How to Design a Coffee Promotion Flyer – Photoshop Tutorial

How to Design a Coffee Promotion Flyer – Photoshop Tutorial

What You’ll Be Creating. Let’s start by creating a New Document Now, We’re adding the Bleed Area Bleed Area is the area that will be trimmed during printing the flyer So that, we can take care of this area and avoid adding important information in it CTRL+R to show the Rulers if they’re not We’re going to extend the canvas with 0.25in in both Width and Height The area outside the rulers is the Bleed Area Hold ALT key to switch between (+) & (-) Quick Selection Tools Hold ALT+SHIFT during resizing to resize the image proportionately around its anchor point CTRL+J to duplicate, then CTRL+T to free transform, after that Right-click and choose Flip Horizontal Zoom out to 12.5% Hold ALT+CTRL+SHIFT then drag a bottom corner to make a perspective Adjust it To resize an image proportionately around its anchor point, hold ALT+SHIFT during resizing Center the sun as seen Select the Layer Mask of the upper mountain and soften the edges using a 100% Opacity black brush Make sure that the brush is 0% Hardness Select the other Layer Mask too Add Photo Filter to the sky Layer You can Clip Mask it, but no need as this is the lowest layer Add Color Balance Clip Mask layer to the board layer Select the upper mountain layer’s Layer Mask With a 40% Opacity Black Brush, start Softening its edges Ok, That’s good Grab a ruler to the center Now, we’re adding shadow to the coffee Change Hardness to 0 You can control Brush Size with both “[” & “]” Increase Hardness to 40% Create a Layer Mask to remove the shadow from these spots Drag the anchor point to the center Hold ALT+SHIFT during resizing to resize proportionally around anchor point Create a 50% Grey Layer Clip Mask it to the coffee Change Opacity to 40~50% and foreground color to white With this white Brush Tool, draw over that 50% Grey Layer to brighten a specific areas Rasterize Layer Brightnesss: 20~25 Saturation: -20 Select any bean with any selection tool Then, Press CTRL+J to make a new layer with the selection Again And again Convert them to Smart Objects Add Motion Blur to all of them to look like more realistic as they’re falling Apply the latest filter which is Motion Blur Redistribute the beans across the document Select them and duplicate with CTRL+J CTRL+T To free transform while holding ALT+SHIFT Let’s add some vapors. Create a New Layer Import the brushes first Increase Brush Opacity Change Brush Angle Create a New Layer Add some fog with soft 40% white brush Reduce their opacity to 90% to blend them with background Hold SHIFT to create a circle Duplicate Open Properties Panel If it’s hidden, show it from Windows>Properties Make Fill Color: none and Stroke Color: White Change Stroke width to 5Px And Stroke Type to dashed Resize it while holding ALT+SHIFT The font here is “Atlantic Bentley” Add a Gradient Overlay with the given values Reset Alignment to reset the position of gradient if it is not aligned well Add Gradient Overlay to the top text CTRL+T to free transform the bottom text, then from the Control Panel Change its Width(W) to 97.5%. We’re adding a 3D depth to the text Use Absolute font with size: 35 Pt Turn off All Caps and Bold options Add a Gradient Overlay Make sure that “Out of Gamut” alert is not here. Add more thickness using Drop Shadow Create a New Layer Pick up the foreground-to-transparent Gradient and make sure it is linear Make sure that the new layer is selected Then, Hold SHIFT to create a straight linear Gradient Reduce Opacity if needed Add Footer Text CTRL+J to take a layer via copy Again Use Levels to take care of this Clip Mask it, then Increase Shadow Input Level Add H/S Adjustment Layer to change the lens flare color Here I reduced the lens light intensity using 35% black brush Soften these lightning lines a little bit Take a copy of both Levels and H/S then clip mask them to this lens too Change Blend Mode to Screen Duplicate with CTRL+J CTRL+T then right-click and choose Flip Horizontal Duplicate again, then delete the layer mask and take this lens under the coffee group Increase its light by duplicating again Reduce opacity if needed I need some adjustments here Increase the bottom gradient Opacity if you want Click on “Out of Gamut” alert to pick the nearest CMYK color to the selected one ALT+CTRL+SHIFT+E to merge all visible layers in a new layer Apply High Pass filter with Radius: 2~3 Px Change Blend Mode to overlay Now, we’re done. Thanks for watching.

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  1. Thank you for this tutorial. I found it enlightening, also thank you for linking the assets for practice. Great work!

  2. Thank you very much… The video is more than wonderful… I learned a lot of things from him.

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