How to Make Tea : Yixing Tea Pots

How to Make Tea : Yixing Tea Pots

Hi. Today we’re talking about tea and now
I’m going to give a brief overview of the Yi Xing Tahou, or the purple clay teapot from
Yi Xing, China, which is used to make Kung Fu cha or Kung Fu tea. Which is the traditional
way of making tea in Taiwan and China. And here I have a collection of Yi Xing tea pots.
Each one has a different property and a different type of clay and it’s fired at a different
temperature and each one is then used for making a different kind of tea. So there’s
a incredible variety of the Oolong tea or maybe puer tea, and so what this clay that
is used to make this pot is not glazed. And so what it is, is it’s a very porous inside,
and it has nothing to protect the actual clay so, when you make the tea in these pots. The
pot will absorb the flavor of the tea and then over time it then enhances the flavor
of the tea. So, tea connoisseurs and tea experts will choose one tea that they’re going to
use to make out of that pot. So this is a pot that I use for aged Oolongs, so all the
aged Oolongs I made from this pot. And it has sort of a musty flavor to it, a musty
smell, because it’s been used to make so much aged tea. This one here is a high mountain
Oolong pot, and so high mountain tea is everything over a thousand meters, which is about 320
feet. So this, this pot was fired at a very high temperature, so it’s good for making
this high mountain Oolong. And then this is a, this is a pot that I use to make baked
Oolongs. And this is a handmade teapot and it has a very vertical shape, and that’s very
good for the tea to expand so it will, it will just expand straight up in that vertical
column cylinder of the pot. This is a pot that has a really great pour. As you notice
all of these pots have a little hole in the top, even the one with the Yi Xing sign has
a little hole here. And what that is that it allows the air to go into the pot when
you pour it. So a really good pot will have a good suction and when you’re pouring it
if you put your finger on that, on that hole, it will, it will stop pouring. That’s it,
if it’s a good pot that will, that will be, that’s one indicator of a good pot. So this
is the pot that I use to make some really expensive tea because you can, you just can
use a little bit and it will make a lot. This is one of the pots that I use to make Iron
Goddess. It’s a dark color, a dark color pot will typically have a, retain a higher temperature.
And so that’s something that you want to make an Iron Goddess. And then this is a pot that
I use to make a Formosa Oolong or Oriental Beauty or a Gui Fei Mei Ren. So this pot has
a little bit of a fruit, honey smell to it. So many people when they see these pots they
think that this type of pot is used for individuals, so this is a looks like it would make enough
tea for one person. But in fact, the way the tea is made with these pots is you do several
infusions and you do short infusion time and several infusions. So, brewing tea in one
of these pots will actually yield quite a large amount of tea. Typically, one brew session
will make anywhere from six to eight, eight ounce cups of tea. So, that’s quite a bit
of tea, it’s more than one person, or it’s a, or if you like to drink a lot of tea it’s
a good amount. But it’s plenty of tea for two to four people to enjoy, and then you
can also just switch the leaves and then start over if you want to drink more tea. In the
pot, it’s typically function over form and then the type of clay that’s used is really
important and then who made the pot. These are all things that are, influence the quality
of the pot. And all of the teapots will have a stamp on the bottom from the person who
made it, the artist. In recent, in recent years they put more and more stamps, like
this one has a stamp here, which will have the artist’s name. Then it also has a stamp
here, and a stamp here. And then a lot of times, they’ll have a stamp inside on the
inside of the lid there. So that’s a little bit of the overview on the clay teapots used
for making Guin Fu Cha.

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  1. @TheForbiddenCity its more like if you have 1 favorite tea that you drink often (or more if your an entusiast) and one regulare ceramic/iron/glass teapot…

  2. If Peugeot Mercedes star twinkles, it does not mean that Peugeot is Mercedes.
    If there Yixing teapot prints and certificates, it does not mean that it isin.

  3. Funny thing when you see a video titled "How to make tea" there's an assumption that it will have instructions for making tea.  Nope!   Interesting video, but misleading title.  How about "My collection of Yixing pots" to avoid the bait and switch when you come up in search.

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