How to Make the Single Americano : How to Grind Coffee Beans for a Single Americano

CLANCY ROSE: So now we’re going to talk about
your espresso grinders that you’re going to use to grind your beans for the espresso shots
for the single Americano. So this is a home-used espresso grinder. And how it works, you got
your hopper where you put the beans in. It feeds down to where the coffee is ground in
here. It shoots it into the dosing chamber. On the right-hand side, you have a lever to
pour the coffee out of the dosing chamber and into the porta filter, and right here
is a rest for the porta filter. Also on the right-hand side is the switch to turn on the
espresso grind. To adjust shots on an espresso grinder like this, as marked on the grinder,
counterclockwise is more fine for the coarseness of the grind and clockwise is more coarse
for the grind, and that is one of the biggest things that’s going to affect your shot of
espresso. The finer a coffee is ground, the more resistance the water has as it’s passing
through during the extraction process. So the finer your coffee is, the slower the shot
is going to pull. The longer it’s going to take to pull. And the more coarse that the
coffee is, the faster it’s going to pull and the less total time that you’re going to have
on your espresso shots. So if you have a smaller home grinder like this one here, then you’re
just going to throw your beans in here and hit the button to start grinding the coffee.
And for an espresso grind, you’re just going to–the only way that you have control in
the coarseness of the grind is by how long you grind it. On this one, you’re just going
to hold the button down and grind it considerably longer to make your coffee considerably finer
than you would for your drip coffee at home. And one of the guidelines I’ve heard for that
is about 20 seconds, and it may be more and you just have to play around with that.

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