How to Make Kombucha Tea at Home (DIY)

How to Make Kombucha Tea at Home (DIY)

Hi, I’m Katherine Brunner, a nutritionist,
and today I’m going to show you how to make your own Kombucha. It’s a fermented tea beverage
so we’ll begin by brewing tea. It can be any tea from the tea plant so black, white or
green is okay. And we’ll use one cup of sugar for four litres of tea.
This tea is already brewed and it’s been cooled to room temperature. So we’ll take this tea
add it to our brewing vessel and in a brewing vessel you’re looking for glass preferably,
you can also use glazed ceramic just make sure it’s a non-lead glaze. And then is an
aerobic fermentation so it does need air to breathe. So you want to choose a vessel that
has a wider top, and you want to allow some space for the top for air circulation to get
in. And then we’re going to add our starter or
SCOBY, which is the Symbiotic Colony Bacteria and Yeast, it sometimes also called a mushroom
or a mother. We’ll want our SCOBY and enough starter liquid for our first batch. If you
are ordering a SCOBY from the internet and it comes dehydrated just make sure you rehydrate it.
If you can’t get starter liquid you can use a bottle of organic, raw unflavoured Kombucha.
So we’ll pour in our starter liquid and then we’ll place our SCOBY inside. So, if the SCOBY
has a smoother top, a smoother side, you’ll place that on the top. So we just set that
inside and then we’ll cover it up with a napkin, so a breathable material, and we’ll secure
it with a rubber band that will keep dust off of it as well as mold spores or fruit
flies from getting in. And then we wait for it to ferment, so depending on the temperature
of your house it can take anywhere between seven and twenty-one days. So, after the seven
days just start tasting it and it’ll go from sweet to sour to vinegar so stop it whenever
you like that taste. And then, when it’s finish, so this is an
already brewed set, we’re going to do that in reverse. So the first thing we’ll do is
we’ll take out our SCOBY and we’ll set it aside on a glass bowl and then we’ll pour
in some of our starter liquid. So, if you’re going to be brewing a batch again right away
you can repeat the process that we’ve done starting with your cooled sweetened tea or
you can store it so you would put it on a glass jar with enough liquid to cover and
again a breathable covering on the top and you can leave it in the fridge for several
months this way until you’re ready to brew again.
Now, with our finished drink we’re going to go to bottling. I like using Mason jars. And
then we’re ready to cap that. We put a lid on it. The carbon dioxide will now be trapped
inside to make a nice fizzy drink. You can store these in the fridge taking it out when
you’re ready to enjoy. It’s a wonderful drink to include in your diet a few times a week,
rich in probiotic, digestive acids and vitamins to balance your gut, to increase your energy
and improve your immune system. So here’s to a happy and healthy gut.

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  1. Thanks to our community for giving this video so much love. Good news — we are on our way back to shoot some more videos like this one with Kathrin. Stay tuned!

  2. i replaced half the Sugar with honey ,both half a cup
    and when ready ,the sweet taste is gone wich i like better
    but its same sour level ,so not too vinegary yet

    you might wanna be carefull with the metal in those lits,,the kombucha eats it,,and it will get in your body

  3. I just had some of this drink at my friends house and I wanted to learn how to make it. Awesome brief and to the point instructions!

  4. I love that your video is so concise. You gave complete instructions, yet your video is way shorter than anyone else's and really clear and nice to watch.

  5. Love your presentation, simple, easy to understand and straight to the point without any useless chatter. Big thumbs up. Subscribed.

  6. Thanks for this video. You have a soothing voice and the explanations are very clear. Just how much teaspoons of tea would you use (instead of bags) for 4 litres of water please?

  7. Thank you for the fantastic instructions, Kathrin- you are a great teacher. I can't wait to make my own kombucha!

  8. Probably a dumb question but, I learned that tea can grow it's own bad bacteria after 8 hours if not refrigerated and after 24 hours when refridgerated after a really bad food poisoning incident with some oolong tea. And I've even had a glass of herbal tea I forgot about for 3 days actually grow mold and gunk in it (not related to the food poisoning incident lol). So, does the scoby or probiotics keep the bacteria that may be harmful from actually ever growing while it's fermenting? I want to make this so bad because I hear of all the wonderful benefits and want to heal my gut via natural probiotics, instead of popping a probiotic pill, but I'm scared I might make myself sick if I do something wrong in the fermenting process like not add enough scoby or too much if that's possible. I hope there's no way to mess it up at all and no way it can grow bad bacteria. I imagine you couldn't taste the difference since it is fermented. I guess I'm trying to ask, is there anyway bad bacteria can grow, or anyway I can tell if it didn't properly ferment to avoid getting sick if ingested?

  9. Great video. Just tried Kombucha for the first time this passed week and I really liked the taste. I'm very interested in consuming live cultures like this to improve gut bacteria. Really cool stuff.

  10. I checked three grocery stores and a health food store. I am surprised the groceries had kombucha, but no unflavored. The hfs was closed for some reason that day I was shopping for kombucha. I ordered a scoby from someone on ebay.

  11. This "equipment" is not okay to use. The RAG does not isolate the liquid from outside atmosphere and is a fantastic environment for harmful bacteria. Fermenting in this way has a very high probability of making you sick. This self proclaimed nutritionist has no idea what she's doing. Spend the $30 and use proper equipment. And if you're interested in fermenting your own beverages. Seek the advice of brewers. Not hippies.

  12. I just made my first ever batch last night. I didn't have any starter kombucha to add so I went to the store and bought raw kombucha but it was flavored. will it still be ok to use flavored raw kombucha ?

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