How To Make a Mug Template Design for Sublimation Printing – Part 1 – Cut a Picture into shape PS

How To Make a Mug Template Design for Sublimation Printing – Part 1 – Cut a Picture into shape PS

so today I’m going to be sharing with
you how I cut an image into a shape there’s some people were asking how to
do that and there’s many different ways of doing it but this is just the way
I’ve learned and prefer to do it right now and so the first thing you’re gonna
do is come over here to the tools and you’re going to look for the shape tool
and basically it’s this one right here but it could also look like any one of
these shapes because those are all the shape tools that we have in Photoshop
and they come with the program and so it just depends on which one’s already
selected so it might look different it might look like a line so what you want
to do is to find a custom shape tool you want to right-click it and then you want
to come all the way down here to the bottom and then you want to come up here
to this toolbar up here and make sure it says shape because if you bring down up
this little drop-down menu sometimes it’s selected for path and pixels and
shape and the one we want is shape then um the fill doesn’t matter I have it for
black it doesn’t really matter on what color you use because that’s it’s it’s
not gonna be part of the picture so it doesn’t really matter
and then for stroke I’m just gonna just not have a stroke for right now and
it’ll probably change that later but for right now I don’t want to have any type
of color and stroke just kind of means the outline of the picture and then
you’re gonna go all the way here to the right and you are going to come down
here to this drop down menu and you have a whole bunch of shapes there that you
can pick from if for some reason this is not you don’t see as many shapes as I
have here you need to come down to this little gear and click all and then say
okay and then all these shapes should come up because those are the ones that
come with Photoshop so they all are in there you
kind of have to find them by clicking this gear I’m gonna pick the circle here
and that’s the one I’m gonna be using today now I’m going to be I’m gonna get
a photo from my my repost like open open recent images is where you’ll find your
files of stuff that you’ve already photos or whatever templates you’ve
opened already in Photoshop and I’m gonna pick this picture of my son
because I’m gonna be making it a mug actually for my mother-in-law and I’m
going to use this picture to create the template for the mug and so one little
trick that I kind of learned maybe some of you guys already know this but since
this is kind of for beginners I wanted to share when you create a document
sometimes it comes in like really big and and when you I’m selecting the mood
tool now to to this picture over but when you try to drag an image into the
document sometimes the picture is is humongous let me show you what that
looks like I’m gonna drag this picture now by clicking my mouse button into the
document and you’re gonna see how that comes in very large and so it’s huge and
it’s just very difficult to sit here and and find the edge so um basically what
you need to do is go over here to view and there’s print size there’s 200 if
you want to really zoom into something to see some detail but the one I like to
use is called fit on screen and that way when I bring in my picture it’s a lot
easier to find the corners so now I am going to click on the picture here and
I’m going to drag it on to the file now the corners are much easier to find
and let me see here here is the corner and now I can resize use this corner to
resize my picture but one thing you need to do and just write it down or make
sure you always do this when you’re resizing pictures because if not you
will distort your picture and it’s just you’re thinking oh my gosh why is this
not looking right you have to hold down the shift button at all times when
you’re pulling in this this corner here let me show you what happens when you
don’t do that as you’re pulling it in your picture starts getting distorted
see it’s not it’s not resizing equally on all sides it’s kind of just
distorting it so in order to avoid that you must push down the shift button at
all times and you it took me a while to learn that
I was like I just like always thought oh my gosh why is this being distorted but
it wasn’t because I wasn’t pushing down the shift button and holding it down as
you’re resizing it is very important the first thing I need to do is to accept
this transformation even though I don’t want to keep it photoshop won’t let you
go on until you go up here and click this check or until you press Enter
so for me enter is usually faster so now I’m gonna resize this picture correctly
but I want to undo my last steps and so a nice shortcut is ctrl alt Z you just
keep on holding down the ctrl + alt and you just click Z to go back so it takes
a little while to practice but you want to just practice that so it’s a nice
shortcut to use so you don’t have to you know so you can just go back your
steps and undo your last steps so now I’m gonna hold down the shift key
at all times and don’t let it go and I’m going to get this arrow in the corner
and just drag it down holding the shift key at all times drag it down again not
letting go of the shift key and dragging it down again and now I just let go of
the shift key and moving the picture here with the mouse dragging it over so
now I’m ready to to use the shape tool and I’m going to go over here again and
click that shape tool and here Photoshop is telling me once again once when you
try to resize a picture you always have to accept the transformation and right
here you can push apply but once again there’s a check mark up here or you just
have to press Enter now you can go to the shape tool and click it if it’s not
clicked already and you’ll have a little plus right there it’s kind of hard to
see but you’re going to click your mouse button and drag the shape over your
picture it doesn’t really matter if it’s not perfect in the right spot because
you’re going to be able to move this now and after we also make it into a circle
you can also move it then and so I have my shape tool now which is a circle and
I have a three layers here on the right and what I want to do in order to make
this image into the shape I’m gonna have to click this layer where the photo is
and I’m gonna have to click it and hold my mouse button down and put it above
the shape and now I see the photo and it looks like the shape isn’t there but
it’s actually hiding behind the photo so you’re always going to see what’s on the
very top and this is going to be hiding the layer
underneath and so now I’m going to go up to where the picture is and right-click
and do create clipping mask and that is going to make my image the shape and in
order to move this picture because now I see that it’s kind of when a center my
son more I’m going to go over here to the left and click the move tool and now
I can I can resize it and drag it around to any which way I want and I can also
even come down I’ll come over here and hold down the shift key again and drag
it to make it smaller or bigger the actual photo and then reposition it
again you know that’s basically how you can do that let’s say I wanted to
reposition here we go again with 10 checkmark so let’s say I wanted to
reposition the shape because the shape was too big then I go over to the layers
palette and make sure that the shape is is selected and I can also didn’t push
down the shift I also have to push down the shift and then make this circle
smaller too and you could do it that way if you have it on the picture you can
resize the picture and make it larger and smaller and so um pushed enter to
accept that and right now since my picture is selected I’m moving the
picture around so you could resize either one and now what I’d like to do
is show you how to add that stroke that outline to this picture and you go again
to the shape tool and then we’re gonna go up to the stroke and that’s basically
outline I like I think outline makes more sense to me
but um you’re gonna click it and then you’re basically gonna make sure that
your shape layer is selected because if not then it won’t work so then you’re
going to be able to pick whatever color you want see it goes to this color
yellow blue whatever you want black but let’s say you you want to pick up make
it coordinate with a color that’s already in your picture what you’re
going to do is come over here to this a little triangle color picker area and
click it and then this little window is going to pop up and you’re going to be
able to pick the color that you want by taking this little dropper and putting
it wherever you want I want it to match this blue and so I’m gonna select this
color and push okay and then the outline is going to be in the color that I
selected right now I think that the outline is a little bit too thick so I
want to come over here to this little tool here and drag it down a bit so that
I makes the outline bigger or smaller I don’t like it that big I like it very
faint you can also come in here and and type in the number you want and it also
works that way so that’s pretty much how I outline the
picture and how I make it into a specific shape for any project that I’m
working on and maybe I’ll do a follow up video that kind of shows how I put it
into the mug template hopefully this was was helpful

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  1. What program should I download?? I see it's adobe photoshop but I see there all all sorts of adobe photoshop available which is confusing! I don't want to pay for the wrong one.

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