How to Roast Coffee : How to Tell When Coffee Beans are Roasted

How to Roast Coffee : How to Tell When Coffee Beans are Roasted

On behalf of, my name is
Dean Forrest with Sedona Coffee Roasters. I am here to tell you about roasting coffee.
Okay a few minutes have gone by now and our second crack is starting. This crack is not
a steam issue any longer. What happens in the second crack is the actual sugars in the
coffee are starting out to expand. They are heating. I think you can hear probably hear
the cracking. What’s happening now is when all this takes place. This is the action.
This is the most critical part of the roast. Timing the actual drop making sure that is
exactly where we want it. Every roaster does their beans a little bit different. I am going
to shut the heat down now, get the cooling tray going, getting ready to drop here. What I am looking for now is the beginning
of a little bit of oil, which is actually not oil but caramelized sugar. If you see
smoke coming out, that is because I’ve opened up the vent. We are there.

3 thoughts on “How to Roast Coffee : How to Tell When Coffee Beans are Roasted

  1. OMG, that coffee has been roasted to crap. First of all, when you take coffee into second crack you break down the sugars SO much, that the natural flavors of the coffee almost become completely unpalatable. Unless someone really, really likes the taste of carbon (because that's basically all that will be left), this guy shouldn't be making money off of people. It's robbery.

  2. Also, when the "oils" leave the beans it basically ensures that the coffee will go rancid rather quickly. Gosh, I though expertvillage was supposed to create educational videos; the way this guy is doing it, you can throw any type of coffee in there and it will taste the same, which is a huge waste. Man, this is upsetting to watch. DON'T FOLLOW THIS GUYS ADVICE!

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