How to Flavor Coffee Beans

How to Flavor Coffee Beans

I’m going to start out with a set level. You may want to add more flavor, you may want
to add less flavor. We’re using a French Vanilla (Flavor Oil). It’s made with an alcohol and glycerin base. Use approximately 7 1/2 ml. We have about 1lb of coffee. Normally if I were doing this in a commercial
operation, I would put on some gloves. This is just for us right now. My hands are going to smell really good for
a couple of days. That’s probably pretty good. You can just put it in a baggy even if you
want for the night. We’re going to let that sit; see what it
tastes like. I did a nice fine grind. It smells wonderful. It’s only going to get better. I like the flavor to be palatable for about
3-5 seconds and then just go away. See this is a real nice, rich flavor. Alright so I’ve let that settle a little
bit, pour it out, have our first taste. Have that first cup – pour my half & half. A little bit of organic sugar. Our proprietary blend of debitterized stevia
and erythritol -SweetenFX- And that’s how you do it. Cheers For more information on our flavors and flavor
products, visit us at

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  1. The organic flavor concentrates say to refrigerate after opening so I suppose if we use those on coffee, we would need to refrigerate the beans after flavoring?

  2. This is a great machine,>>> I highly recommend it if your looking for high quality espresso. There is a little extra work with clean up etc. but it is very worth it to me. If you use high quality coffee beans the taste is amazing, and the steamer works very well. I can make a cafe latte with this that is much better than what you would get at Starbucks.

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