How To Roast Coffee Beans

At Nature’s Flavors, we like to roast our
own beans, so we like to control the roast. These are Columbian, they’re organic columbian
beans from the El Tolima Estate. And we have this nice Turkish roaster, we’ve
had it for about 25 years. Thing works like a champ, hopefully it keeps
working like a champ after I mentioned that. Today we’re going to do about a medium roast. So our beans are in and in about 5 or so minutes,
I’m going to just check them just to see how they’re proceeding in the roast. I know about when I want to pull the beans
out. We’ll do that by checking the beans right
here; they’re going to come out green. But as we proceed, they’re going to start
to tan up a little bit. That’s the first crack, where the actual
bean cracks in half, then there’ll be a second crack and it’s right at that point
whether we’re going to a medium or a dark roast. Or an espresso type. You can hear them cracking away. We’ll let these beans just sit over night,
let them gas up a little bit. Tomorrow they’ll be nice and ripe; ready
for flavor. Organic coffee beans from Columbia. They’d make an excellent, excellent cup
of coffee. We’re going to add flavor to them and we’re
going to make an excellent cup of flavored coffee. For more information on our flavors and flavor
products, visit us at

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