5th
taste Japanese scientists discovered. It contains rich in Japanese dashi stock
also in high grade green teas. How these 3 components included
differently by tea products? Sencha and Tamaryokucha have more catehin. While Gyokuro and Matcha have more caffeine and amino-acids. Because Gyokuro and Matcha, the
shading cultivation makes slow down the reducing speed of caffeine and amino-acids. This is a case of hot tea Red-line: the highest water temperature and green-line: the
lowest water temperature in this experiment. Caffeine is a most water
temperature sensitive. Next catechin. And 3rd amino-acids. So if you want to
enjoy bitter astringent taste, please use higher temperature water If want to enjoy sweeter tea, please use lower temperature water so that you can
extract amino acid while reducing the amount of bitter caffeine and catechin. This is a case of cold green tea. (In this experiment), used
cold water and kept in the refrigerator. The lines show various test teas
bought at different stores. You can see the trend
Amino-acids, extracted well. Caffeine is the 2nd. And catethin is the 3rd And for caffeine and catechin, (even) after 10 hours, not extracted as much as when we use hot water. So for cold tea, if you want to enjoy bitter taste, please infuse longer time, while if you want to enjoy sweeter teas, I recommend (my personal
recommendation) to take somewhere between 30 min. and 2 hours. Thank you for
watching this video. SONO ORGANIC is a Japanese organic
tea market place. We sell some unique rare Tamaryokucha products which have rich catechin. If you are interested in, please visit our site and check our products! Thank you again for watching! Have a good day! bye bye

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