10 thoughts on “How to Descale your Tassimo : Red Scaling Light Always On

  1. This is actually not the correct way. You don't have to keep repeating the process. All you do is fill tank with water and dealer. Then place clear/yellow disc in the compartment press the button where the red light is on bottom left. The green light is on. At this stage you have a red light at right bottom and the green. Press for 3/5 seconds and the water comes through at short stages for at east twenty minutes. You can go away and come back later. You don't need to keep repeating the process. I'm actually doing mine now!!

  2. Yes I understand what you mean. But at the start of your video you pressed the button and the water ran for a long time just as if would when you make a coffee and then you seemed to be repeating that a number of times. That's why I sent the original post saying that wasn't correct as I only pressed once for 3/5 seconds and it carried on for 20 mins stopping and starting automatically with no help from me. I have just done mine but all I did was press the button once and it just passed water through for maybe the count of ten stopped then started again and continued in this way for the 20 mins you spoke about at the end of your vid. This was in no way a criticism but I have never had to keep repeating the cycle over and over. Just once and by the end the red light has gone.

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