How to Make MATCHA CASTELLA (Japanese Green Tea Sponge Cake)

How to Make MATCHA CASTELLA (Japanese Green Tea Sponge Cake)

hi guys today we are going to be making a match of Virgin Obama Japanese kake kut’r I promise to make a magic estera for you guys today is the day let’s get started today she need is not here he will come back tomorrow so I will make alone first things you first we have to prepare Mordor in many Japanese custard recipe they are using a mold made with newspaper but today do you have newspaper at home and it is a little bit time consuming so today I’m going to use this rectangle mold but it is one problem why they are using a newspaper Morgan to make a costera it is very important to throw baking it is metal mode it become very hot so to reduce the heat I’m using a 2 sheet of platinum paper it cuts you a little bit more than one of this parchment paper I will track like this and unlock take this paper inside the mold more attachment paper put inside to be inside so look there is a little bit space between the mold and inside the paper so it will reduce the heat a little bit then sprinkle some rock sugar on the bottom of this mode this texture is very important for Castilla you love it I love it too so let’s prepare other ingredients so first prepared flour and matcha powder the combine these flowers 60 50 50 50 50 60 and mix well then next involved a little bit water in the pot after it comes to a boil turn off the heat and won’t take one tablespoon of hot water and when active honey we are using 2 tbsp of honey and combined with hot water until it’s in very smooth look it’s like a water so set this aside and next prepare eggs today we are using 4 visit but one is just egg yolk crack one egg and take egg white very carefully okay put the egg yolk into the bowl and pluck another three eggs put this ball on double boiler up and using this hand mixer and mix this egg with low speed once it becomes a little bit smooth add sugar in this mix with high speed almost five minutes until Italy comes a little bit thicker okay during mixing it becomes a little bit warmer like lukewarm then take them ball out from the top boiler and set on table and continue to mix is very serious and pick up becoming little bit thicker you can see like the hole okay once it comes to like bibim turn the handle mixer speed to low then mix another one minute it makes the egg mixture very still okay they add 1/2 cup of honey and mix less and address table honey and mix well then add flour mixture add 1/3 of flour a time then mix gently another flour mix gently can rest on cover yes I’m using hand mixer mix very well until the flour is incorporated okay done so let’s point to the more it mmm this silky beautiful green butter okay then top it is murdered on the table a few times and using this do square inside this pattern and move like this this this process is reducing the bubbles small bubbles in the batter then top ones preach to the oven 350 degrees Fahrenheit 180 degrees Celsius put this in the oven and bake for 5 minutes after 5 minutes was open the oven door and spray the water leave it this makes the surface bubbles disappear and bake another 5 minutes then repeat the process and spray and put the tray of the rola lock reduce the heat to 300 degrees Fahrenheit 150 degrees Celsius and bake for another 30 minutes total 40 minutes okay 40 minutes have passed it but leave the cake inside the album as it is for 5 minutes more okay it’s time to take the tart using this wooden square and inside the cake if the eBoost gas comes out clean it’s okay so take it out and set it aside until cool to touch okay I can touch it now then take Costera out like this from the mold and set on the lock and cure it down once it’s completely cool wrapped with plastic wrap like this make sure pre-wrapped tightly to prevent from become dry and time it upside down and put it in refrigerator overnight good morning next day maybe custard is ready and Shinichi will come back here is my custom i’ma Jocasta look isn’t it beautiful so then cut the edge first look inside this vivid green color its but matcha mmm because this custard is my faster meal for today then and set on the dish hmm beautiful beautiful where is unity still he is not here okay I will eat a little bit ever I will come back hello I’m back home sorry to keep you guys waiting so what’s been going on easy baby it’s ready yes well you that oh it looks really good I love the vivid green color macho macho costella just use my hand you know I love costella and I love much also this is like the perfect combination so taste as they get lost Jim mmm really nice matcha flavor yes mm-hmm boys don’t dry at all you really did well with that much of flavor hmm thank you very much I remember a couple of years ago you made the regular casteless the original flavor and since then my mother loves that recipe she makes it all the time back in Hawaii but I think she’s gonna like this one as well because she likes not so – I did it pretty well I have to agree I don’t know what else to say except definitely try this one out it’s really good especially if you like the matcha flavor if you’re not a big fan of matcha definitely try out subtle she’s famous costella without the matcha flavor you can find that recipe right over there and we do have a whole playlist of Japanese recipes as well as dessert recipes so check those out as well if you’re interested thank you so much for watching and we’ll see you again real soon bye bye [Music]

100 thoughts on “How to Make MATCHA CASTELLA (Japanese Green Tea Sponge Cake)

  1. I absolutely love that Satoshi is doing a video all by himself. Thank you Satoshi-san for this lovely video. I recently bought some green tea powder and im excited to have a recipe to use it in. 😀❤

  2. Oh I ❤️ you, Satoshi! You are the cutest! I love how sing and how happy you are when you cook. Are you always like that or is it just for your fans?? 😉❤️
    Your castella looks AMAZING! I've never had castella before but I love sweets and I LOVE matcha so I know I'd love this.
    Thanks for this recipe, can't wait to make it at home. 😘

  3. That castella is absolutely gorgeous! I really need to make this – even though I'm not much of a baker. Thanks so much!

  4. 😁 satoshi sift sift sift 😁

    there's a lot of castella stores where I'm at selling original egg castella, coffee castella and chocolate castella. makes sense since the two are best friends. teacher and student.

  5. Satoshi, you do not need to worry a bit about flying solo for the weekend stream. You're going to be great, if this video is any indication! I love the little trick with crushing the outer layer of parchment paper to create insulating air pockets! This looks so, SO good! <3

  6. I wanna go make this right now~ 美味しそう~
    Btw the recipe in the description is missing sugar ^^ might not taste as good without it

  7. Awesome job brother!! It looks absolutely delicious!! I love castella and I love matcha. Can I ask……what is the significance of adding the rock sugar to the bottom of the pan?

  8. This looks great! And the ingredients are pretty easy to find; going to try this out soon 😀 Thanks for making this video!

  9. I can't wait to try this, I want to eat it right now. Matcha makes everything special. The two of you are best when together but I really want to compliment Satoshi on this video. You're doing such a great job! I'd prefer this than other cooking channels on TV. Very informative and totally not boring.

  10. Oh my I love this! You should have a seperate channel doing japanese recipes ❤️❤️😘❤️❤️❤️

  11. This looks delicious! Great recipe Satoshi, and really clear instructions. I didn't know there were so many steps to making castella!!

  12. Thank you so much Satoshi! I love when you teach me how to cook something. 🙂 it looks Dee Dee Licious! I can't wait to make it. 🙂

  13. Thanks for sharing. May I use cake flour to replace the bread flour? There is no oil or fat in the cake? Thanks

  14. I used several matcha to make cakes but Heapwell Ceremonial Matcha gave me the best colour and flavour. Never use any cheap and substandard culinary matcha to make cake.

  15. So I just made my first try, followed your instructions, but the cake turns out….denser than I anticipated. Did I do something wrong?

  16. How can you even wait till next morning to eat that? I will finish the whole cake in a second!!!!Thanks for the recipe, you make it so much easier for us to bake this complicated cake! ありがとう!

  17. been watching ur video and finally my 1st comment, LOL: excellent job, very simple procedure and its just i dont hv macha ingredients in the US, sry…also i've learned something NEW today bec i've never tried putting parchment paper in the pan when baking bec i always think it may burn but it didn't, its a good idea and the whole cake came out perfect! tysm #satoshi. and he came back perfect timing for the good taste of home baked green tea sponge cake, #shinichi–u guys rock!

  18. I tried it and it turned out beautifully. Really quick and easy to make since the video was explained so well. I couldn't find bread flour so I used cake flour instead.
    Mine is wrapped up and in the fridge. Can't wait to taste it tomorrow.😋

  19. I would love to know where the great apron is from? It has such a cool design!
    Ps: I try this recipe tomorrow, i hope it goes well 😀

  20. I notice there is no butter on your matcha cake and your friend said it has a butter flavor,?According to my review it has no butter at all.

  21. Excuse me.. What size is your bread pan? I made the recipe in a 9in x 4in x 4in pan and realized it was too big, hahahaha.

  22. You guys are adorable, Thank you very much for the receipt. I will try to make it, i sent already the link of your video to my daughter also, i discovered matcha few weeks ago and i am in love with it, I want make everything with matcha, Big hugs with love. (I also subscribed to your channel)

  23. I'm so glad to have come across this recipe! The directions were very thorough and I found my cake to be fluffy and mild in flavor for my first try :^D I've made it again and it tastes even better! Arigatou, Satoshi! (ง ˙˘˙ )ว

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