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  1. ρε αφτο δεν ειναι frappe ειναι πολη πιο απλο. αυτο ειναι μια παραλαγη 1ον δεν χρειαζετε blender η το ανακατεβησ απλα η με το μηχανιμα (για frappe) το μονο που χρειαζετε ειναι cafe,ζαχαρη,γαλα,νερο και το ανακατεβης ΕΤΗΜΟ

  2. wtf ??? THATS NOT!!!! A FRAPPE to make a frappe put 2 fingers of water in a shaker
    then add 1 and a half tea spoon of coffee add 1 and a half tea spoon of sugar shake it for 30 seconds to 1 minute until its like a cream ( mexri na piksi na poume :P) serve it into a glass add 1-2 cubes of ice then add water but leave some space at the top then fill the space with milk and then add a straw and… DRINK!! CHEERS 😀

  3. EEw that is NOT how u do it!! That's basically frozen coffee!!
    THIS is how I make my Vanilla Frappe :
    4 scoops of vanilla bean ice cream
    Already made coffee,
    Some Milk,
    Vanilla extract * optional
    Whipped Cream, and sprinkle Cinnamon on top 🙂 Enjoy

  4. Yep ther other greeks here speak the truth fellows! (im greek myself) This is NOT frappe. Im saying so cause original frappe was invented in Greece, and its quite a bit different. But frappes like this or with various fruit/milk products in them are sold worldwide

  5. @designermc98 u may enjoy ur version more but still you're even farther away than original greek frappe. This vid may not be right on but its closer.

  6. this is not frappe, this think is sucks.
    if u like to have a real frappe Look around for a Greek dude or come to Greece gia na tin vreis 😛

  7. @april97cobra i agree it kinda did. out of all the things ive heard about making one, ive never heard of using water and instant coffee.

  8. this has to be the worst frappe tutorial ever! a blender? are you f*cking serious? thats not a coffee thats a foam party you will be drinking there

  9. If you want to know how frappe is, you must go to Greece…this one is million miles away from the frappe I know

  10. @DuckGoQuackQuack5 Haha. Don't go to McDonalds for frappes. I know what they do to them. I work there. And I can guarantee you're just drinking a wet soggy pile of crap. Go to starbucks.

  11. @TehPurpleIce Smoothie and frappe base get trapped inside the motor located on the outter bottom of the blending pitcher. We "clean" these pitchers by setting them upside down on a drain that rinses them with sanitized water. However, when they're upside down, the leftover product leaks out of the motor back into the pitcher, and nobody cleans it out before they make another drink. Someone finally decided to clear those motors out, and there was mold inside.

  12. thats 100% wrong…you NEVER put whipped cream in a frappe..never use a blender..and you have to use nescafe classico or frappe, but it deff needs to be nescafe…not that instant coffee bs…

  13. Yes indee, Greece is the best for Frappes, they do it Blended or however YOU like it 🙂
    Yamas my friends, Kalanighta

  14. wth is this first of all a frappe is chunky that stuff was watery i dont know wat da hell dat was but if they thought they was makin a damn frappe they betta think again

  15. why make it a large chocolate frappe instead of a coffee that isnt big as the cup. Thumbs up from people that like chocolate frappes more often.

  16. HAHAHAHAHAHA has she made the female lead to a great game but I don't know why I am so confused about how this game was actually going on in a new one lol I think it's ok to go now on a Saturday morning lol 😂

  17. This is not a frappe. Frappe is made by stirring with an electric frappe handle (frapediera, search it).

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