How to make homemade kahlua coffee liqueur

How to make homemade kahlua coffee liqueur

hello everyone it’s Stephanie Manley
with and today i’m gonna show you how to make a coffee liqueur a
brand for this is Kahlua and you know what it’s easy to make it home and it
tastes really really good so let’s get started we’re gonna start by measuring
out 2 cups of sugar and to this we’re gonna add in about 1 teaspoon of vanilla
and I’m just using Kirkland brand it’s a great value this helps give this liqueur
a special flavor and then I’m gonna add in 2 cups of warm water now I warmed up
2 cups of water in my tea kettle and we use the warm water to get the sugar to
dissolve now we don’t put in the vodka right now because if we did some of it
might escape and evaporating we wouldn’t want that to happen
so we’re gonna go ahead and add in 1 tablespoon of espresso powder now I
actually think that if you like it a little bit more mild you might want to
use instant coffee or if you’re a real coffee connoisseur you might want it to
a little mix of coffee and espresso powder or two different types of
espresso powder I think this way you get a much more
rich coffee flavor of it completely up to you 1 tablespoon of espresso powder I
found it at Walmart so it wasn’t hard to find we’re gonna give this a stir and
when everything gets mixed up really well we’re gonna leave it alone for a
little bit just to let it cool off and then we’re gonna add in about 2 and 1/2
cups of vodka now I’m not using an expensive vodka at all I’m using a very
inexpensive one cuz you know what we’re mixing it with sugar and coffee vanilla
so if it’s not the highest quality of vodka no one’s gonna notice because
there’s all these other flavors that are gonna compete with it um you know what
it might even be great to try this with a vanilla vodka as well you definitely
think that could be good so two and a half cups of box egg goes in here I’m
using prime brand now I did read recently that popov actually gets rated
as in a – and that’s actually sold in the
bottom shelf and a plastic jug it’s a very neutral flavor so it’d be perfect
for this so two and a half cups of vodka goes in here and we’re just gonna give
this a stir and then we’re gonna put it in a wine
bottle of 750 mil warning bottle and that’s where I’m going to store it and
we actually gonna keep this inside of my refrigerator I think that’s a good idea
to do with liqueurs because things could happen if your house is a little bit
warm um it could turn the sugars are still active and they could mold on you
or do something that’s unexpected unexpected and give you a bad flavor so
I’m just gonna put this in a 750 ml bottle and I’m just gonna put a cork in
it this makes more than 750 mils I will tell you that it probably makes about
1000 ml or so so you’re gonna have plenty to sample when you’re done so try it
with some of those Colorado bulldogs the paralyzer all mudslide or you know just
Kahlua and cream earth your like meat you just put it in your coffee and how
does it taste I gotta tell you it’s it’s pretty good
um definitely a great homemade the liqueur to dry super easy so listen I
appreciate you watching this video drop me a comment down below of what you’d
like to see next thanks so much for watching

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  1. One of the few things I like in my coffee & now I can make it myself & with so many different ways to use it, I'm sure it won't last long. Tfs 😊

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