How to Make Cold Brewed Coffee

How to Make Cold Brewed Coffee

Hi, this is Stephanie Manley with
Thanks for joining me today, and today, I’m going to make cold-brewed coffee.
Now, I love this stuff. I recently fell in love with cold-brewed coffee
while I was in Austen, Texas. But you know what, they don’t have Chameleon
coffee everywhere, so I’ve learned how to make cold-brewed coffee at
home. It’s not hard to do. You just need a couple of things to make it, so
let me show you what you need to do. You need coffee beans. How about that? You
actually need the whole beans, like this, and what you’re going to do is
you’re going to grind them up in a coarse grind. Now, if you don’t have a coffee
grinder, many larger grocery stores do have a full coffee section,
so just change their setting on their coffee grinder to coarse, and you’ll
be in business. So we’re going to grind up our coffee, and I’ll show
you what to do next. [pause] Okay, so I’m going to go ahead and do my coffee
in a French coffee press because these already have a nice filter in
them. You don’t have that? You know what, you can use a really large Mason
jar, and when you’re ready to pour the coffee off to serve it, just run
it through an old-fashioned coffee filter. It’s not too bad at all to
do. So with this, I’m going to add about a half
a cup or so of the coffee beans that are ground up, and all I want to do is
go ahead and make sure that they’re fully coated with the water. The next
thing you have to do is you have to wait. You have to wait a really long
time. I like to let mine go for about 12 hours before serving. So I’m
just going to put the stopper up on the pot just like this, and I’m going to
stick that in my fridge. Now, this one I made last night, so I’m going to
go ahead and pour this off. You can see you have a wonderful iced coffee
here. So now we have a cold- brewed coffee. It doesn’t cost near what you
pay for when you go out and get one of these, so here you go. Cold ice-brewed
coffee. You could also heat this up in the microwave if you wanted
a hot cup of coffee. But if you don’t have a coffee pot, when you have coffee
beans, it’s a great way to make coffee. So if you enjoyed this video,
please give it a big thumbs up here on YouTube and write me a comment down
below on what you like in your coffee. I’m going to take this one black.

10 thoughts on “How to Make Cold Brewed Coffee

  1. You are so right Stephanie, the price of cold brewed coffee is outrageous but it's soooo good. I let mine steep for 24 hours or more to get it nice and concentrated. I add boiling water and drink it hot. It is so smooth without any bitterness because of the cold brewed method.

  2. Time to say thank God I stumbled upon your channel! Cold brew has less acid. I was going to waste 50 bucks on a fancy gizmo. Now, I'll spend it on good coffee!

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