How to Make Coffee at Home ( & Espresso, Cappuccinos, Frappuccinos, French Pressed )

What do you think Bill? Do we love our
coffee or what? I think we’ve got enough appliances and gadgets here but you know if you
don’t have a coffee shop like right next door to you or if you want to save some
time and some money, some of these items that we have you’re going to absolutely
love. So let’s talk about a few of them and it all starts in just a few seconds. So Bill let’s start with a very simple
kind of inexpensive cup of coffee. I just had a couple of my girlfriends over
here and they just can’t wait for barista Bill here to make his famous coffee. And Bill why don’t you
take it away and show people how it’s done.
Well this is my favorite part right now. Heather mentioned her friends are over
and I made my my french press coffee and they just loved it. So I’m gonna give you
a little quick demonstration here on what and it’s so easy to do it too, it’s
so easy to do it. So first thing we’ve got to boil the kettle, have the water boiled.
So that’s already done so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna make coffee just…let’s
say for Heather and I. So I’m using the small french press here. This is…you can
get maybe two and a half cups of coffee out of this. So now we’re gonna grind the
beans and I do the grinding…everything is fresh. Now this is uh this is a fairly
inexpensive grinder and it’s it’s a perfect size for what we need. So let’s
get some of the beans ground. You may notice here I do have a little bit of
ground beans done but I’m gonna make some more here, fresh ones. So Bill we do like our coffee a bit stronger too
right, that’s correct. Yes we have it on fine…er…coarse rather on course and
that’s better for the the grinding for the french press and of course you said do
we like it stronger the coffee the beans I’m using again you can get these
anywhere you can order them online you can get them at your local coffee
shop. We use a dark roast beans and we like that better it gives a little
more flavor for us anyways. So I’ve got the beans poured in now and and I don’t
know if I mentioned it or not but…can we see how you poured them in there now.
See where there at. Sure. Is it max or something oh I see there’s a
little maximum…yeah you don’t fill it too high…right right. So we just put
enough beans in there and I’ll show you what I mean in a
second. So I have it set for fine…er coarse rather and what we’re gonna do…we’re probably going to speed
this up too…it’s gonna be a little noisy but there we go.
It only takes about…I don’t know maybe 10 15 seconds.
And we’re done. It was actually about 30 seconds…and it automatically turned off. Yeah it depends on the one you buy.
The one we have here will automatically turn off when the
beans are ground. So what we’re gonna do it comes into this little container here
a little a little sometimes a little bit will fall off the back I always just
give it gentle taps. Now I purchased this little container. You can buy at any
kitchen store. It’s airtight. So what I usually do first is I get the
coffee and I get it into my container that way I have some leftover for later
on. Now what we’re gonna do now is I said we’re gonna make it in this size bodum
or french press or french press yeah there’s different names for them and
they’re pretty inexpensive right about $30.00 or something like that for a
french press for the french press you can range from you know it’s around
$30.00 I guess. Did you get a larger one too? We have the larger one too when we have
guests over like Heather’s friends came over and what we’ll do is we’ll put the
links down below in the description for you so you can get an idea and see what
we’re talking about. So now I’m just gonna make the coffee for Heather and I,
so that’s why we’re using this size of french press. So I have a secret amount
of coffee I put in. I always give it a little tap there too. Now I’m gonna put
in…there’s one – we might speed this up a bit I’ll tell you the final count……. and nine but I also put in a little
bonus. Oh…. and that’s what sets me apart from everybody else. It’s that little
bonus. So you try that too. Find the right amount of coffee because it’s all
personal taste. Some of you might want six…I mean you may want 12 in this size
french press but find your taste that you like and then add that little bonus.
Guarantee you you’re gonna love it. Okay so we’ve got that in. Give it a
little shake. I just boiled the kettle the water in the kettle. So let’s pour that in. There we go. So I bring it up to…usually there’s like a metal
strap that goes around on the top. I usually bring it up to about that. I’ll
give it a few seconds for it to kind of set and then I’m gonna get the crust off
the top by just giving a nice, nice little stir. So that’s down there and
we’re gonna put the top on it. Now here’s the key to making the french press
coffee. Give it about two minutes to just I guess you’d say steep. Maybe like you
do with tea. Give it a couple of minutes and then you can push it down. So we’ll be right back to you in two minutes. All right that was a quick two
minutes. Anyways when you push it down just make sure you do a slow steady
press on it. Hopefully you can see this on the camera. I can smell the flavor. Unfortunately you
wore black today we can’t really see what the bodum looks like. Can you just
hold it up or something. So the rim the rim is up here this little metal strap
that goes around usually I bring it up to that any higher would be too full and
like you just saw I pressed it down slow and steady. And now I wish you could
smell this it just smells incredible right now that fresh ground coffee. So
let’s start serving it. I take mine black. I put a little bit of sugar in. Heather
takes hers with some cream or milk or half and half.
So let’s now this…oh I hope you can hear this too. It sounds just as delicious as it
tastes. Where have you been all my life. I’ll take that here Bill. There we go. And I
guess what you could probably see in the in here is there’s a little bit of
almost I think they call it crema on top just a little bit of creamer or
something that is that the top it is absolutely delicious. I think I’m going to have some.
Hey that’s mine! So Bill’s done all the hard work showing
us how to do the French press coffee and this is the larger version. This is
usually our morning version of coffee and it’s actually from this morning we
drink a lot of coffee in the morning to get going especially me but anyway what
I want to show you is how about an iced coffee and because this is a little
strong it really makes a nice iced coffee Now I’m just gonna pour, hopefully
you can see this, a little bit of cream in here just like that and then I’m just
going to pour….I didn’t put this in the fridge you could put it in the fridge. I
think the ice is gonna be good enough and it can sit for a while out so it’s
about four o’clock in the afternoon right now and I’m just going to pour
myself a really nice iced coffee and you can see how you’ve got the layering
going here. And again having the right cups is
really really important so Cheers. So I still have a little bit of coffee
left to show you. And of course you guys know I love my Vitamix it’s excellent
with ice. And one of my favorite things to get at the coffee shop especially
when the weather starts getting warmer are those kind of things are called
frappuccinos…so let me just start…or ice cappuccinos something along those lines.
Now whenever you use something like your blender you always put in the liquid
first. So again this is just cold coffee that I have going in here.
I do love my cream so I’m gonna put a little bit of cream in there. And hey why
not. you don’t get this in most coffee shops. A little bit of Bailey’s. Oh yeah baby. Okay
a little bit of Bailey’s there. Now these are the kind of things that you do want
to go to the coffee shop for and you notice I’m not talking about the pods.
You know the coffee makers with the pods and that’s because you sometimes can’t
get this what I’m gonna make here with the the ice in it and the frappuccinos.
Also they do head up in price if you really start adding them up per serving.
I just watched this show last night and they were saying that it was a dollar 25
a cup of coffee. So anyways add it up a little bit and I know some of
these items are investments but you know what? To tell you the truth I use this
for a lot of other things. Where’s the cap? Wait a minute oh there it is. All
right now let’s get going on this and all you have to do is make sure that’s
on good. There we go and turn it on Now that will absolutely emulsify I
think is the word those ice cubes. So you’re not going to get big chunks of
ice cubes and some people like to put whipped cream on it. I just find it
really frothy. Look at that see how thin that is and how it poured. You’re not getting big big chunks of ice or anything like that and that makes for
a wonderful wonderful cup of coffee. So let’s talk about espressos and
cappuccinos and lattes and one of the things that’s important if you’re making
this is make sure you’ve got the right kind of cups you know that would
obviously be for an espresso and make sure that you’ve got you know maybe even
a little saucer underneath it’s always lovely to be pouring like that. For me
cafe latte I like the big ones. So now I’m going to show you a large machine in
just a moment it’s the one that Bill and I use all the time but you can get the
stove top version and here’s a picture of one right here and they sell for about
twenty or thirty dollars on Amazon. Again I’ll put the link there and other people
I have seen on on YouTube also make their espresso coffee…you have to have
the expresso beans now this happens to the McCafe and actually McDonald’s makes
pretty good coffee espresso dark roast so this is what we’re using right now. We
just use all different kinds of…you can get them from Starbucks or a lot of the
the local coffee shops as well and get the beans. Okay Bill showed you how to
grind the beans and what they do is they put the espresso beans in the french
press but they only put a little bit of water in it and then again it’s it’s
according to your taste and then they put the plunger down and they have
themselves really quite an espresso tasting cup of coffee there but let us
show you what we use. We absolutely love it and let’s go there. So
the machine we love is this Saeco one and there’s different kinds of makes and
yes it’s about a thousand dollars or maybe a little bit less but it lasts
forever and we absolutely love it for making espressos and cappuccinos
and lattes. Now all you need to do is you just put water in here. So we’ve put some
really nice water in there and this just goes…now every make is
different that just goes on the side there and you push it in like that. Ooh
making a sound. Now for the top we’re just going to pour the beans in. it’s getting
ready right now and Bill can you see the top of this here
just about to there? Alright so maybe get a little bit into the into the machine
so they can see that I’ve put the espresso beans right inside there. Now
there is an adjustment here for how strong you would like the coffee and
also an adjustment here for how big the the cup is so you know there’s a little
espresso there’s a smaller one. I’m just going to use this large one here and all
we have to do is just…it’s all ready to go so let’s just turn it on. It’s automatically grinding….oh sorry…
already grinding the beans in there. I guess it didn’t want my fingers to get
in the grinder and after just a few seconds you’re going to see the
wonderful coffee coming out…espresso coffee. And you can sort of see that crema
happening on top. Alright so I’ve got a beautiful cup of coffee there
with…so you can see the crema on top of it but I’m not finished yet. I’m just
going to do one with a see-through so you can see how beautifully dark the
roast is on this and also because it comes out of two
spouts here a lot of times you know when you’re doing a little tiny cup like this
you may want to put it into a Pyrex kind of dish here. So you can see it that’s a really nice
dark roast they’re coming through and I’m just going to actually pour this
into the little tiny cup for an expresso and into this little tiny cup as well so
here we go. All done. So now I can just have my
espresso in here and another one and I don’t worry about it just being a mess
under there because that cup was too small. All right so what about frothing
the milk for the cappuccinos and the lattes warming up the milk. I’ve got to tell
you I don’t like these things. Never had much luck with them so you could sort of get
one of these. I think you’ve probably seen these you know these little ones
that mix up milk or their little stirs but what I love I absolutely love are
these automatic ones and what they can do is they can keep the the milk cold
they could make it hot or piping hot and all you do is just plug it in and just
say I think I want that. This thing I don’t know if Bill can go inside and
take a look. It starts actually frothing the milk for you and warming it up at
the same time. So all I’m doing is I’m using this machine. I’m making you know
my latte or my cappuccino and this is kind of going on in the background here
and I absolutely love it. So that’s done. The machine isn’t really that expensive
either and you know what when you’re looking at a lot of these machines and
gadgets you might just say to yourself well that’s a lot of money, but you know
what if you start really adding up how much coffee you’re buying at the coffee
shop and you know for your treats and all that sort of thing it really does
add up over a year. Anyway but take a look at that frothing. Now I put this on
hot so it’s steaming hot right now but if I put it on cold
can you imagine remember that iced coffee that I made let’s just say that
you don’t want to have all those calories with
with a whipped-cream you could do something like this and it just adds
that little something-something but because it’s 2% milk you’re not really
adding a lot more you know a lot more calories anyways. Also we can put a little
bit here on this particular coffee and one more thing I just want to mention
just before I close up here and well we’ve gotta bring Hurricane in, talk
about other videos and that. Don’t forget the little extras all right, the little
little spoons that you could put out you know the little sugars and all of that
sort of thing maybe a little pastry or a little cookie or something along those …..Biscottie…how aboutr a biscotti. So there you go we got a
coffee shop right in our home. So one thing about making coffee like this it’s
it’s really a wonderful everyday experience and talking about a wonderful
everyday experience our little Hurricane. He’s always at the end of the videos to
sort of let you know that there’s more videos coming up and what they are and
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life is a banquet, life is an experience and why not get yourself a few gadgets to
make up your own kind of coffee shop. Invite a few friends over and keep it

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